Moyes fury over Deadline Day chaos !


Deadline day chaos !

West Ham are “furious” about the fact that we have a game on deadline day according to Daily Mail journalist Kieran Gill has reported that.

David Moyes wanted to have Danny Ings, Maxwel Cornet, Pablo Fornals and Ben Johnson on his bench.

This leads to a potentially bizarre situation , as the four players mentioned are all potentially moving on from the club.

So, it leaves Moyes in a tricky situation as they they can’t just leave the game half way through to complete a move if a suitable bid comes in during those hours.

Gill goes on to say: “We should mention, tomorrow they’re playing at Luton at 8pm and I happen to know they’re furious about that.

“They’ve still got work to do, both incomings and outgoings. Danny Ings, Pablo Fornals, Maxwel Cornet, Ben Johnson. They could all go, and Moyes wants to name them on his bench tomorrow as he has done in every other game this season.

“But what’s Moyes meant to do if, say, Everton come in for Danny Ings with a nice bid at 9pm tomorrow? ‘Oi Danny, get your kit off, we’ve got a cab waiting for you to Goodison Park’?

“I can understand why they’re thinking it’s a bit scandalous that they’re playing, because it doesn’t usually happen and I happen to know they are furious about that.”

It is sadly yet another example of the scrambled thinking of the Premier League, by insisting on a fixture to be played right at the end of Deadline Day.

So if Moyes is open to those four names leaving ,then perhaps he just leaves them out of the match day squad and then uses this as an excuse to blood some of the Academy players?

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  • Jonesy2134 says:

    It’s hardly chaos is it? Plus we’ve had all summer to do our business so moaning about playing a match on deadline day is no excuse whatsoever.

  • Neil Down Under says:

    The madness of money (not transfers in the instance), to prevent a business from potentially making millions of pounds, just to bolster viewing figures.
    If any potential transfer falls through, where there is solid evidence that it was in the final stages, scuppered because of this. Surely there must be a case to answer legally?

  • GRAHAM says:

    I think it will be OK for tonight and we won’t have Danny Ings being pulled off the pitch

    Deadline is 11pm and its 4 hours in a taxi to Everton from Luton!

  • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

    AAARRRGGGHHH!!! This stupid Captcha thing just lost a huge comment!!!!!!

  • carrickhammer says:

    Don’t be fooled by this brilliant transfer window nonsense sullivan has a 20 million profit and we are still a centre forward and a left back down all smoke and mirrors

  • Dutch Courage says:

    No sympathy whatsoever. If he can do without them from Saturday morning onwards, he can do without them Friday evening. Can’t honestly believe Fornals will be leaving; if he did it’d presumably be to go back to Spain and that’s unlikely to happen before 23:00.

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