Lonely Moyes a manager in limbo


Let me be perfectly clear—I firmly believe that it’s time for David Moyes to be replaced as West Ham manager, and the timing couldn’t be better.

Moyes is out of contract at the London Stadium in three months, but that’s not the only reason for a change. The team is unlikely to qualify for European football next season, several players’ contracts are expiring, and many others are nearing the end of their careers.

Additionally, West Ham’s famed Academy of Football has just produced its most promising crop of young players in 30 years, signalling that we’re at the end of a cycle.

However, the actual end of that cycle is still a month away. Due to West Ham’s botched attempt to recruit Sporting Lisbon coach Ruben Amorim yesterday, Moyes now knows his days are numbered.

Moyes-West Ham-Dead man walking

It will be a tough task for David Moyes to get his message across to the West Ham squad

This raises the question: How will Moyes possibly motivate himself or his players between now and the season’s end? The Hammers have matches against Liverpool, Chelsea, Luton, and Manchester City coming up, with a “dead man walking” leading the club.

It will not be easy for Moyes to motivate himself for what is ultimately a thankless task. Moreover, it will be challenging to galvanise a team of players who are either about to depart themselves or acutely aware that Moyes is leaving.

It’s a tricky yet fascinating situation, and one that David Moyes will do well to navigate.

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  • Jimbo says:

    I have absolute confidence in Mr Moyes going out with a bang.

    West Ham 0 Liverpool 3
    Chelsea 4 West Ham 0
    West Ham 2 Luton 2
    Man City 5 West Ham 0

    Off to put a fiver on the above in case it now happens…

  • Zahama says:

    I agree that it is time for Moyes to go. However I believe (unlike some other posters) that Moyes is a decent human being – besides he needs to put himself in the shop window if he wants another job. Similarly a lot of the players need to do that – so I believe that we will perform better than we did against Palace and perhaps get 4 points in the remaining 4 games – maybe even derail Liverpool’s title push with a draw and a victory against Luton

    Overall I just want all of us to be put out of our misery and get a new Head Coach / Manager in place


  • Geoffrey risley says:

    i agree its time for a change but leadership starts at the top.the owners/ directors should put an end to this nonsense an announcement needs tobe made tonight about a moyes is going.b.who the new manager is.people laugh when they hear the phrase the west ham way.i dont i am a 64 yrd old born in liverpool but have been a west ham supporter for 52 yrs.ron greenwood was manager followed ny his disciple john lyall.i knew at 12 we where never going to win the league but oh the type of football the skill factor moore, hurst.bonds, brooking lampardsnr bryan pop robson they used to caress the ball they where all thinking footballers.upton park was a bear bit and the characters that used to attend such point is?
    we know who we are and where we come from.when i used to travel to upton park from liverpool never always expected a win but i did expect to be people remember entertainment? i have remained faithful to my club all through these years even though liverpool and everton won everything.people say be careful of what you wish for i dont wish for this.its turgid.stale.boring.if you are shaking your head then im sorry you have never seen the real west ham you have been watching an imposter a fraud.i dont just support the team it starts with with the club with its history its ethos its supporters the team comes and goes the previous comments go on always.yes how sad.i am a purist.there you are i have uttered all this of course is not mr moyes fault he has worked hard and done his best.if you sat in front of john lyall and said would you park the bus and be happy with 30% of the possesion every game he would have
    laughed at such an idea.thank you mr moyes but its time to move on.wake up owners directors start remembering who we are and what we want.this isnt our hobby its in our bones.i like winning but i like skill and flair more id like both.a fanatical fan base one of the richest clubs in the world we deserve better.this is for you mr moyes thanks for last years final.i have only cried twice in last 30 years once when my cat went and after the final.
    lets dream big.

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