Match of The Day fail Hammers again

The Match of the day team have managed to fail the Hammers once again with their post match analysis of yesterdays Premier League game.

Much has been written by myself and others about West Ham’s 4-3 loss to Newcastle being the fault of David Moyes. However there was a huge dollop of controversy surrounding the officiating and a very dubious VAR decision.

Antony Gordon in particular appeared to obstruct the luckless Kalvin Phillips, thus forcing himself to be kicked. Anyway, it appears that the MOTD team have once again made a bit of a hash of their coverage and this was noted by one of C&H’s top contributors Bryn King.

Jimmy Hill back in the good old days when Match of The Day was worth watching


“Well I have just watched today’s Newcastle v West Ham game on MOTD and yet again I have been absolutely incensed by the extremely poor coverage of the two controversial penalty decisions against the Hammers!
It has once again left me wondering what the purpose of MOTD actually is. It is certainly not to offer objective coverage and comment on the game! Unbelievably neither penalty was shown in greater detail nor discussed by the pundits, although Moyes in his interview referred to the second, game-changing penalty as being awarded incorrectly. The BBC obviously couldn’t be bothered to have another look at the incident and I find that absolutely disgraceful! Normally such controversial incidents are discussed in fine detail but not here. It was after all “only” West Ham so it doesn’t matter! Anyway
I will certainly not be tuning in to this programme again!”
Well said Bryn

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4 comments on “Match of The Day fail Hammers again

  1. Why was Alex Scott introducing a program she knows nothing about and yes why was nothing mentioned about the penaltys unbelievable I was so ****ed off I just decided to delete the rest of the program all they talked about was Newcastle

  2. I didn’t even bother tuning in as the are so biaised in Newcastle’s favour on everything because of Alan Shearer it’s literally not worth watching when your team plays against them.

  3. All bbc is biased reporting, I no longer watch them.

  4. And is there a smugger manager around than Eddie Howe?

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