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Moyes ready to complete “unfinished business”

David Moyes marched into the first presser of his second spell at West Ham and declared:  “I’m smiling because it was great to come in through the doors and see everybody. It made it so much easier.”

And he added: “I certainly feel as if I have unfinished business. I really enjoyed my time here last time and I felt, by the end, we had gone in a really positive direction with the players. “

And he revealed for the first time there is a clause in his new deal which could see the club and himself agreeing to an extension at the end of the 18 month deal.

And having explained that was the case he added: “I’m going to make it impossible that the clause can’t be implemented. That’s my plan and I want to carry it out.”

He clearly feels he has a better chance of saving the club from relegation this time around than last after looking at the squad left at his disposal.

He said: “The Club has spent well and the players need to stand up and show what they can do. We need to demand all the things we did before.
“When I came in before, we had to try and quickly get a turnaround and we have to do that again, but I know I have a longer project to look at things after that.”
“I hope to get my backroom staff sorted in the near future and I’ve had conversations with the staff who I knew from my first time here to get me up to speed.
I’ve also sat down with Mark Noble, who was incredibly helpful. I can only say we will do everything we can to give them the best possible performance and result against Bournemouth.”
ClaretandHugh: As pressers go this was as upbeat as it gets and a far cry from the Pellegrini affairs when the Chilean said as little as possible making sure he gave away very little. Moyes was as happy as it gets and the warmth that he was spreading around on his return to the club he called “home” at one point demostrates that this may even be the job he had been waiting for whilst in exile from management. Not everybody is going to be happy seeing the Glaswegian back in charge but this was an encouraging start.
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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

7 comments on “Moyes ready to complete “unfinished business”

  1. Good luck to David Moyes – I never wanted him to go in the first place.
    He’s already shown more passion for the job than Pellegrini did in his entire tenure !
    His record at Everton was second to none with limited transfer funds.
    In eleven seasons believe he finished outside the top 11 only once, which included them qualifying for Champions League and finishing top six five times – that sounds to me like a bloke who knows what he’s doing.
    Man Utd he was a Christian thrown to the Lions.
    An ageing squad short on quality – he was made a scapegoat.
    Proof is in the pudding so let’s get behind the fellah and give him support.
    Hope people don’t start having a pop this season as this is Pellegrini’s squad and I still think he’s got his work cut out to keep us up.
    If he succeeds, then he’s got the Summer and a full pre-season – then we can judge him.
    Know one thing though, he’ll get them a lot fitter and more competitive.

  2. That’s exactly it he has started a smile on his face
    And that wi!l rub of on the players..he will get them fit and working and
    thats a start..

  3. Is done now so we have to go with it and get behind him and now it’s up to him to prove us all wrong and prove he is a good manager.
    He needs to have learnt a hell of a lot in the last 18 months!!!!

  4. David Moyes was NOT my ideal choice, but you have to look in the mirror at times and be honest with yourself. He wasn’t given the funds or the time on his first tenure and also for a good part of it he was treated like a dead man walking, whilst attempting to carry out a job to the best of his ability.
    When Pelle was appointed everyone was jumping up and down with excitement due to his impressive CV. We now realise that he was a man out of time and hamstrung by his love of a certain type of player (a bit like Arsene). I believe that if Moyes was given the same funds, that Pelle was given, we would ultimately be in a better position right now. Hugill was an obvious mistake by Moyes, but given the circumstances of the restricted transfer policy, probably has more to do with the owner’s stance at that point in time. Probably unsure regarding the club’s direction and trying to get supporters back onside.
    As a supporter, I’m always surprised at how we have such differing opinions on So many subjects which affect this club, from the owners, managers, players, formation and even the direction this club should be going in.
    I’ve supported this club over the years when we TRULY had bad owners, and I will continue to support this club. But as much as I feel that it is MY club, it is also THEIR club as They were the ones that stepped up to the plate as supporters………. And that requires them to be respected also because just like property if we own a house, we do the best that we can, for ourselves and all those that live in it…….. and no doubt they try to do the same!
    I will get behind Moyes 210% because he has signed up to this club that I support and I know that he WILL match my desire for success and his ambition can’t be questioned because he has managed Man Utd, which says it all. The man is Hungry without question.

  5. He was not my first choice but I thought he was the best of the realistic candidates who were left once the owners had dithered their way through December. What I would say to those strongly opposed to his appointment is for the good of the club we all support it’s time to get behind the side. In the end it’s the players on the pitch & whether the boss gets the best out of them that will decide whether we are are in the PL or the second tier, but we can make a difference on match days. The press are already sharpening their pencils for ‘divided Hammers’ stories & I have seen one today dragging up the ‘never got over the move to the LS’ story again. Let’s not give them the satisfaction of demonstrations, walkouts & booing our own players.

  6. Bang on right Kenny Irons imoh also..let’s get right behind the fella and see what happens coz we were odds on to go down with Pellergrini. .hope he brings Psycho back as well
    .no.punches pulled with him COYI

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