Payet is no one season wonder


Jealous  Premier League fans have resorted to accusing Dimitri Payet of being a ‘one season wonder’ at West Ham suggesting his form will never last. Green eyed rival supporters should read Payet’s impressive record over the past three seasons before joining West Ham in the summer before they open their mouths.

In the 2012/2013 season while at Lille Dimi started 37 games managing to score 12 goals and make 13 assists.

In 2013/2014  season he moved to Marseille where he started 30 games where he scored 8 goals and made a more modest 6 assists. In his final season at Marseille, last season he again started 30 games scoring 7 goals while making 17 assists (the most assists in France and fourth in all European major leagues behind De Bruyne, Fabregas and Messi but ahead of Ronaldo). He also created 135 chances, the highest in all European major leagues by a long way.

Sure the Premier League is a big step up from the French Ligue 1 but Payet but he seems to be doing just fine with his 9 goals and 8 assists from 24 games. Thanks for asking though!


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16 comments on “Payet is no one season wonder

  1. West Ham are more than Just Payet.

    Not heard any fan of any club refer to Payet as anything other than the signing of the season. In fact not heard so much hype from fans and media over a West Ham player in all the years I have been following the club.

    Lets not start making stuff up. No one has claimed Payet to a one season wonder at all.

  2. Who said he is a ‘One season wonder’? Kn*bheads.Stat overload as well.Hope that is your one use of stats for the month Sean 😉

  3. Oh I have no doubt some idiots have said it.

    Perhaps I have been very lucky. But I have been stunned at how much praise Payet has received by currant players, Mangers, ex players, pundits and the media. Been stunned at how many fans of other clubs I have spoke to ranging from Dagenham & Redbridge, Non-League teams and the likes of Man Utd, Chelsea, Tottenham ect who have all said what a player he is and how they wish they had him.

    Just hope he is here for many more years to come. Good thing is seems very happy and at home with us.

    • Yes he has been praised massively, that is very true.It is getting hard to not praise the guy though after his last few freekicks,he is much more than a freekick taker but they should make him a star across the world alone,lol.Best freekick taker on current form in football I would think.

      • Before he retires, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Mark Noble finally score from a free-kick. But While Payet, Cresswell and Lanzini are all here, I don’t think I will get to see it.

        Payet is up with the Worlds best when it comes to taking free-kicks.

  4. one word sums it up but i will use two ****** Idiots

  5. PS Sean, if you had mentioned Arsenal fans In the first place I would have understood. lol

    As far as I am concerned they more than any other clubs (and that includes Chelsea) know the least about football and they talk the most crap of anyone.

    I spoke to an Arsenal fan the other week in my local. He claimed that if each of the major European leagues were to to be allowed 1 automatic entry into the Champs League each season then no other team would be more deserving of it than Arsenal.

    Yep, even though they have never actually won the CL, where as Liverpool, Man United and Chelsea all have. It is Arsenal who would earn that spot. His reasons were…..

    Arsenal have always finished top 4. Arsenal are the biggest London Club, they are bigger than the other teams and are the biggest global English football brand.

    We gave up talking to him in the end. What was the point?

  6. Think you have headcases support all teams Stinger,I mean we had some who wanted to give Hippohead a new two year contract 😉

  7. Frightening thought Ty

  8. Anyone who wanted to give that expletive deletive cretin of man any more time at West Ham have even less brains than Joey Essex.

    The best thing about Bilic (and there are many) is he has given us all our Football Club back and has made us all proud again.

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