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Moyes will team up with Iron he recommended to club

David Moyes is about to take charge of a player who he recommended to the club in the first place – Hammer of last year Lukasz Fabianski.

The goalkeeper was identified by the new manager towards the end of his time at the club and he revealed the situation to reporters at today’s Rush Green presser.

During a lengthy and entirely outgoing time with the media he was asked if any of the players now in the squad were suggested by him and he responded: “ It is easy to agree. I had agreed Fabianski would be joining because I made the contact and told the owner who we thought would be right. After that we had not got any further.”

He refused to name names that he may be interested in this time around but clearly won’t be looking for the kind of hugely expensive operators brought in by Manuel Pellegrini.

He said: ” I think it would be wrong to say that now because they are at other clubs. I’ve got a couple I could throw off the top of my head. I could name a couple of Championship people and people would say ‘that’s not very good’ but you might have said that with Sheffiled United and actually they’ve been sensational.

You need to give people opportunities and because of the world we’re in with social media, you name someone and everything’s a bit of a downer.

What we need to get is players who I think can carry on. And I’ve told you, I’ve got 18 months but I’m planning a lot longer.”

And he added: “Of course, we all want the sugar on the top of the cake, we want exciting players, nice names who
sound really good.

We also want something we know gives us a level of consistency most Saturdays. You need four or five players at least who are giving you seven out of 10, eight out of 10 most Saturdays.”

ClaretandHugh says: There seems unlikely to be any change in the Moyes transfer window policy we have seen from him down the years – the Championship is where he sees the rich pickings for comparative peanuts.. a situation he developed at Everton where chairman Bill Kenrwight – not the richest owner. It’s a policy which has served him well down the years with the likes of Phil Jagielka, John Stones and Joleon Lescott among his more inspired signings



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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

18 comments on “Moyes will team up with Iron he recommended to club

  1. Well, you’ve got to kiss at least 10 frogs to find your prince

  2. I give 100% at work and have done for 50 years! Day in and day out… Why does Moyes want to accept anything less than 100% from each and every player?

    What with VAR, the disastrous move to the stadium, seeing players perform miserably and now the appointment of Moyes, I’m feeling my time has come to give up the 6 season tickets our family have owned for half a century because I refuse to be part of this anymore. Giving my money to scum like Gold and Sullivan is going to end as of the end of this year. Spending hundreds of pounds on travel, food, etc etc every home game is finishing 12/31/19, let some other mugs pay these muppet directors.. I’m done!

  3. It`s scary that Moyes has got an 18 months contract because that is enough time for him to get us double relegated.
    So my question for a C&H opinion poll is what would our average home attendance be in Division 1 in the 2021/22 Season?

    • Wow! Have a Happy New Year, Richard …

    • Moyes came in & did a great job for us last time,he inherited a lazy non focused side In the few months that he had he knock the waspish culture left behind by Slavin & installed a good solid work ethic that could have been built on.In walks the dandy Pellegrino with his unrealistic soft approach & was found out very easily in the Premier league. Moyes will get a hard working team that we can be proud of ,get results this season & steer us away from relegation then build on that next year.I have had enough of this fobbish Hugh Grant pouncing about,let’s get back to basics & give the fella time & support.

    • Glass a bit half empty there Richard? Rather than half full????

    • I think you are way off the mark and need to remember Moyes saved us from the drop with an absolute ****e squad this time he has much better players to work with

  4. So with Husillos now gone, who will be identifying potential transfer targets this window?

  5. So let’s understand what he is saying , if I read between the lines he’s saying Sullivan won’t be buying any stars cos he won’t fund it. There in lies the problem a business man not a football man and a yes sir manager. It doesn’t sound good , but let’s see as only time will tell. Before anyone criticises me I am not expecting us to spend mega amounts but a few decent players would help. However decent players happen to cost a bit more then a few million .

  6. Maybe you were asleep in 2017 , richard ! ,

  7. Having just watched the last 10 games or so, where we looked second best, sometimes 3rd best behind the ref, I think we need to get things into perspective. I thought MP was going to be brilliant and very happy Moyes had gone. Now, as I eat my large Xmas size portion of humble pie, I look to the future.

    Firstly, I now feel that we will stay up. Remember the dreams of Europe?? Well, MP spent millions and got us where, remember Fulham last season!

    Secondly Moyes will sort the players out. Lanzini is not the player of old, WHY? Does Anderson (and others) that they are paid to run 90 minutes, not 50 or less? Nobles/Ogbonna spat, I think that the players had lost faith in MP, Moyes would not let that happen.

    I remember all the comments the first time he took over, relegation guaranteed, he had a point to prove and he did what he said he was going to do, he saved us. He still has a personal point to prove, but this time he must be backed with money, but money spent wisely not on players like Wiltshire, Sanchez, et al.

    Finally, he was told to buy Hugill just in case we did drop. He wont be needing to do that again.

    Back Moyes, and back MOYES BOYS !! Come ON You Irons

  8. I just read the Mark Noble piece on the West Ham website. I think he and Moyes are a match made in heaven. By the sounds of what i just read here they both don’t see us the ‘Big Club’ Pellegrini was trying to get the players to buy into. My belief is that if you continue to believe you shouldn’t be able to compete with the top teams then you won’t.

    My fear with Moyes (one of them!) is that we won’t see the likes of Lanzini, Anderson, Fornals, Diop, or Haller bought in. It’ll be Joe Allen, Bowen, Hugill instead. You may say this season the former names haven’t delivered but i imagine that’s not down to skill set but down to how they were coached and managed. I’m not sure i could say that about Allen or Hugill.

    Noble doesn’t seem to have bought into Pellegrini’s ‘Big Club’ ideology, based on his comments. As much as i love Noble for what West Ham means to him i fear that whilst he is involved we’ll always be regarded as similar to a Palace or a Fulham, rather than an Arsenal or Spurs. I understand the latter have more money at the helm but surely we should strive to be bigger and better than accept our place as one of London’s smaller clubs? As good as Jagielka and Lescott might have been at one stage, they weren’t anywhere near World class and neither will we be if we continually see ourselves as only good enough to attract the best the Championship has to offer.

  9. so he buys cheap sells big and the club survives, great for the owners. not really going forward is it?

  10. There is a real divide developing between the West Ham fan base about what we can hope to achieve. I feel I have to apologise for having such limited ambitions, but I will settle for regular top half, the odd cup run, no relegation messing about, fully committed players, a home ground that is buzzing on a Saturday & away sides don’t see as a good afternoon out. How long is it since we had any of that? Football is a simple game & teams can play successful football that is good to watch without £80m superstars.
    Sorry to be so boring, but each to his own. And I also happen to think these aims are more realistic- until we get the sort of financial backing of Leicester, Wolves, Everton etc. Happy New Year!

    • Absolutely spot on in relation to the divide. There is a real group of haters who continue to post negative comment after negative comment.

  11. We haven’t even had a game under Moyes this time around give the gezzer the support he needs he has at least had the balls to come in when a lot of others would have turned away and wanted a more stable club , Moyes done ok last time he can’t do worse than Pella and he’s had a bit of dosh to spend.I just think us hammers need to get behind the manager and the team and hope for the best Premier survival at the moment.

  12. Here we go, the same old Big Club thing; honestly dreamers, the lot of you. We are, and always will be ( certainly in my 50 years of supporting) an average achieving club with a large and passionate fan-base. Stability will come through Moyes, and perhaps we may go on an extended cup run, but honestly, unless we receive a take-over from a seriously wealthy concern and can therefore spend rediculous amounts on proven players, we always shall be at that level. And you know what, I’m happy with that; the club is still owned by West Ham supporters ( ok, forget madam Brady) we still have a core of British players and most importantly passionate London-based fans. Do you really want us to become like Arsenal, Man City or until recently Chelsea, where you’d be lucky to spot a Local born player( let alone Britsh), even on.the subs bench, with the management similarly of a foreign originality; how can you call ‘ Local Derby’s’ Local, when.both squads may only contain a smattering of ‘Local talent, and the major audience is the TV viewer living somewhere abroad??? Call me an.old dinosaur( it may be true!), but I know what I’d rather be watching, and maybe, just maybe, sanity shall return to the league once the likes of the big six push off and form the European Super league, which is surely just a matter of time; bring it on! COYI’s

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