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West Ham Manager Hunt Heats Up

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West Ham’s quest for a new manager has taken a significant turn with Paulo Fonseca emerging as the frontrunner.

David Moyes is widely expected to leave West Ham at the end of the season, with a major summer rebuild planned. This has sparked an extensive search for his replacement.

West Ham has reportedly considered a staggering 14 managers, including high-profile names like Thomas Tuchel and Hansi Flick, as well as up-and-coming talents like Kieran McKenna.

Speculation surrounding Julen Lopetegui’s move to West Ham can be put to rest, as he appears set to join AC Milan. Similarly, Sebastian Hoeness has recently signed a new contract with Stuttgart, eliminating him from contention.

Lille boss Paulo Fonseca, initially considered a frontrunner, solidified his position on West Ham‘s shortlist after reports of an agreement between him and the club’s ownership. Now, Fonseca himself has added fuel to the fire.

Like Moyes, Fonseca’s contract expires at the end of the season. While his success with Lille, who are on the verge of Champions League qualification, could lead him to stay, his recent statements suggest otherwise.

Despite Lille’s achievements, Fonseca has admitted he’s “not yet made up on his future,” hinting at a potential move away. This indecisiveness could be a positive sign for West Ham.

Fonseca’s reputation for fostering young talent aligns well with West Ham’s potential rebuilding plans. Furthermore, his past interest in the West Ham job (he interviewed for the position in 2018) adds another layer of intrigue to this potential move.

Fonseca’s potential arrival is seen as a positive development by many West Ham fans. His playing style and focus on youth development could be a breath of fresh air for the club.

With Fonseca’s contract situation unresolved, West Ham fans will be eagerly awaiting further developments. His recent comments suggest he may be open to a new challenge, potentially landing him at the London Stadium.

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    It’s not gonna happen it’s all smoke screens by sullivan to sell season tickets he will keep the dinosaur because he’s a cheap option

    • Richard Spicer says:

      He mace to say, that went through my mind also, I think it would be a huge mistake like the majority of other supporters that have had to suffer watching the Moyes brand.

  • D.fbutcher says:

    Not a moyes fan hope we get someone a bit more dynamic, however I have renewed season ticket , I’m west ham till I die and would support them even if they were in the local scout league , don’t understand this kind of season ticket conspiracy I have mine so does the wife and we don’t intend to give them up

  • Malcolm Jones says:

    I think if he keeps Moyes, he loses
    Steidten and I don’t think he wants
    that to happen. The reason Moyes did not sign the contract on offer is
    he refuses to work with Steidten having total control of transfers.

  • Mark Jones says:

    Unfortunately it will come down to money. Sully doesn’t want to spend any, that’s the bottom line.

  • AL says:

    IF Fonseca comes into the West Ham it’ll be a car crash. Yes he maye say all the right things to the media and portray himself as a coach who gives youth a chance… but saying and doing are two different things. Moyes says he wanted West Ham to follow the RB model, but decides to keep using 34 Year old Antonio up front over Haller and Scamacca and perseveres with signing Kalvin Phillips!

    I cannot also see David Sullivan keeping his nose out of transfers either! in terms of managerial appointments, has he ever appointed anyone who either thier contracts are expired or expiring? never known a billionaire to be such a cheepskate!

    Tim has to have FULL control and work to the budget given… even if that means paying a compensation fee for a very talented young coach!

  • Richard knowles says:

    Haller had 34 appearances for west ham + 14 as sub, I think he preserved as long as could be expected. Scammaca 27 appearances, how long do they need to show an interest on playing for WHU?

    • Bill Ryan says:

      How many of schammaca games were starts not many yet look at the video’s of all his goals none were scruffy finishes all were proper strikers goals great finishes from bullet shots to slide rule finishes to delicate little chips from the edge of the box , moyse got the ache because he went to Italy for treatment just like cornet who went to France and from then on he ignored the pair of them

  • Richard knowles says:

    16 starts for WHU, truth is he was unhappy in London and wanted to go home. yes, all three league goals were good!!!

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    Scammers didn’t suit the playing style that moyes insist on playing this was another example of incompetence same thing with Danny ings both these players did not suit his playing style and he knew that so why bring them to the club ings just seems happy to pick up he’s wages every week he will never have it as easy as he does at West Ham not for getting Phillips what a waste of space he is a disaster area add that to the tactics moyes likes to use he just doesn’t have a clue don’t even get me started on Sullivan another jackass

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