Nolan and the boys were truly magnificent

nolanMatch verdict

by Hugh Southon

We were great!

OK no result but did anyone of us really believe we’d get anything from Mourinho’s mob. That we played as we did was sensational and on any other night we’d have again been hailing Sakho as the hero.

Sadly, it wasn’t to be but let’s not allow the result to get in the way of a tremendous effort against the best team in the land.

The size of our performance was reflected best in the sight of Jose Mourinho – with five minutes of normal and plenty of injury time to go – checking his watch every 60 seconds or so.

He was as worried as I’ve ever seen him and in that is the tribute to every single Hammer on view.

This is no time to carp about failing to take anything from the game. This is a time to pay tribute to everybody involved – from the manager downwards – and Kevin Nolan in particular.

Mr Nolan was awesome – his effort, energy and will was immense and those who have knocked him from pillar to Β post owe him an apology, not that he will care about that.

From back to front, we were outstanding and it would be wrong to pick out individuals. I will give Carl Jenkinson a mention on the basis that he has become the ‘must have’ player of the summer – fabulous at his best, which he has been most of the season.

And James Collins too – a fifth minute sub for the now signed Winston Reid – also put in a top drawer performance.

But the night belonged to the Kevin Nolan-led team who were Chelsea’s equal all over the pitch and the man himself after the dog’s abuse he’s received for months.

It would be entirely wrong not to credit the manager who sent his men out on a no fear mission and can count himself very unfortunate as he and the lads board the plane for Dubai.

It’s another defeat in a long run of disappointing results and if it continues the post mortems will be re-opened very quickly.

But now is not that time – well done lads and enjoy the sunshine break.


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

44 comments on “Nolan and the boys were truly magnificent

  1. It was really a great performance. The result only resulted from an obvious offside goal, which we should expect when playing top teams, so I dont recognise it as a defeat myself.
    Sam had the courage to replace Song with Nolan and Nolan delivered his best performance for a long time, as recognised by the many real West Ham supporters in the crowd.
    There is a case for rotating Song and Nolan for the remaining games, to keep their performances up to this standard.
    Now we have Reid and with Jenks most likely to stay, the only real problem in the present squad is Song. If we don’t keep him he must be replaced, even before we add 5 more quality players to our squad. We are moving in the right direction.

  2. Excellant performance last night,the boys were superb.As for you expecting people to suddenly need to apolgize to Nolan.Have a word Hugh,he was truly shocking for many many matches this season.Apart from Man.Utd & this match.To now be saying people owe him an apoligy is a load of pants.This makes you sound like one of the reporters who change stories depending on how the wind blows.You know he has been awful most of the games he played in,now you write this like people are out of order knocking him.Next you will be telling us to apology to Sam because you think he is fantasic & want him to sign a new 5yr deal.:D

  3. Completely agree. Good to see credit where credit is due. We had the chances to put them to the sword so was frustrated to not see them taken but cannot fault the effort of any player. Although it’s been a rough ride since our last win there has to be something said for the fact that we’re gutted to not have taken three points from Man U, Spurs and Chelsea as we should have won. Each season we are edging closer to the level where we can actually give some of these more successful clubs a good hiding. I think that we stand a good chance to going on a bit of a run again soon. Nailing down Reid is a huge plus, he’s a vastly improved player from the one who joined and looks composed, strong in the air, a goal threat from set pieces and competent with both feet. I’d like to see some improvement in our passing (which over the last few games has been a bit slack to say the least) and for us to keep Jenkinson in the summer. Song, for me, has gone off the boil, and needs a rocket put up him. We’re not going to pay big money for someone who is not consistent, but I’d love to see us sign him too if he rediscovers his early form. Agree with BS, we did miss Carroll last night-there were some lovely balls coming in from Downing, especially.

  4. Outstanding performance by Nolan and I can only assume the recent non appearances from the bench have been to overcome an injury because you don’t get quicker by the manager giving stick,similarly Song has struggled since returning from Africa and missing games through as stated an illness hopefully a break will see him back to his best as form is temporary class is permanent.

  5. HUGH I will apologise to Mr Nolan when he plays like that every game,twice this year he has looked like a player the deserved his wages,don’t get carried away on one display,
    He has had 2 weeks rest sitting on the bench drawing his wages ( nice job if you can get it )
    We play well every time we play the better teams but don’t pick up the points we need to be consistent and put the smaller teams to the sword we still need 3 points.
    I agree with Tyson when will we start cheering BFS,he and Nolan know there lively hood
    Is at risk if they don’t pick thereselves up for me the jury is still out and I still want a new manager and captain I have a little ng memory ( good day for Conkers tribe )

  6. Well played the team. Nolan at his best as he was is an assett, as mentioned numerous times by lots of us, he definitely has a role at the club and is an inspirational skipper but too often he goes missing when playing in the diamond. Lets see if he can maintain that level for a prolonged period I would be happy to have my view changed because I think he is the best captain we have had for at least 25 years.

  7. Just read your article again HUGH and I don’t think Nolan has been wronged in the past months,I think he has deserved every bit of abuse he has received the games he played well I personally praised him but that has been only once,
    I also think you wrote this when you were on a high after a very good performance but as you said no points and HUGH points make prizes,we all want to play in Europe to attract better players and bring in the revenue,
    Let’s take a breath and see what happens in the next game and I bet you HUGH we won’t be singing anyone’s praise,Chelski were just suffering from fatigue were over adventurous and had crap champagne after picking up another trophy ( makes me sick).

  8. Ok, very good performance yesterday and Nolan played well. But I think he should apologize to us for his embarassing season except for two matches (yesterday and against Man utd).

    Anyway, yesterday the Italian tv commentator was Di Canio and he said:

    “Now I know why Song is out, with this play style the midfielders are often bypassed with long balls; Nolan was a good player, he’s good when he plays with Nolan, but now he has had its day and he’s slow. I would prefer Song every match”.

    and then

    “Actually, it’s quite evident Allardyce is back to his old play style; this is a respectable solution, but not for a team that wants to make a step forward. As soon as there were difficulties Allardyce restored his traditional game. Yes, Carroll scored a few goals, but it’s not enough”.

    Said this, Di Canio (as you know better than I do) is a big fan of West Ham, and like all true fans, he wants the best for his team through a change of mentality.

  9. The Nolan knockers should apoligize for bashing him from pillar to post is laughable.The guy didnt deserve his place in the team & when he played he was invisable.Its fine playing well against Utd & Chelsea but that has been it.As for being our best captain in 25yrs,what a joke!

  10. At this stage of his career Nolan is a bit part player at best. I fully lay the blame on BFS who has without doubt being the reason for our demise. His team selection and his style of football is just a joke. There are no apologies to BFS – if we are to move forward next season he must be sacked. I really have to laugh at the idea of having to apologies to Nolan – as for Jenks if we get him for 2m fine – if he is going to cost 5-6m forget it – simply not good enough at Arsenal and therefore should not be considered good enough here. He is a poor defender and his position at times is dreadful.

  11. So it seems people reckon it’s ok to single out one man and give him dog’s abuse and never offer an apology. Ok, glad you are ok with that. I agree he’s been awful but abuse of the level he;s received is never acceptable – we’ve all received it in our time and it’s shocking. Still we all have a different perspective

    • Had I been among those who believe it’s fine to mouth off with abusive and foul language at people I might agree. Yes he’s been awful most of the time and I’ve said so but the language directed at him ( and others at time from SUPPORTERS) is just as shocking as his performances.

  12. You aren’t getting it Bubs. It’s the foul mouthed abuse he deserves an apology for – not criticism of performance. There’s a difference. Nobody on earth should get that stuff

  13. Never heard the phrase dogs abuse HUGH that’s the problem,if you had said foul language then that is a different thing,personally I have not had to resort to this as I can find enough usable language to describe how bad his performances have been,I love my dog and never need to abuse him because every day he repays me with 100% performance never lets me down,and if Nolan had given the supporters this then I am sure they would not have abused him,
    But I am not that proud that you think I have abused him like a dog and it has upset you and other fans I APPLOGISE TO ALL OF YOU but I owe him no apology.

  14. Doesn’t upset me as a fan . It upsets me as a human being. As for dog’s abuse I loved mine but it means “the worst abuse you can lay your tongue to” which I don’t think applies to footballers who aren’t playing well. However….!

  15. As for ” good day for Conkers tribe, ” That just demonstrates what’s happened to this club under Allardyce/Nolan etc. To imply some fans will get more pleasure from this performance than others is just dreadful. It’s why they should go and for the record I’m a fan of neither. Allardyce is a man a thoroughly dislike, Nolan just an ageing player who should move on but sas never deserved the level of sickening abuse he has received. I would assume the reason he has is because he’s Allardyce’s first lieutenant

  16. It’s clear I don’t love Nolan; but personally I called him Nolaninho, BFS’s lover, but I have never used offensive words. When I write my meassages I like to be ironic also because we are talking about football and not about world hunger. I want to underline his concept. Instead my offense towards Allardyce are specially made to mark my deep personal disapproval of him as man and above all as manager.

  17. * sorry: this concept

  18. Irony doesn’t work that well in written word as i’ve found to my cost

  19. My offense too is towards the manager. Ih Nolandinho works however

  20. Lets get this in perspective for the pro-Allardyce fans though.Just because some of us dislike him as a manager & person doesnt mean we dont support the club as a whole & support the team to the max when at matches.No i dont rate Nolan,No i dont think Allardyce is the man to take us any further.He is a manager of limitations which he cant see himself with his self loving.I love my club with a passion,but my passion for West Ham United does not come into question because i dont rate a player or manager.I care for the club as a whole & these idiots who say you aint a true supporter just because you dont rate the manager of the moment are talking crap.Nolan will not be around after the summer i should think.That tells you all you need to know.He is well past his sell by date,its just a fact.

  21. HUGH it’s not just that he is BFS first lieutenant it’s because he took a hard working player
    Position in the team,it’s because he played out of position for BFS trying to fit into a system that was working and winning and entertaining us,
    The language got out of control I think because others tried to argue that BFS and Nolan were bigger than the club and the fans,when those people start using abusive comments against those who do not agree with them because they are not intelligent enough to come up with a proper argument then people retaliate in kind which yes we got dragged into the gutter with them and as they had used BFS and Nolan as there platform it was them that copped most of that abuse

  22. If Nolan wasnt Sams pet he wouldnt be playing in the prem anyway.Ok he had one good match lastnight but under a manager he had no association with he wouldnt get a look in for the starting line up at other clubs in the top flight

  23. Correct Matte. Perhaps i ask for too much. I just hate abuse at that level directed at anyone. I’ve had my share on Twitter and its sickening. Why do these conversations have to turn into pro and anti Allardyce. Nobody is more anti than me but for goodness sake can we debate outside the box occasionally everybody free of the hatred

  24. Frankly no one owes Nolan an apology at all.

    All last night does is show his performances over the season in an even worse light.

    It’s one thing to do your best and not have it in you anymore…but last night just shows that it’s more likely lack of effort and application which is more inexcusable.

    • Spot on stubbo,his two best performances have come against Utd & Chelsea.He has been woeful the rest of this season.One or two performances dont paper over the cracks & i aint going to start screaming from the roof tops how amazing he is coz he decieded to turn it on lastnight.What a joke.

  25. I have no hatred on here.No disrespect Hugh but this is only a football forum.I got better things to use my emotions on than this place,not that hate is one of them.I dont like Allardyce,that aint going to change,he is a two bob manager & geezer.As for Nolan i have never verbally slagged him,just dont think he is worth his place & one swallow doesnt make a summer or whatever the saying is,lol.Doesnt mean i hate the two though πŸ˜‰

  26. No problem with any of that Tyson. Well said mate

  27. I think that covers it we don’t like BFS or KN can we move on now HUGH,
    Let’s hold are noughts and see if KN can put 2 good games togeather and score thar 100th but only 2nd goal of the season,

  28. Haha,you make me laugh bubs.You say lets move on but then manage to put one final dig in at Nolan,hahaha πŸ˜€

  29. Relax Hugh,dont let the pressures of supporting The Irons get to you,lol πŸ˜‰

  30. It’s fine Tyson . I have set the bar a bit high here I know but I see other forums and they disgust me so I’m really trying to run an intelligent thing here buddy.

  31. To be fair,you are the one who stokes the fires of animosity sometimes Hugh.People are bound to get get steamed up about BFS when you write articles with headlines like ‘Sam is a busted flush’,lol.I know this is about Nolan but what do you expect people to say on here when you yourself rip into the manager.If he gets sacked or no renewal you will be the root cause of him losing his job πŸ˜€

  32. That’s not predictable HUGH its statistics and I will be over the moon if the 100th is the winner and gives us those 3 points we need.
    I love Nolan really it’s great when he scores here the Spanish think he is doing the birdy song and that starts another round of drinks,
    That’s supporting the irons HUGH be happy while you can because it doesn’t last long.

  33. But it’s not abuse buddy! As for the Irons I’ve been there since the 60s so I think I get it it. Stats are stats digs are digs bubs

  34. Haha,yeah but you say we must stop the anti/pro Sam wars but your sensationalist tabloid headline was bound to cause a rift in peoples views.You fuel the flames & then leave us to go over the top of the trenches first while you sit in the officers mess drinking a brandy,lol πŸ˜€ oh & i am ex-services before anyone tells me not to make remarks about trenches as its politically incorect πŸ™‚

  35. Harldy that sensationalist – the views are pretty entrenched anyway LOL

  36. I used to dig them Tyson but that was on the railway ( and no I was nicking the cable )
    Was there in the 60,s to Hugh who thought we would be communicating across Europe like this in them days,it was bad enough when George Best came out with the first pair of white boots that tied up at the sides now you have to buy 2 pairs and where one of each,
    Tyson you aren’t that old WW1, you don’t panic when the ref blows that whistle to kick off do you,

  37. Haha,bubs i feel that old but no just a whipper snapper in my late thirties.If i had been about in ww1 i would have bumped into Hugh.Seems by his name tag on here he was born in 1895.Just joking Mr.Southon πŸ˜€

  38. Not noticed that before Tyson is it those drugs again 1895,that would have made you 65+ HUGH in the 60,s God you remember when there was no offside.

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