Ogbonna – Here’s what we are getting!


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17 comments on “Ogbonna – Here’s what we are getting!

  1. should certainly give good competition to our current defenders. Just what we need.

  2. Looks good, seems to be playing left back there though.

    • yes he is fast so can play left back as well….. which means we now have 35 of them lol

  3. Since when have we started paying 8-10m just to give competition to the other defenders.Slav wanted this guy & he will want to incorporate him into the starting line-up.We aint just paid this type of money out for a bench warmer!

    • it seems everyone on this site can’t understand the squad system.
      We do not sign players to warm the bench.
      We do not sign players just to sit further down in the squad.
      When we need an extra CB, which we have for several years ( the chairman agrees with me on this ), we get the best we can find in the hope of improving the position.
      We don’t buy a new one just to sell one of our other ones.
      We don’t strengthen just to then weaken.
      We now have 4 good centre backs who will cover the position and compete for a place.
      Thats what makes a squad work well.

  4. Yes,we all wish we were visionaries & experts on football like you Sleepin.We can only dream of being as knowlegable as you.Just because people have other opinions to you doesnt make them right or wrong without you trying to come across like some football guru & telling everyone else they know nothing!

  5. Was that his opinion was it?
    I thought he was just making an argument for the sake of it. My apologies.
    And thanks for your opinion of my football knowledge, but its really common knowledge.

  6. Wow,you really are back on here at your cantankerous best Sleepin,lol.I did have an opinion on this matter but really just cant be bothered to have you telling me i am wrong or know nothing about football 😀

    • LOL On the contrary boys I’m the one who gets slaughtered on here everytime I post; I get all sorts of crap for stating a few facts. It’s really just because I don’t tag along with the general views here.
      So I don’t mind giving as good as I get.

      • You dont get crap on here,its just chat,banter whatever you wish to call it,lol.But sometimes other opinions can be right as well as yours can be wrong.No need to be so dismissive of others views 😀

        • boys I think you do know really that as soon as someone gives a different view on here they get a lot of abuse. I do know the difference between wind-up and outright abuse.

  7. and I don’t mind getting the crap either.

  8. Haha,i think we need to rename the site after the last couple of days to Claret & Dafishes.Its a fish fest.You have come up from the depths to return with a vengeance.Good to know none of understand football,cheers for that pearl of wisdom Fishy,really appreciate that,lol 😀

  9. LOL I didn’t say that but your always welcome Tys.

  10. You guys… lol 😉

    What I don’t get is this video. Apart from a few nice first touches it shows nothing of the player.

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