Moyes hints at Hammers future


Moyes hints at Hammers future by Gonzo

David Moyes went some way to answering the ‘will he, won’t he’ question when addressing the press this week.

The West Ham manager has been subject to numerous conflicting rumours surrounding his future recently. Some suggest he’s leaving at the end of the season, whilst others state the final decision rests with Moyes.

However the man himself gave the biggest clues in the way he spoke about player recruitment. Moyes didn’t sound like a man who was planning for a future away from West Ham.

Whilst discussing agents and player recruitment, Moyes sounded focused on a summer of spending. It was difficult to listen to his comments and not wonder about the validity of some recent reports. If the manager is leaving at the end of the season, the man himself is doing a good job of hiding it.

David Moyes has hinted at his West Ham future by suggesting that he's always speaking to agents on his phone about player recruitment

David Moyes hints at Hammers future

Whilst speaking to the press, Moyes came across as a man working tirelessly at bolstering his squad.

Moyes said. “I am the complete opposite of switching off, I’m stuck to my phone all the time but there’s always recruitment going on,”.

“When you ask about my job as a manager, it’s just so full on. Sure there are some other managers who say ‘no problem and I’ll put my phone away’. I have never been that way but I am always available to be contacted on my phone.

“I frequently get 400 different names put to me each day, quite a lot of them I don’t know, some of them I’m aware of and some of them you go, ‘I quite like him’.

“When you are inactive, the agents start to get busy and that’s when it becomes a difficult time as a manager to switch off.”

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