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Moyes makes players jab admission

David Moyes admits that not every West Ham player is double – or even single -jabbed against COVID.

The vaccine rollout has seen most people in England receive their first , with a high number taking their second dose, too; boosters are now being rolled out ahead of the New Year as well.

But Moyes has revealed that there are players within the Hammers dressing room who have yet to receive their first dose, although he has hinted that some players could be vaccinated this weekend.

The Irons boss accepts that having both jabs is no guarantee of not getting the virus, but this revelation may come as a surprise to many.

Speaking to reporters, he said:¬†“We are getting quite a lot of boosters, a lot of players who are still short of a second vaccination but yes we still have some players who have not had their first injection who we think may take it this weekend.

“We have got some doctors and nurses coming to help us at the weekend and hopefully, it will see a few more people closer to being vaccinated than not so I think it is important we really try to get as many vaccinated and healthy as we can.

“As we know for all of us who are vaccinated it does not mean to say we will not get the virus. At the moment for all of us vaccinated it does not mean¬† if we come into contact with somebody that we would still need to isolate so it is not something which any of us can say, we are doing it right and somebody else is doing it wrong. Even if you are vaccinated you can still catch the virus.”

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A journalist with 10 years' experience of working on National newspapers, now chief reporter covering the club that I've loved since I was a boy. Upton Park remains the greatest football stadium ever built.

7 comments on “Moyes makes players jab admission

  1. This isn’t Nazi Germany……. Yet.
    People still have a right to choose what they do with their bodies as they do with what they choose to eat for breakfast. The world shouldn’t revolve around a virus that has a fatality rate (amongst the most vulnerable) of under 1%.
    Therefore, in the grand scheme of things, this shouldn’t even be newsworthy…
    Enough already.

  2. Perfectly fine, up to the individual.
    Certainly not bothering with boosters myself. Absolutely no evidence there to persuade that’s it’s necessary.
    Some people would rather the token gestures of mask wearing, jab taking and knee bending than stopping their McDonald’s eating, non gym attending and actual racism stopping.
    Up to them, but no ta.

  3. Those two comments are off topic. We are talking about unvaccinated players.
    And perhaps some of us ought to have a less selfish outlook, not just about players spreading it and causing fixture chaos, but anyone not (voluntarily) choosing to take all precautions, including all the jabs you can get, masks – uncomfortable or not – etc.
    Temporary precautions during an emergency is hardly Nazi. Surely they would have shot a few people by now.

    • Yet 75pc effiacy is apparently not sufficient for covid whilst 45pc is for flu. Strange, worrying and not designed to stop conspiracy theories is it? We are also told by S African GPs the new variant – and they have seen the data – is mild. Currently 10 in hospital with it. Nothing is actually off because there are so many views

    • Yeah I just don’t want to put more drugs in my body pal and don’t think anyone else should be made to.

      That’s normal and within reason. It’s you with the dodgy viewpoint.

    • …..and what are your medical credentials to deem it necessary for EVERYONE to be jabbed, even though the makers of these Gene altering MRNA jabs have ZERO liability???
      The facts also don’t seem to mean anything to you either, as the total deaths between 2018 -2020 show little difference at all. You can wrap yourself up in this if you want to, but I credit myself with seeking facts.
      Do you understand the relevance of Nazi Germany and what the Nuremberg code is all about???
      Common Sense is LOST on someone like you!

  4. Are you a professional footballer Master?

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