Not my cup of tea…but I’m no Sam “HATER”

sam_allardyce_2093173cI’ve needed to write this piece for a long time and although like all of our fans I feel angry, let down and seriously frustrated tonight I’m gonna make sure things are clear on the Sam Allardyce front.

I’ve become heartily fed up with the word “hate” whether it’s applied to Sam or anybody else. If I’ve been called an “Allardyce hater” once, I’ve been called it a million times.

I’m not because the simple truth is I don’t hate anyone – there’s far too much of that stuff around – so let me make my position on the West Ham manager as clear as I possibly can once and for all.

I have always felt that he is a person who has to be judged as at two levels:

1/ Obviously, as a football club manager

2/ As a person, because he has a habit of turning up in virtually any media outlet that asks for an interview and often turns the conversation to himself and his own abilities.

The result of that is that he becomes his own worst enemy because it forces people into making judgments about him and the opinions he appears to hold about himself.

So let’s examine Sam the manager first of all. He has been quoted as saying that he wants to win things and that he is now a little fed up with being praised as a good coach without having any trophies in his cupboard.

His survival record is 100 per cent and his achievement in bringing us back from the Championship to establish us as and stabilising us as a middle-ish PL club is  fine. I thank him for it. But more, much more is now required.

I’ve never been a fan of his more direct style of play which I believe he instinctly favours and which ensured Andy Carroll came to the club.

I’m not a fan – in Carroll’s absence – of the weekly default decision of using Cole as a sub whilst ignoring Nene.

Amalfatino appears to have become a full time sub and given both him and the Brazilian are the more creative type of players the distinct impression remains that skill and invention is not a priority.

Thus – as one who watched the free flowing, if sometimes losing football of West Ham teams past – he’s never going to be my cup of tea.

Yes the game has changed and not necessarily for the better. Yes, we have to have a harder edge but beyond the odd run from Valencia, when played, there’s little of the skill and invention which saw me become an Iron in the first place.

Having said all of that, in bringing us out of the Championship – and not knowing how we could possibly replace Scotty Parker – he brought in Kevin Nolan  who did a great job. That should be remembered.

Since then he has brought us Adrian – so credit where it’s due.

Now to Sam the man and this won’t take so long. My view is that with London Evening Standard column, regular appearances on Sky Sports, BT Sport and a variety of newspaper interviews he’s always in danger of saying far too much.

We had the infamous ‘Allerdici’ quote, how he wouldn’t be out of place at Juventus and the like, interviews in The Newcastle Journal speaking of how he could have gone onto a great club had Freddie Shepherd not left, plus all the England references.

At the end of a desperate last season we were were more or less being told that our survival was something to be celebrated. Celebrate survival? Nah I don’t think so.

Ahead of Leicester City we were regaled with stories of how they had to be given respect because they were desperate when I really wanted to read: “They had better watch out – the Irons are coming to get ’em.”

We hear refereeing decisions being blamed, injury problems cited as the reason for a poor performance or ten but all of this goes with the territory in this game of ours.Err, it’s NORMAL!

It’s all too dour, too predictable and too boring Sam! Today when we had virtually everybody back and a goal was ruled out for STOKE yet we were caught and came out with a draw.

The explanation he gave was: “It’s bewildering.” Hmmm…well thanks for that.

Sam Allardyce? No I’ll never really appreciate his football and I find him difficult to warm to as a bloke. But HATE him …not in a million years.

I have never truly seen him as a good fit for West Ham but if – as most expect – he moves on in four or five weeks time I think it will be good for him and us.

Nothing is forever and  everything has to be freshened up. He’s done a decent job within limited ambitions.

Now – as we move into a new era – we need to start winning things and I believe given Sam’s track record we require  a new manager for both that reason and many others mentioned above.








About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

81 comments on “Not my cup of tea…but I’m no Sam “HATER”

  1. seems fair enough 😀

  2. Don’t worry I’ll hate him enough for the both of us,then it can be on my karma.

  3. I have always said I am not a BFS HATER ,but I am gradually turning into one,every week he builds on his reputation as a boring big,headed,ancient idiot,
    The 2 Daves need to gag him if they are not going to get rid,

  4. I have never hated a football manager either Hugh,really is a pointless exercise & they are an irrelevance to me in my general life.More important things to worry about or get on with,but i have to be honest,this guy pushes me to the edge more than any other manager we have had.I didnt like Grant as a manager,nor Roeder.But neither of them promoted themselves as something they werent.I admit that managers need not be popular & maybe it is good to have a bit of an ego,but this fool constantly builds himself up in the media as a managerial god to all exent & purposes but then does nothing to validate his claims.Ofc Sam fans will say he is meeting his requirements,but they were hardly earthshattering requirements.To finish in the top ten,entertaining football & a good cup run.The way its going he is going to fail on all 3 fronts.The guys is a trophieless fraud in some respects,all bs & bluster with no foundation to his claims.Now i will do a Bubs-BFS OUT YESTERDAY 😀

  5. I don’t want to waste my time with useless words for this useless man. I have run out of patience: F*ck you BFS.

    • Haha,i should have wrote the same as you Matte,but the pin is out of the Tyson handgrenade tonight,i needed to release some anger 😀

  6. i just noticed the last game of the season is Newcastle if they beat us they get to sack sam again! 😀

  7. Hugh doesnt like swearing so all i can say is im totally ****** off with this fool of a ******* manager who i cant wait to see walking out of the ******* door so some other poor supporters can put up with his ******* uselss excuses & ******* useless tactics.The guy is a total ******* loser!!!! 😀

  8. Are we still top of the fair play league with all the bookings and fouls by our over achievers
    Is BFS suffering from fatigue ?
    No the drugs don’t work,

  9. What a terrible performance today, but given the past few years not totally unexpected. Being a West Ham supporter nowadays is painful. I paid 3 x £75 deposit on season tickets today for the ‘privilege’ of being at the Boleyn for one more year with my son & grandson. If those in charge of the club give the Dudley Dinosaur a new contract can I get my money back? The football played at the Boleyn since that obnoxious **** has managed our great club has been totally inept. He does not possess the ability to coach movement within a team. Too often today players were left with no option other than to hoof it forward. ABSOLUTELY OUT OF THIS WORLD.

  10. Im starting to believe other forums have WHUFC employees on them.How can you still have people on them declaring that Sam has done a fantastic job this season,more than exceded his duties.Am i on a different bloody planet to them?lol

  11. Went to the game today and once again came away totally angry and frustrated. For the first 15 minutes we played som decent stuff, went 1-0 up and then reverted to sending long balls to their central defenders to start another Stoke attack. Adrian was the biggest culprit but who instructs him to do it ?”…….The manager. Where were our fullbacks to receive the ball short and build with a passing game ? In the opponents half ! Where were the central midfielders ? In the opponents half ! Who instructed them to do this ?…..the manager. After the first 15 minutes, we could not string more than two passes together, Stoke had 60% plus possession and two of our more creative players are left on the bench. Who made that decision …..the manager. Song ,not at his best,but still able to break up play, is subbed for K. Nolan . Who was the only person in the stadium who could have made that decision ? The manager. Can’t control, instead on Nene, is brought on for the injured Sahko so we can continue playing attacking football. I think he won one header and he sent that wide. Who decided he was the man ?. ……… The manager. In the end, Stoke equalised and two more points were dropped. Who’s fault is it ?”…….the manager. Do I hate the manager ?…no I do not. Do I think he should be given the tin tac ? Yes I do. Who is to blame for him still being here ?….the owners. They. make him one of the highest paid managers in the premier league and refuse to sack him to save compensation. Remember David’s, every place we drop down the league is costing the club a million pounds. Roll on game 38 and hopefully a new manager for game 1.

    • Spot on Hammer,i am totally frustrated with this season,cant wait for it to finish,which in december i never thought i would be saying.I didnt expect us to stay in the top 4 or 5 but this is just taking the mickey now.Or rather someone is taking the mickey.

    • Absolutely bang on Hammers1
      in over 50 years of supporting the Irons I have never wanted a season to end, this year I am so disappointed and frustrated that I am ashamed to admit that the sooner its over the better.
      I am sick and tired of feeling so despondent every weekend, I can’t remember the last time I watched Match of the Day with enthusiasm.
      No Hugh, I do not hate Mr Allardyce, but He alone is ruining our great club. 34,500 loyal fans turned up again yesterday for a mid table, end of season, run of the mill league game. These fans deserve better, much better.
      If your reading this Mr Sullivan please take note, and for Heavens sake abandon the idea of Europe next season, the only good that came out of yesterdays game was our 3 bookings which I hope drops us down the Micky Mouse Fair Play league.

  12. i was there today and enough is enough

  13. When the hell do you stop saying Sam has done a great job,even as a blind tunnel visioned sam loyalist as some are,you must be able to see enough is enough.Two wins in Fifteen would have any manager looking over their shoulder.Why the hell should it be different for him just because some total fools think this is the guy to give us stabiity next season.Stability? This is the kind of stability i can well do without!!!

  14. Some weeks ago I wrote if the owners will renew his contract they will have to assume their responsibilities; it will mean there’s not a true project. There is no reason why BFS should stay now that his contract expires.


  15. Nothing to do with hating the man,simply he aint delivering.Time for him to go.I feel safe on here saying that.If i go to the Sam Lovers site its like trying to tame tigers by waving a piece of string at them,lol

  16. Ahahah… Please read the comments of Rolfo (lol) on that site and look at his photo… He’s one of the best sam lovers, he says “we have to remain united, we have to believe in Sam, don’t worry, things will change…” He’s the yoga man… Aahah…

    • Matte,i am on there,having a great discussion with this man.He is a wise man & fountain of knowledge 😉

      • Ahahahah… You’re really brave… Ahahah yoga man is one of my favourite… Ahaha Maybe he’ll win “Sam lover of the year” award… Lol

        • Haha,that rolfe dude just said that the fact that we are in the top half of the table is a credit to the manager.What a mug 😉

        • Dont worry today Matte,everything is being sorted out by the experts in the old peoples home at the moment.They are sorting out this mess.In them i trust.Our worries are over 😉

    • Some of the guys on there need to get a life,they are like walking stats machines,lol,they seriously need to get out more 😉

  17. on twitter apparently Aston villa is a bigger club than west ham united says Stan collymore and that cresswell would prefer to play for them than us,wife beaters really do talk utter tripe sometimes.

  18. I agree with the comments made, I am no hater of BFF, agreed he managed to get us back into the Premiership but his football tactics have never changed.
    over the closed season, I took my two young sons to New Zealand, a pre-season tour. Against NZ and Australian reams I was embarrassed, completely outplayed so has lots of concerns for the new season.
    imagine my excitement when watching the ‘new irons’ passing other teams off the park and seeing a great footballing team, playing a diamond formation with players always in support and moving forward, passing to the wings and different players scoring goals, sitting 4th in the premiership. All this without our overweight Captain and not really a long ball insight. Christmas comes and Captain long ball returns, granted some injuries, but so have others, and the slide down the table begins. I traveled to watch the Irons play Sunderland, all the way from Australia, and although a win, it was an average side against a poor side and at times I could not tell you who was who!
    So upon my return to Aus, I stayed up and watched the game against Stoke City. Inside 7 minutes a great free kick, 1-0 up. Then I’m not sure what the tactics were!! Some could say blame the players, but they are playing to the system and style promoted by BFF. I’m not sure if there was a system or style. The match was awful, the decisions to take fast positive thinking players off to be replaced by ‘holding’ players, who never touched the ball in the holding position because the ball was never kicked to them beggars belief. Then on came Captain long ball, as per the script, it wasn’t long before he got booked, ran around chasing shadows eventually lost the ball and yes as you’ve already seen, ball out for a corner and 1-1. We were lucky not to have conceded at least 2 more.
    Yes Europe becons, but with a manager that has no idea of skilful football, the Europe dream will fade and die very early in the campaign.
    Not one to see people unemployed, but the West Ham Board have to look for a manager who wants to develop players to express themselves, know that thumping the ball high down the middle of the park, is not entertaining nor enjoyable. Unfortunately if BFS is in charge next season, the better teams in the Premiership will come in and cherry-pick our talented players and we will see them in the colours of Chelsea, ARSEnal, MOAN Utd/City. Why would they want to stay? Rant over.

    • I dont want us in europe with sam in charge. Do we really want to be embarressed by a pub team from bosnia?
      OT. I hate having to try & use a bloody 7″ toach screen tablet to write anything….
      any donations for a new lap top would be appreciated

  19. All been said before Go and Go now

  20. Well said – BFS is dislike able on so many levels, he is stubborn, inflexible and hundreds of other negative words.

    His decision making, tactical knowledge, substitute policy etc etc are all suspect.

    All-in-all him and West Ham and the West Ham punters are poles apart.

  21. I just find it difficult to find any positives about this guy on any level.He has now overseen almost two full seasons of garbage apart from three months of great stuff that was almost forced upon him through the unavailability of his pets.Any other manager who had produced this crap over two seasons would be out the door.How the hell people are still calling for him to be given a new contract is beyond me.I think they have argued his case for so long they have developed a Sam stubborn streak themselves.They certainly aint thinking about the good of the club calling for him to stay.BFS OUT & TAKE YOUR DISCIPLES WITH YOU PLS!!!!

    • Oh dear mate,i know what you mean.I find it quite incomprehensible that people are still saying give the guy a new contract.If they didnt actually mean it you would think they were on a wind-up.You are correct,two seasons,of which 3/4 of it has been awful & still you read that we need his stability for the move to the OS.I can think of few other fans in this land who would be calling for a new contract for the boss who has delivered the crap he has for the best part of two seasons.I really am starting to wonder if some of our fans actually understand what footbal is or whether this is no longer about foootball & they just dont want to admit their god has let them down.Keeping Allardyce for another two years will do as much damage to this club as any new foreigner,untested,young,non-english speaking,no prem league experience,or whatever other excuses they make for not appointing someone else could do.I am just so disillusioned at the moment & much of it is to do with the people i am ment to support the same club as.I just dont see they actually have the club at heart if they think another two years of this is seen as productive to West Ham in any way shape or form.But what do i know,i will just get lambasted for being a Sam Hater,but to be honest im past caring 😉

  22. I had to go off line yesterday, i was so ####### off that i would have gone for page after page of abuse. Of course BFS is blaming the players again, this time ‘we paniced’. The only reason he has a 100% of not getting relegated is because everyone else sacked him before he did & left each club full of his ‘stars’ who promtely went down the following season. Never winning anything ever is not a successful manager!! How many years do we need this great man to turn us into a premier league established club. Like Hugh has said, he has done what he has been asked off. JUST!! Well apart from the play more attractive football part.
    Is this all we deserve? Mid-table survival each year!!

  23. I think the point is Hugh, not that you do or don’t hate a man, but that you’ve turned the best informed WHU website into a sustained campaign to have him removed. Constantly publishing articles linking us with other managers and Allardyce with every vacant job. Encouraging comment threads like this one until the pro voices are silenced and you get your way.
    He’s not really my cup of tea either, never has been. But whether you like it or not it has been year on year improvement (this year we have at no point been in danger of the drop, which was the next step). The football has been dire since xmas though, and the amount of games we’ve conceded late goals after bringing on 3 subs is ridiculous.

    I just hope, when he’s gone, or even in the unlikely event he doesn’t. You knock all this on the head next year and stick to the facts.

  24. ahahah dear Munky, do you come from samallardycetillidie.com? Hugh didn’t talk anybody into anything, it’s enough to have a brain and two eyes. Do you think we are blind or lobotomized like Sam lovers?

  25. Mattefumi, pretty much mate yeah. You obviously haven’t understood what I said have you?

  26. Oh dear,lets all have a row about Sam again.What a surprise.Sam ‘divide & conquer’ Allardyce strikes again 😉

  27. ops sorry Munky… now i read better your comment… sorry, but I see sam lovers everywhere 😉 I apologise to you.

  28. I know one thing for sure,no one can make or change my mind about Allardyce.Even if the Queen or Pope asked me to reconsider & start liking him it aint happening 😉

  29. Anyway, your comment sounds a little ambiguous… I don’t understand which is your opinion about Allardyce job. When you say “Constantly publishing articles linking us with other managers and Allardyce with every vacant job. Encouraging comment threads like this one until the pro voices are silenced and you get your way”. What do you mean?

    • I mean that’s pretty much been C&H over the last year.

      • Well doesnt the name of the site give it away a bit.The fact that Hughs name is in it maybe points to the fact that it might by chance have his views published in it as well as factual articles.This isnt a government run site or whufc plc site where the party line is towed just to not upset sams supporters 😉

        • “This isnt a…. whufc plc site where the party line is towed”

          That’s the last thing I want. Less cosying up to Sullivan would be most welcome

          I’m just voicing my opinion, what I’d like to see less of, and letting Hugh know that some of us don’t like the propaganda. What he takes on board is up to him. It’s not a democracy, but it should gauge (all of our) opinions.

          • Yes your voices and your opinion and that’s right. What I mean is that I’m not constrained by Hugh’s articles; what I write it’s what I always think with my mind and I see with my eyes. Hugh wants his professional honesty has not been questioned by anybody, but everyone has the opportunity to express their opinion. Don’t you think so?

  30. I,m not against the bloke, but his comments SEEM to say, unquote,! Opposition is better than we think.DEFETEST ATTITUDE!

  31. Munky what is Hugh supposed to talk about,he can only report on items that become knowledge to the public,if BFS keeps opening his mouth and make stupid comments then every one will report it,
    Every manager at every club receives the same win or loose,
    He made the decisions to make the subs yesterday,he tells the team how to play,
    He then tells the press rubbish afterwards,
    You then want Hugh to lie and make up a article?
    THE FANS ARE 100% behind mind blowing football,
    Or tell the truth you need to tell us what you really want and I think that is all true fans with a brain removed from this site and don’t tell us you are not a BFS STAY FOREVER VOTER.

    • Do me a favour bubs. Talk to me about what I said, not what you imagined I said.

      And what I’ve said about Allardyce is what I think. Believe me, or don’t believe me.


      • if u are a fat sam fan then it shows how blind most whu fans have become under fat sam reign

          • how can any sane normal person say that sam has done a good enough job this season to earn a new contract here’s a lists of what he has done this season.

            1: got us to 4th not by his own tactics and choice : meaning injuries to Carroll & Nolan forced him to change his formation and style of play,which showed when both came back from injury.

            2: 4-0 loss to wba in the fa cup : meaning he didn’t even try to give the cup run a chance

            3: sending zarate out on loan because “unfit” and “throws dummy out when not played” meaning Kevin Nolan is not match fit and can not be a better option compared to zarate.

            4: playing against a relegation threaten team Sam thinks 4-5-1 is the answer play sakho upfront on his own….

            5: wont play 4-1-2-1-2 with proper diamond which is followed

            RWB Jenks CB Ginge/Tomkins CB Reid LWB Cresswell
            Noble CDM
            Kouyate/amalfitano CM CM Song
            Downing/Nolan/Zarate AM
            Sakho ST ST Valenica/Carroll

  32. Can’t reply to Sarith’s last comment.

    And if I’m not an Allardyce fan? Does that prove something different?

  33. MUNKY you came on here to attack the people using this site and Hugh because you want some sort of article bout how great the Fat one is,
    Because it’s not Hugh who changes every article to be about BFS it’s us the Majority who want BFS out of our club the same as on other site they don’t,
    If all you want is articles about dross or sucking up to people your on the wrong site,
    Stop wasting our time and yours,if you got something of interest to say say it because you re boring us just like the fat one,
    BFS OUT ( sorry monkey )

  34. If the chairmen,wjo i respect alot,hadnt been too faithful to the genius last summer we wouldnt even be having this discussion.TBH i thought they were rather weak keeping him then.Not many managers would have kept their jobs after last years debacle.All he has done now is confirm what a one dimensional manager he really is.You could give him 50m of transfers in the summer & he still wouldnt change our fortunes.He just isnt capable of going above or beyond his keep teams up threshold,he doesnt know how to.Exactly why no big club will ever want him.They know his limitations.

  35. ahahahh… bubs… there’s one thing I don’t understand: sometimes Sam lovers come here, they express their deep opinion about their guru and then they desappear. They say we push them away, but I think they’ve got a timer inside, they self-destruct themselves… Sincerely I still not have understood Munky’s opinion, if he is a Sam lover or not, if he appreciates Hugh’s articles or not, which is his opinion about BFS and if he should stay or not… He writes “Can’t reply to Sarith’s last comment” (top secret), I asked him a question (no answer)… Ehi Munky, please try to communicate with us, we are not clairvoyants. Thanks.

  36. They probably come from the Allardyce Home for the Bewildered site.I dont like to run other people down from other sites but a few of those have no problem running this place down.Most of the opinionated ones are complete bellends anyway.Dont know their a*se from their elbow.Anyone disagrees they call for the person to be blocked,lol,very democratic 😉

    • Ahahaha… Yes I noticed samallardycetillidie.com is a very democratic site.. Ehi guy, don’t you believe Allardyce is our messiah? No problem, we respect your opinion, but your are out… Lol

      • Oh dear Matte,there are a couple of real idiots on there.I dont even bother to get involved in discussions with them.If you said something was black they would say it was white,lol,but screw them,they want to start saying things about people on here then they deserve to be treated like idiots.All the time i have been coming here i had never seen anyone slag that site,but they regularly slag this place & have done for a long long time so i feel no discomfort with calling them idiots.Most are good lads but a few are total d*ckheads 😉

      • Prime example Matte,i was on there about 15mins ago,a guy wrote a thread saying that they all seem clueless & only want to bait people.What a surprise,the thread has been deleted.Democracy at its best again,hahaha,fools 😉

  37. Ahahaahahaha… Yes, freedom of speech is their creed… I know they hate this site and it makes me kind of proud: they are my nemesis 😉

  38. Allardyce has done a reasonable job upto Christmas this year, promotion, staying in the premier league and upto 4th before slipping down to where we are today. He has played a style of football that most West Ham fans do not want to watch with, upto this season, very ordinary players and one expensive crock. New players have arrived, maybe BFS’s signings or the owners and done pretty well upto Christmas with a more entertaining style in most of those games.The manager blames injuries, fatigue, bad refereeing decisions and bad luck for our drop down the league since then. Never once does he accept that his style of play did not work ( or was worked out by the other team) or that trying to defend a winning position by taking off attacking players for defensive ones or by switching from was a successful formation before Christmas to one that accommodates Nolan, no matter how ineffectual he is, was any of his fault.
    Saturday’s game had our strongest eleven starting yet they played for 15 minutes and then went in Sam mode for the rest of the time. Allardyce is not capable of taking us further as he is limited in his flexibility, playing style and in his love for his old pro bubbly Nolan. Nuff said other than I want a new manager at our club with premier league experience, new ideas, a more pleasing style of play and a hunger to dine at the top table even if we fall short.

    • he did a reasonable job up to Christmas mainly because Carroll & Nolan were injured at the start of the season not because he chose to play the way we did by choice wake up m8 seriously

  39. Just read back every thing Munky wrote,it’s typical that a person hides behind one liners all the time,every question asked of him he avoided and yet he expects this site to bend to his will,
    This is now fast becoming the BFS WAY and his followers because none of them have a answer,even if BFS wanted to change his methods he could not because he would have to take that to the training ground and explain it to the players and I do not think he could,
    If he wants to survive in the top 8 of the premier he needs to improve his knowledge and methods,
    Times have moved on and BFS has stood still and unless this club wants to stand still it needs a breath of fresh air,

  40. Did you know that Di Matteo has a win ratio of 51% but Sams is only 31%.Very interesting what you learn on other sites.Can we please vote for an official Stats Man for this site.We are lacking one,lol 😀

  41. ahahaha … great idea Tyson, I would like to know the percentage of times Sam chews his gum during a match… lol

    • Matte i think you are the man for the job.As newly installed stats guru i wondered if you could find out for us how many major trophys Sam has won & give us a percentage on his trophy win rate.I know this could be time consuming but if you have 7 or 8 hrs spare time could you investigate this for me pls 😀

      • Thanks Tyson, I thank you for having graced me with this prestigious job; well, after an intensive research thanks to sophisticated computers, I and my group of scientists had an astonishing result: no trophies for Sam…. That’s impossible, now we are waiting for an answer from N.A.S.A., I hope they can help us. Sorry, this delicate solution takes time.

        • Thanks Matte for your devotion & hard work in finding out for me.I appreciate this is something that will take time to research 😀

          • Ok Tyson, I’ve just received the result from N.A.S.A.; they worked all night, but they obtained our same result: no trophies for Sam… I don’t know what to do anymore… we have to accept this fact: Sam is a total loser. lol

  42. Sarith
    Please explain your comment. ‘ wake up M8 seriously ‘

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