Ogbonna factor hits Mirallas talks

MirallesWest Ham are pressing ahead with a new £7.5 million bid for Everton’s Kevin Mirallasalthough The Toffees are unlikely to budge from their £10 million valuation.

The Irons are particularly keen on the 27 year old because he can play wide and through the middle which could help them solve their central striker problem whilst waiting on developments over Javier Hernandez.

Mirallas scored 34 goal in 52 games through the middle for Olympiakos between 2010-12 and has since managed 21 from 88 playing wide at Everton.

The Toffees though refuse to make it easy for the Hammers as they are still smarting from us grabbing Angelo Ogbonna despite them making a better offer.

A source told ClaretandHugh: “The Irons want Kevin and have upped their offer. They will keep trying but Everton still have that Ogbonna disappointment in their minds and these won’t be easy negotiations


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26 comments on “Ogbonna factor hits Mirallas talks

  1. Love it.
    Martinez got stuffed by us with Ogbonna, and he’s ****ed off. Good.
    I remeber how he gazumped us with Kukaku, and that other striker who ended up with a knee injurie ( ha ha ), and Ivan Ramis that CB he stole from us who joined Wigan from Majorca. ( just before they got relegated ha ha ) …
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  2. If he signs sweet if not f*ck him…
    One thing that does puzzle me is how Everton keep putting the price up, he was valued at £8m now they want £10m?! wasting our time here when we could be buying a striker which is what we actually f*cking need.
    Sleeps lukaku rejected us Again and again I don’t think we can blame the blue bin dippers for that one mate.

  3. I’m with you Irons tbh I’m not so fussed on this deal and if they want to top up their giro fund then we should tell them as they like to say to do one

  4. I know we’ve always been roughly on a par with Everton, but it’s really encouraging seeing us raiding our competition for their better players. Fine, we might not be able to break the bank for Barkley or Stones, but Mirallas always seems to cause us problems so I’d love to see him arrive. Payet, Mirallas, (a fit and firing) Zarate, Lanzini and Samuelson coming through is pretty exciting stuff. Couple that with Jenks and Cresswell backing them up and Obiang, Kouyate and (eventually) Song with Sakho, Valencia and Lee off the bench with another striker to come… Wow, just writing this gets me excited for what promises to be a cracking season. Jarvis, Nolan, Downing who?

    • I love your spirit Mr Lurve,I share your hopes. This is going to be a really exciting season.

    • Roughly on par? You need to stay of the crack soft lad. Everton nearly always finish above the Hammers,and they normally take at least 4 points of them. They’ve been in the top flight longer than any other team and have a far superior trophy count to West Ham. You only got into Europe by the back door,so how on earth are West Ham on par? If Mirallas is sold it’s because Everton don’t want him,not because West Ham have bullied them into the sale. He wasn’t first choice last season and that ****ed him off. You’d only get away with posting this BS on a West Ham forum,because if this had been on a premiership forum you’d get the **** taken out of you. You only just beat Birkirkara for ****s sake. I bet any of you slimy cockney ****s Everton finish above yet again next season. West Spam are and will always be dwarfed by the mighty Everton.

      • Thanks for visiting Paxo,always good to get constructive,knowledgable comments from other teams fans.Really appreciate your thought provoking insight into the comparissions between the two teams.Wonderful read if the filter hadnt covered a lot of it.Pls come back again,most enjoyable comment Bin Dipper!!

        • Lol,makes you wonder about the mental state of people who want to go on other teams forums just to have a pop.Probably sat in his padded cell with a straight jacket on tapping away at the keys with his ****ing blue nose 😉

          • Slimy cockney ****s,haha,i take that as a compliment coming from a bin dipping,giro grabbing scouse ****!!!

          • Probably the most intelligent fans in the universe!! 😉

          • Ahh go easy on him I thought the unwritten rule was everyone has to feel sorry for a scouser they’re always right but yet always the victim. Can’t be easy during these times of austerity and benefit cuts,the poor soft lad is probably a couple of days away from his dole money and he’s got Wonga on his back.

      • One of my best mates is an Evertonian,good guy.So atleast i know they aint all total tossers like you Paco!!!

      • Jog on Paxo,we really dont give a sh*t what you think giro boy!!

        • Im sure all Evertonians would be very proud to have Paxo as their ambassador of the forums.Very proud indeed.What a moron!!

        • Makes a change for someone to go to the scouser slums & steal something off them. ‘Walk on, walk on, to the dole as you’ll never get a job, you’ll never get a job’ tw#t even our keeper beat you!!!!

  5. Not sure we need him,if he comes great if not let Everton have a disgruntled player to cope with,
    Until Jarvis moves on we are covered,Payet,alfitano and Valencia can play wide but with Jenks and Aron both keen on attacking wide it’s not a problem,
    I am happy if we don’t sign anyone else but if they keep coming great
    Would be pleased with a real right back as cover or competition for Jenks

  6. I agree bubs, who is covering jenks? Obrien? No thanks! If jenks gets injured we need better cover!

  7. As a neutral I can see alot of delusion here. West ham and everton on par???? Everton have had 1 season outside the top 10 in the last 10 years I think West ham maybe have had 1 season in the top 10 in that time. I think people look at this like West ham are taking one of everton better players just because they can but Mirallas lost playing time when lennon signed and he’s probably going to sign permanently if lennon deal goes through then everton might consider selling until then I think they’ll keep hold. But a team who got through to the Europa by default there’s a fair bit of cockyness here. Tho payer is a good signing he played well in the French league Newcastle tried this and realised and there’s a big big difference between the prem and ligue 1. But back to the topic everton have a 1 year extension in there favour on Mirallas so they need not be in any rush to sell a 12 goal winger for 7.5 mil if a top 4 clubs winger scored that many goals you’d be looking 20 mil plus. But good luck for next season and the form sapping Europa league from the boys at the London club that matters afc

  8. Agree we are on a par with everton now but lets see where we are in a year or so. Everton are stagnant & will stay that way.

    • Lol,Everton are stagnant? We finished 5th the season before last,you lot needed penalties to beat a pïss poor Maltese side who I’ve never heard of. The best thing for West Ham will be to exit the Europa,you’ll get relegated if you stay in it to long (can’t see you getting past the Romanians to be honest).

      • Haha,you must have developed a love for this place,you cant stay away from the Slimy Cockney ****s.Whats wrong,have you been banned from all your Blue Nose sites for being a total bellend.

  9. Lol,hmmm,is it common practice for neutrals to make accounts for other clubs forums.Fair play to you for doing so if you are actually neutral,but as Irons supporters we never have & never will be delusional.We always know we could be just one step from disaster.Dont think you know us very well if you believe that we are generally believers in our own importance or a belief we are greater than we are.We have been kicked in the bollox far too many times to get ahead of ourselves.But thanks for your ‘neutral’ input.Just understand we had four years of hippo we need to get out of our systems,ofc we are upbeat for a change.Still cant see any way you are a neutral though Toffee!!.But thanks for coming here without calling us Slimy Cockney ****s,lol

  10. Who really cares what a big mouth idiot like Paxo thinks.It is fools like him that give fans of other clubs a bad name.As for us being delusional.Behave yourself,lol,some fans might he getting a little too over excitable at the moment but there are fans like that at every club,i prefer to think of them as people who dream big rather than delusional 😀

  11. I would go as far in saying that the majority of our fan base aren’t cockney.
    isn’t it that you have to be born within ear shot of the Bow Bells?

  12. Well yeah but you cant expect the brain drain that is Paxo to understand anything more than how to take a wheel off a car in under 30secs 😉

  13. Slim Jim I didn’t say West ham supporters were delusional I said this topic is delusional there’s people on here claiming that West ham have always been on par with everton that my friend is delusional everton were terrible last season and we won’t know if they were down to Europa league or not but up until last season they were always a top 6/7 team. They were knocked out of Europe and had about 7 games unbeaten 5/6 being wins we just scraped a draw against them. Things are looking up for West ham but a new manager and signings with no prem experience I see alot of people being over confident and don’t think the squad is big enough for Europa league aswell.

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