Payet and Sakho banned for Malta

PayetDimitri Payet and Diafra Sakho remain banned for the second leg of the Europa League qualifier in Malta this Thursday evening and have not traveled with the team.

Diafra Sakho is serving the second match of a three match ban after his sending off in the first round.Β He was given a red card Β 14 minutes into the match for an off the ball incident against FC Lusitans in the second leg away in Andorra.

Dimitri Payet is serving his second match of a two match ban he received at Marseille after being sent off against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League in December 2013 after diving in the box for his second yellow.

UEFA regulations mean suspensions carry over with the player to his next UEFA competitive match.

Both are expected to be included in the squad which face Charlton in a pre-match friendly on Saturday.


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27 comments on “Payet and Sakho banned for Malta

  1. Does that mean they’ll both be at Charlton? I know it was only a preseason game last night but we took a decent following up there last night just to watch our kids under preform. Was hopeful that with Sakho and Payet both banned from Europa at the moment, I would have seen them play.

  2. Payet is not banned.
    He was sent off for a foul then simulatiion in Dec 2013.
    That was his and Marseille’s last involvement in Europe.
    However suspensions do NOT carry over from one season to the next.

  3. Brooking they must do because he’s not allowed to play mate.

  4. Can only guess they don’t wipe the previous years suspensions till the tournaments start proper (as in group stages). Either way can be sure that the club have looked into it and been advised accordingly.

  5. UEFA regulations say yellow and red cards do not carry over from one season to next but suspensions do within that league or organisation.

    Therefore his sending off in December 2013 would be carried over by UEFA

    I guess it was this incident https://youtu.be/K28prV38alg

  6. Got it confirmed by the club that it relates to an incident two years ago in the champions league in

  7. http://www.ehow.co.uk/list_7232736_champions-league-qualification-rules.html#page=1

    This is where I found it guys.

    I know it says CL but it’s still UEFA European Comps.

    I tweeted David Gold,WHUFC and Julian Dicks
    Asking if this was right ot wrong.

    All tweets have been deleted.

    Make of that whay you will

    • The club secretary Andrew Pincher confirmed it with UEFA directly. Hopefully more reliable than Ehow.co.uk πŸ˜‰

    • From Uefa’s document…vis-a-vis…he’s banned.

      Article 61 – Ordinary enforcement of suspensions 1 2 3 Unless the competent disciplinary body decides otherwise and subject to the provisions below, match suspensions and suspensions from carrying out a function must be served during the next match(es) in the competition in which the offence in question was committed. Any match suspension or suspension from carrying out a function that has not been completed when the relevant UEFA competition ends, is carried forward in accordance with the terms of the relevant competition regulations. In the absence of such terms, the suspension is automatically carried forward to the next official competition of the same category for which the player or official in question would otherwise be eligible.

  8. I see what you’re saying BtoD but I’m sure for whatever reason he’s suspended the club must have checked. Don’t worry he won’t be needed tomorrow anyway and there’s no conspiracy theory to concern yourself with.

  9. I thought the penalty was reduced to one game but I will believe Sean…for now.

    • I hope you’re not a firefighter Nav lol

    • The two game ban reduced to one game on appeal was related to an incident in March when he swore at a ref’s closed door live on TV. He served that in April when at Marseille.

      This two game ban relates to a second yellow sending for diving on 11th December 2013 against Borussia Dortmund. I believe that was Payet’s last game in an UEFA competition so this is the first opportunity to serve this ban

  10. From UEFA regulations

    Article 22
    Yellow and red cards
    22.01 As a rule, a player who is sent off the field of play is suspended for the next
    match in a UEFA club competition. The Control and Disciplinary Body is
    entitled to augment this punishment. For serious offences the punishment can
    be extended to all UEFA competition categories.

    22.05 Cautions and pending yellow-card suspensions from club competition
    matches expire at the end of the season

    So it appears yellow card suspensions expire at the end of the season but red card suspension is carried over to the next match in a UEFA club competition for said player. Well that’s how I read it.

  11. I pinched myself twice to check I had not touched my wetpants icon,
    It’s a shame for traveling fans and Malta,s home fans not to watch some of the best players in the world,
    But QuickD is correct we should not need them and there are plenty of games before we beat the gooners for them to get used to play together

  12. Ok Sean.Ehow.uk may be just a blog but all they have done is take away the Article 22 bit and 22.01/22.05 bit.
    The way I read it is all red/yellow cards are not carried over.
    It was two yellow cards not a straight red.

    In your article it days the player should be suspended for the next match.
    Not the next 2 matches.
    Where has the other match come from?

    • You have a good point BtD but I have asked the club secretary and higher than that in the club and the answer is a two match ban. I don’t know the reason why. He could his first yellow for a foul and his second foul for stimulation/diving to get sent off in a champions league game.

  13. Payet is suspended.The club say so,uefa say so.That will do for me,lol

  14. I have to admire your tenacity BtoD you’re like Columbo. Now just one more thing….lol

  15. BtoD contact the Club and tell them they don’t know the rules and then come back on and tell you us where they told you to go,Sean has done his home work and can do no more,
    Now just one more thing
    Payet and Sakho are not playing tomorrow NEWS FLASH

  16. Is Poyet banned tomorrow or Payet??? I heard it was a clerical error at UEFA towers,that infact Payet can play but Poyet is banned,lol πŸ˜‰

    • Haha I thought the match was suspended because it was to hot to play it

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