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Noble’s open letter to the fans

Mark Noble this morning posted this on the club website – we re-publish without comment!

Hello everyone.

As captain of this great Football Club, I want to speak directly to you, my fellow West Ham United supporters.

I know that we were going through a difficult time and the Club decided to make a decision to change manager.

David Moyes knows the club and he knows a lot of the players and the players he worked with – myself, Manu, Angelo, Arthur, Cress, Dec, Reidy, Michail and Zaba – really liked and respected him and the way he worked when he was here. He got players playing to their full potential and I hope and believe he can do it again.

I know the fans are not happy with the situation we find ourselves in, but we all love and support our club and we need to get behind the manager and try to get ourselves out of this position.

The manager worked for a long time at a club that is very similar to West Ham in Everton, and you don’t stay at a club for that long under the scrutiny of passionate fans unless you are good at your job.

I think David is the best person for the job.

My main thing is that I have always put the club before myself in my career. I just want us to do well. The last few seasons have been full of ups and downs, and I just want the club to be stable.

We hoped that would happen with Manuel because he is such a great guy and had a proven managerial pedigree, but we now need to get back to what we are as West Ham United and achieve realistic targets before aiming higher. When Manuel was appointed, I was really hoping it would be that way, but it didn’t work out.

I enjoyed some fantastic football under him and learned so much from him and his staff and I know they were genuinely gutted that it didn’t work out, but I do feel like we need to walk before we can run and build something.

We need to win football matches and, however that comes at the minute, I’ll take that.

Everybody knows I care for this club and I want to win so badly, not just for myself but for every West Ham United fan out there.

Sometimes I take so much pressure on my own shoulders that every time we make a mistake or concede a goal, I blame myself, rightly or wrongly, and my emotion can come out.

That’s why I have played at this level for so long, because I care so much, and I want us to do well.

I know it’s a tough time for the fans, I understand that, but I do believe we need to come together and show the manager support and start getting results because, at the end of the day, results are all that matters.

Let’s hope we all enjoy a happy New Year.

Come on you Irons!

Mark Noble

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

17 comments on “Noble’s open letter to the fans

  1. I’ve read on some other threads some people slating Nobes for his comments and lack of ambition?

    I’d call it a big dose of REALITY!!
    We may have a big fan base and a passionate one but we are nowhere near a big club. We certainly have the potential but incase nobody has noticed we are in the treches right now, so yes, we need to walk before we can run.

    We have a squad of great players who were mismanaged, its one of our biggest gripes as west ham fans. I truly believe Moyes will istill some discipline into these lafs and get them playing at their best.
    He was here for what, 5 months last time? Hardly long enough to turn around a football club but he saved us, who knows where we might have reached if we stuck with him.

    Lets get behind him as we have him now no matter what.


    • Yeah agree too. So much negativity and criticism being thrown about. No matter what you think of Noble, he has nigh on 15 years experience at the top level. I would personally think that maybe he knows a little about it so it might be worth listening to what he is saying.
      I actually think given the right mentality, structure and recruitment, Moyes has a far better chance of taking us to the next level than Pelle. Cast your minds back to Leicester, they won the league with a very simple structure. Solid defence, hard work and plenty of 1-0 wins. The proof is in the pudding.
      What do both Man City and Liverpool do so well? They work incredibly hard to pressure the opposition in both attack and defence. Yes hey have teams of superstars but all of them have to run as neither manager tolerates lazy players because one lazy player disrupts the whole structure. That is what seperates Klopp and Pep from the likes of Emery, Wenger and Pelle. The latter are stuck in the dark ages of flair and pretty football and do not pay any attention to work rate. Again, that is why the top two generally are so far ahead.
      The foundation of success at that level of sport is hard work, pressure and intensity of relentless proportions.

  2. Nice letter from Noble , totally agree . COYI !!!!!

  3. Comments are well intended and appreciated.

    I do however wish there had also been an apology for the unwarranted attack on Ogbonna. That was evidence of dressing room issues, and personally I’d like to know we’ve moved on and dealt with it. Otherwise Moyes has no chance of galvanising the team and therefore the fans.

    Just show a little bit of class, like Sterling did when he screwed up. Maybe i have missed the apology elsewhere, as I only usually look on here for news, if so then i give my apology.

    Onwards and certainly upwards now !!

  4. Well said Mark! 100% right! The new year is looking much brighter now with a capable manager in charge!

  5. Notwithstanding that I agree with Mark Noble’s appeal for all Hammers fans to get behind the team & new manager.

    If Mark truly puts the club first, he must recognise he cannot perform the dynamic box to box CDM role who can start high tempo attacks with penetrative passing because he lacks the pace & modern tackling to track back opponents & the creativity, energy levels & discipline needed to satisfy that role.

    This role’s fulfillment via crucial recruitment must be no 1 priority in the next transfer window because it will be essential to avoid relegation & move us up the table.


  6. Great guy but his time is up, one of the first big tests for Moyes is to get him out of the team. This is a PR stunt of the highest nature. Stop this rubbish, we will see soon if Moyes is the right manager. Noble has been holding us back for the last few years and I just hope the manager has the intelligence and bravery to no longer treat Noble as a starter. Noble should not start tomorrow but I am afraid we have a manager now who is going to bring us to the edge of relegation or relegation itself. He is the perfect guy to bring on with 20 mins to go but not to start. I wish the club would stop these sort of publications, they must think we are fools.

    • @johnham1 we are already there in case you haven’t seen the league table. Moyes can do no worse so instead of slagging him off get behind him and create a positive energy so he has the best platform to succeed.

      As for the players not being match fit – they are not infants they shouldn’t need breast feeding. They should be taking ownership of their own fitness.

      That’s right Nobles, you do have pressure on your shoulders when things go wrong YOU are the captain and as such you are meant to act like one and lead by example. throwing your toys out is not how its done. Regardless of what Ogbonna said or did show some class and maturity or pass the captains band on to someone who does have leadership qualities.

      i for one am looking forward to the chapter COYI

  7. Great guy but his time is up, one of the first big tests for Moyes is to get him out of the team. He is the perfect guy to bring on with 20 mins to go but not to start. This publication is a PR stunt of the highest nature. I wish the club would stop these sort of publications, they must think we are fools. If we needed another reason why Moyes should never have been appointed is his relationship with Noble.

    • Johnham1 .. Sorry I don’t wish to offend you just as much as you did not want to offend Mark Noble but you are the type of fan of that I am so pleased I am not in earshot of you at games I can imagine the negativity coming from you . ..Yes Noble as aged but this half of the season still provided man of the match games and influenced games accordingly and like most footballers will have a bad game or two ..To single him out the way you have done is wrong we had an inept manager that you will see in the coming games effected all players they didn’t become that poor because at our club it was the way they were managed IF some of our recent signings were at our rivals they would be performing better then they are now Mark !! My words and watch the improved performances if you can with support not negativity.

      • You call it negative, I call it honesty. I am the most supportive fan when things are done right but when people at the club, like the board and the manager don’t do their job then I feel the need to be honest and express my concerns. If people were doing their jobs correctly for example a manager buying the right players, dropping players who are not performing, playing the right system that suits the team then there is no one more supportive. I actually wanted Pelle to be successful but unfortunately he did not do his job well. I will be convinced about Moyes if he does the right things for the team and club but based on past I just cannot see that happening. I hope I am wrong and I hope he proves to be the most successful manager in our history.

  8. Do you really believe that is from Noble???? it’s media hype who’ve been told what to write from Gold and Sullivan, nobes probably didn’t even know anything about it until he got a call from media team telling him.

  9. Johnham1 every body is entitled to there own opinion and freedom of speech and beliefs ..but I am struggling to.recall a constructive appraisal in your posts ..get a life fella!!

  10. Totally agree with Noble. The problem with our club is too many negative moaning know it alls like Johnham will never be happy with our anything. No owners, manager, or players will ever be good enough for them.

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