Marseilles push Batsuhayi price through roof



West Ham have been told they will have to pay €40m for Marseilles striker Michy Batsuhayi.

And the club is now reconsidering its position as that’s way above what they were planning to splash out on the striker.

Some hard negotiations are going on with several strikers but the Batsuhayi option is well off the radar until Marseilles adjust their bargaining position.

The club admitted this afternoon the player will be sold this summer and that was already in the accounts but €40m  is far too expensive for the Hammers.

A source told us: “The price has gone up and up, probably on account of the influx of money coming from the TV deal but we are not going to play that game.

“We have various options we are following but we certainly aren’t ready to get into the sort of figures we are being quoted on this one. They would need to readjust their position for any deal to be done.


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7 comments on “Marseilles push Batsuhayi price through roof

  1. Lacazette and Icardi are both more prolific also where Batshuayi plays is mostly right side forward from what I have seen which is where Sakho plays, I think we would be better to go for a player who plays on the left much as do Valencia and Carroll or if there is any truth in the Vardy rumours he would be a good option.

  2. Saw some chat about Vardy but can’t see it myself.There again money talks so nothing is out of the question I guess.I like Vardy,don’t understand where all this ‘he is a thug’ sh*t has come from or that he won’t score many next season.He will still find the net next season,no problems there IMO.
    Who has seen Jack Sullivan’s Twitter feed,I saw it earlier,he is getting a right caneing about there possibly being another game at Upton Park.Some people are having a right fit about it,haha.I said my goodbyes Tuesday,gave my seat a tender kiss goodbye,lol.I really couldn’t care if theres another game there.Aint like it is a proper match is it.

  3. Bugger me,me son showed me only a few minutes ago.I don’t understand this Twitter world.He said it was a fun day where people who couldn’t make Tuesday can go to say their goodbyes.Seems the kiboosh is being put on it by fan pressure.Daytime match isn’t it.I couldnt give a tinkers cuss if another game is played on it.As you said me friend I did me farewells the other night.That’s what I needed to do for meself.Would be a shame if some non-season ticket holders where denied the chance by other fans selfishness.All the troubles in the world & some buggers want to get narked about a football game.Makes me want to scream meself.

  4. Stopping our ladies team playing at the Boleyn & joining in the farewell celebrations is madness. Why should any fans tell the club what they can and can’t do with their own stadium? A family day out for many supporters who can’t afford to go to PL games and taking away their last chance of being inside the stadium.

  5. Said on the other article Essex that I couldn’t care less if there is another game played there if it’s a charitable gig or fun day.I have read some right crap on Twitter & other sites about it tonight.Think Captain Jack had it about right,its just selfish on the part of some people.Anyway they are f*cked now because of the game at the end of May.

  6. Don’t be deterred by a few egotistical whingers Jack. The very vast majority of Hammers will have no qualms about our ladies having the chance to raise some much needed funds. Also gives lots of other fans the chance for one more visit. Please don’t cancel. Tuesdays game wont be the last anyway as there’s another game on 30th of may.

  7. I couldn’t believe some of the crap on Twitter & sites lastnight about fans wanting it to not happen & the reasoning behind their views.I think it was one of the ladies teams dads on Twitter saying please don’t spoil the day for the girls & fans & still people where moaning & coming up with their own selfish reasons for it to not happen.It didn’t shock me but it left me wondering what the f*ck is wrong with some of our fans.
    As it works there is this other game as you have said Mooro which makes them look even more stupid with their moaning haha

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