Mark Noble v England midfielders

This graphic shows Mark Noble stats against those midfielders selected for England.




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19 comments on “Mark Noble v England midfielders

  1. It is obvious that Hodgson has a grudge against West Ham.
    As you can see from the stats Noble should be a shoe in for the England team. Not only Noble but how on earth wasn’t Cresswell called up when Bertrand dropped out because of injury? Hodgson is now going into two internationals with only one left back. What if Danny Rose gets injured? Not only this but Rose will now probably have to play the full two matches. Don’t think Spurs will be to impressed with that.
    Even if Hodgson doesn’t fell Cresswell will make the squad for the Euro’s, surely it would be better to call up Cresswell to get some experience just in case of further injuries down the line.
    Somebody please explain what is the advantage of not calling him up at all when he only has one left back for 2 games?
    Somebody please ask Hodgson the question, “What has West Ham done to deserve his total contempt?

  2. The answer is obvious. Hodgson is quite clearly a spurs fan.

  3. Long as Woy is manager Nobes gets ignored.End of story.

  4. I think you guys forgot, he lacks experience at the International level. 😉

  5. Interesting stats

    But come on what’s happening on the other site?
    It must be a whole 5min since however is on WHTID watch reported back.

    • Go read it for yourself Floppy,tell us the latest update on the pups.Sorry doesn’t fit your agenda admitting that it is full of C&H comments today does it.

  6. Come on Floppysac you can do better than that.If you want to visit to stir things up make it worthwhile geezer 😉

    • Yeah fair enough Radal, it was a pretty feeble attempt to be honest.

      Usual school report…….must do better

      Leave it with me 🙂

  7. Why bother coming in the first place,a disorder of thinking we care a dit,
    Henderson is the only one I don’t think deserves to be in the squad,
    Most fans weather they are ours or Spuds would like Ali and Dier in there squad although I think the later is more a defender then midfield,
    Drink water like Noble deserves his chance with the season he is having,
    Woy definitely is biased towards Liverpoor and Spuds players who are more in favour then Gooners at the moment,
    But the stats talk for themselves Ali Drinkwater and Noble would bea good trio in midfield for these friendly games before Woy picks his final squad

  8. It is sadly ironic that at the time that Noble actually hits international form he is ignored. I didn’t agree with people calling for it a year ago, but he is having an amazing season.

    Let’s just be glad he has a lot less chance of getting injured now. Look what happened when Downing got called up.

    Roy said everything we need to know about Noble / WHU on MOTD the other week. Asked about Noble he just changed the subject, with a slight hint of annoyance, to Drinkwater. He couldn’t even answer a simple question without dodging. But ultimately the manager needs to pick players he feels comfortable with. And I doubt Noble actually loses much sleep over this.

  9. Just to ad further insult Hodgson has just given a press conference comparing Mark Noble to Grant Holt of Rochdale. A complete disgrace. This proves he has a vendetta and is a very bitter man. Hope the Germans stuff us. Cant wait till the day his sacked.

  10. Lol,sounds about right for Hodgson.I don’t want Germany to beat us,I hope we stuff them.Nothing personal Hamburg H 🙂

  11. I think it’s shocking Noble has missed out again but without being a miserable old Buffon may I add I am getting sick & tired of reading about it now.I really don’t know how some people have the stamina to keep going on about the same subjects week after week.Some of the gentlemen on the other site must be on some sort of banned substance.

  12. It’s hard when something ****s you off gobby not to carry on when Hippo was here I managed to keep on every day for 2 years,
    And yes I did not think Noble was England quality 6 months ago but if Henderson can get in the squad then he is definitely England class,
    Even Payet has been repaid for playing great football so why not Mark ?

  13. Agreed bubs,I just don’t have the stamina myself to cover the hard yards anymore,lol.I mean how many times in a season can you have the same discussion about Carroll,lol.The lads on the other site must be durecell bunnies.I have the wrong batteries in,lol

    • One thing I have learnt having been on blogs/sites for a fair while now Gobby is that some Irons fans have the potential to be serious trainspotters.When you know every statistic about everything West Ham it is time to get yourself a good/bad woman or get out more,haha.

      • I don’t need statistics Tone I prefer to use my own two eyes,lol.I can assure you I am no anorak.Wouldn’t turn down a bad woman though,lol

        • I always enjoyed having a proper good row or discussion about a player or teams performance without a whole load of stats being shoved down my throat.I agree with you Gobs statistics are crap.I hate it when you are in them middle of a chat & suddenly a whole load of stats are posted.I feel like sticking them up the persons ass 🙂

          • I have often wondered how these statsheads get on in the pub sat round a table with the boys having a chat about football.Do they take their laptops with them or maybe they have a filling cabinet in their local,lol

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