Moyes thanks Chairman for “not buckling”


West Ham United manager David Moyes says he is thankful for having a chairman who ‘did not buckle’ and show him the door when results were going against the Irons this season.

West Ham and Nottingham Forest are the only clubs in the bottom half of the standings who have kept faith with the man who started the season at the helm.

Moyes believes top-flight teams have become too trigger-happy, firing coaches at the first hint of trouble and disputes whether it is in clubs’ long-term interests.

“It’s a big part of the game now that managers are losing their jobs much quicker now,” Moyes, whose side face a more than daunting away game at leaders Manchester City tonight, told reporters on Tuesday when asked about the Premier League revolving door.

“If you are going to keep chopping and changing, I wouldn’t be sure it’s the right thing for football clubs for continuity, stability, the growth you are trying to get.                                           

Moyes thanks Chairman for “not buckling”

“Maybe the clubs now have got too much money and they can afford to keep changing direction all the time.”

“I don’t think I can ever remember the Premier League having as many interim managers in different roles and different changes,” said Moyes, who is in his second spell at West Ham.

“It’s not for me to look at it, but maybe a lot of clubs may look back at it and think, ‘did we make the right decision?'”

Some West Ham fans were calling for Moyes to be sacked in January after six defeats in seven league games saw them drop into the relegation zone.

Through my career, I’ve been really fortunate that I’ve had really good chairmen and men with distinction who don’t buckle when the call comes,” Moyes said.

Few give West Ham a chance of avoiding defeat at a City side on an eight-game winning streak in the league and on course for a Premier League-Champions League-FA Cup treble.

“We’ve been to the Etihad a lot and it’s been hard to win, but I’ve got to say, we’ve given them some really good games when we’ve played them,” Moyes added

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  • The Cat says:

    Common sense and affairs of the heart are not good bedfellows.
    This country has been mismanaged by moronic idiots for over ten years, so why not football clubs?
    How many people run their households the way that they expect the club they support should be run, irrespective of the current manager?

    Sniping and sarcasm are very easy things to do, but at some point the grey matter should be engaged.

  • johnham1 says:

    We are 4 points above the drop and the only reason for that is the poor form of other teams. Moyes should face been sacked back at world cup time. He should be thankful but it was a huge mistake. He will hopefully be gone once the season is over for the sake of the fans, and mist importantly the players.

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