New Sakho Sunderland ‘spin’ changes nothing!

sakhoIt seems that Sky Sports are refusing to give up on their Diafra Sakho to Sunderland for £11 million story despite West Ham revealing the bid is entirely unacceptable.

Sky have today new spin to the tale claiming the player wants a swift resolution on his future amid the speculation.

Well, given the story was started by them perhaps whoever is involved in breaking it could put the facts as he/she understands them on the line thus helping the situation considerably

However, what ClaretandHugh was told again this moring is that nothing like an £11 m bid has been lodged.

Instead the offer was around half of that and involved clauses which involved Sunderland staying up for three seasons and Sakho playing 30 games per campaign.

That suggests the Black Cats manager Sam Allardyce has noted the players injury problems and realised he is unlikely to have to fulfill any of those obligations given that in his two seasons with the Irons, Sak has managed 26 and 24 first team appearances.

Sky then justify the new line they have taken with the following quote :  ‘Sources close to the player have told Sky Sports News HQ that Sakho is looking for clarity regarding his future, adding the player would like to start pre-season with the club he will be playing for next season.” Blah blah blah

Well we an answer that one for him and Sky. He will be a West Ham player unless a realistic bid starting at around £15 million is made.

Okay, is that sorted?



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23 comments on “New Sakho Sunderland ‘spin’ changes nothing!

  1. So in other words , the club doesn’t want to keep him , and will only let him go for 15 mill minimum ,
    He must feel great about this ???
    IMO its a big mistake letting him go , as the real problem is not in attack but in midfield where we need to be strengthened !
    Added to that a r/b and a c/h ,
    So damage done then , its just a matter of where he goes for 15 mill,
    Let’s hope they can replace this work horse with another , I doubt there is another one out there with his work ethic ? Which makes the important issue of the m/f a bigger concern !
    I hope he stays ,

    • johnboy, I feel like you have a pair of goggles on which makes it seem Sakho is a top class player. Our midfield is almost perfect for now, providing Antonio is played on the wing instead of at right back, but out strike force is the real let down. Considering 4 of out top 6 scorers were midfielders (Payet – 12, Antonio/Carroll – 9, Noble/Lanzini/Sakho – 7) and therefore no striker breaking double figures, it shows that, regardless of injuries or gametime, out strikers do not score enough.
      I agree, a right back is paramount, but not at the expense or to be put ahead of the striker. I don’t believe we need another centre back (that is what you meant by ‘c/h’ right?) since Ogbonna, Reid and Collins are equally suited to play with either of the others in the pairing and Tomkins/Henry/Burke/Oxford as back ups, we are well covered in that area.
      I also can not see anybody paying £15m for a player who was bought for £3.5m 2 years ago and has only scored 19 goals in 49 games, which isn’t exactly record breaking. If Vardy, a 29 year old who scored 24 goals in 36 appearances, can go for £20m, why would someone pay £5m less to get a player who scored 5 goals in 20 games this season?
      The only way that is possible is a Newcastle type deal where they overpay for a player in a time of need (Shelvey and Townsend), but Sunderland and many other BPL clubs don’t just throw money around like that.

      I honestly think that if we land a top striker target (preferably Lacazette (the 1% chance that clings on), Batshuayi, or someone else (NOT Benteke)), then Sakho should be sold for £8-10m as soon as possible as he would obviously be pushed down to 2nd or maybe even 3rd choice and would be bed for the squad.

      • A run its called team work ? When we score from all over the pitch , Tompkins , henry , Burke are nowhere near a first team place ! And oxford is being introduced slowly by Bilic . Collins has one more year then he’s gone ! As for sakho ! You’re remark IMO is completely off the mark , my advise is have a closer look , goggles in the post .

    • It doesn’t matter if we let in three goals a game?? As long as we score four

  2. Im not sure which west ham you have been watching this season, but the one I witnessed attacked from midfield and had 5 players that scared the life out of oppositions, i.e. Noble, Kouyate, Antonio, Lanzini and Payet. The only problem we have is in attack tbh. A decent right back is needed but our front line has massively let the hard work of our midfield down on on so many occasions.

    I do think Sakho hasnt really had enough time to get over his injury and find his form. Given that luxury I think he could be our 20 goal strikwr, but he has to fix his attitude and stop sulking and acting like a spoilt bratt. Carroll has been given so many opportunities to recover properly and we saw what he was capable of fully fit in the last 10 games or so. Lets give Sakho the same luxury please.

    • The west ham I’ve been watching have conceded far to many goals , which is a product of m/f and defensive quality,s , games are won and lost from m/f , any coach in the land will tell you that , that’s why the club are looking at defence and m/f additions and only 1 striker.
      We looked great at times going forward but going back was a different story !
      Horses for courses ,
      You also answered you’re own question on sakho and carol ! You say they underperformed
      But backed them up with the probable cause ? Which I agree with by the way, which is why I said the front line is not the problem ?
      Its down to opinions at the end of the day and that was mine .
      You obviously watch a different game ! To me .

  3. West Ham should be looking for a partner for Sakho – he is our best forward. I don’t believe for one second West Ham will sell him – if they do they will certainly upset a number of their fans. There is no doubt in my mind if Sakho was given the same amount of time in the number 9 shirt – he would have scored a lot more goals than Carroll. The sooner we rid ourselves of Carroll the netter for everyone – to me he is being selected ahead of better players and players like Sakho and Valencia are being played out of position. Valencia played 81m last night against Brazil and he looked good. I believe we need a RB, need a winger and a striker to play with Sakho/Valenca.

    • Hard to agree with your comments regarding Carroll ,, just when some fans were screaming for him to be moved on he popped up and scored the goals that got us into Europe . , by scoring those all important score draw or winning goals that made the difference . Hodgson would do well to think ” Carroll ” , but like some of you , he is Hammer Blind .

      • Wtf is ‘like some of you he is Hammer Blind’.For someone who is always changing his mind from we are great to we are nothing more than average you have some bloody front Kevin I will give you that!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sakho is a very good striker . He had bad luck through injury ( which resulted in West Ham having bad luck also ) but still proved his worth never the less . I still think we have enough attacking talent at West Ham to sustain a run in the Europa League and the Domestic Cups . What we really need is more depth of selection in Midfield and RB / LB positions .
    Don’t forget we still have Carroll , who is looking better with every game he plays ,, of course depending on Bilics tactics for the game in hand . We have some youngsters that are pushing for a place also . A new striker would be obviously beneficial , but to spend upwards of 20 million could be cutting off our nose to spite our face . Reckon West Ham don’t need to spend so much , basically .

  5. Agree with JohnBoy that we probably shouldn’t let Sakho go, if he can stop the injuries then he’s an important player who does some great work, but it seems he hasn’t been right for a while.

    Agree with Arun, that 11m probably isn’t that far off his worth, but if we can squeeze 15m and he’s determined to go, then that would be a great return.

    Don’t agree with JohnHam about Carroll, we’ve waited 3 years to get him into this place and he’s proved he will score goals, add another option for us.

    Very rarely agree with Kevin, because I can’t keep up lol

  6. Everyone is entitled to opinions, I have been a long time around football and it is my honest and genuine belief that we are going down the wrong road with Carroll as our starting striker – trust me we are going nowhere. People questioned my judgement on resigning Jenks, everyone thought I was mad, everyone questioned my judgement on Byran, did not and still do not believe he is a prem player. I keep asking for Oxford either at RB or CH, for sure he is premier class. I know I get it wrong at times too like everyone else but my opinions are in the interest of West Ham

    • No problem bud, for the record I didn’t have a clue about what you’d mentioned on the Jenks or Byram front previously and we’ve all probably been round football for long periods to varying degrees, end of the day we’re all just fans with opinions;-)

  7. As johnam says, everyone is entitled to opinions and mine is that Carroll is a good player, nothing more than that. If there’s anybody to sacrifice, it’s him. Too slow and he doesn’t suit the West Ham Way. Am I blind Kevin? I’d say the same of you 😉

  8. It appears to be a nice peaceful Sunday on here,no grown men acting like pillocks creating accounts for the sake of making trouble.Maybe they were caught & placed back in the lunatic asylum.We can only live in hope 🙂

    • You are right Matt,it is far too early in the day for them to be about.They normally appear at night after they have had their nightly bath,their ass talcum powered & a new nappy fitted lol
      The funniest one was someone pretending to be Monkeys Bellend last night.He has no time for this place when he runs Wetpants I’m sure lol

      • Haha… yeah I noticed him Rick, an absolutely brilliant idea… The things people do to be Monkey Bellend for a day… lol

        • No way it was the real one,if it had of been him he would have wanted to have been the centre of attention like on Wetlands not just left one fairly innocuous message.The man is an attention whore.

          • Lol.. I know Stan, there’s only one Monkey Bellend… thank goodness… 😀

          • I don’t even know this Bellends misdemeanours but he seems to join in the banter & take it with good grace.Its the ones from there that use this site & then go back & slam it or make snide remarks about it that I think are the true pillocks.

        • Same old,same old Teddy.Come here,use the site then slag it off on Wetlands.I have got used to it now.It makes me laugh 😉

  9. Lol Teddy… It’s too early to crow… perhaps a reprieve for the moment… 😀

  10. I’d rather have sakho than two??no three vardys

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