A nil for ridiculous idea of Millwall at the London Stadium


There was a ridiculous rumour doing the rounds recently, that Millwall would be ground sharing with their arch-rivals West Ham United next season, if they secured promotion to the Premier League.

The decision came as a result of Millwall’s current stadium, The Den, failing to meet the strict criteria set out by the Premier League for top-flight stadiums.   

The rivalry between Millwall and West Ham is one of the most intense in English football, with a long history of violence and dislike between the two sets of fans.

Previous games between the two clubs have been marred by incidents of hooliganism, with clashes between supporters often leading to arrests and injuries.

What with Millwall getting thumped by Blackburn Rovers last week, this will now not happen, but I doubt it was on the cards anyway.

It would have been a recipe for disaster, due to the historical animosity between the two sets of supporters.

It does make you wonder, who thinks up these daft ideas anyway ?

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  • exsoulie says:

    You would need a UN peace keeping force fully armed if it were to happen.I no longer mention to fellow Hammers that i was born on the old Kent road,as that can draw unwanted attention (it happend when recovering from heart attack in hospital).The hatred is beyond football and any talk of any cooperation between the clubs would be met with anger from fans.

  • frustrated hammer says:

    Simon did you check the date . It was an April fools joke obviously they would play at the valley .

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