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Pellegrini: The Fans React

Wow, what a day.

The club decided to hit us with the news early this morning as many of the fans were heading for work (or in my case finishing one last bowl of Crunchy Nut) with sleep in their eyes.

Clearly those sneaky elves in the West Ham media department had put their videos and promotional shots together the night before. The deal had been signed and sealed last night at Sullivan’s semi detached gaff in Romford and whilst us fans sweated on the announcement Gold, Sully & Manuel went out for a Nandos.

I’m cautiously optimistic about this one but still a little reserved. The board have broken the bonds of trust with the fanbase since the move from Upton Park and there is a lot of repair work to be done. That being said this is a good first step and we hope that Pellegrini is armed with the funds to do the job and bring in the players he needs.

A part of me is still expecting Santi Cazorla and Ricky Lambert to be presented to us under much pomp and ceremony at the new shirt unveiling but I’m an old cynic. Speaking of which did you see it? Did you see that crafty geezer Manuel had managed to get his hands on the new Hammers pullover before any of us had even seen the thing? I can exclusively reveal that this seasons Umbro offering is a football top with claret and a bit of blue on it which is a damn fine reason to go and spend £60 of Mrs Gonzo’s shopping money in the club shop.

Whilst we’re on the subject of money I’ll probably renew my season tickets now, I’d been keeping my powder dry and forcing the boards hand over recent weeks. I have a sneaking suspicion that it might have helped acquire the new gaffer. Without my firm stance we’d have ended up with Sam McWarnock as coach and Captain Caveman as his assistant.

For the first time in a while I’m looking forward to next season. Actually looking forward to seeing entertaining football and a team that will give us all something to cheer about and wear that new Betway cardigan with pride and panache.  Okay maybe that’s pushing it but a couple of speedy wingers and a midfielder to supply Arnie, Lanzini & Chicharito will do me lovely.

Oh yeah, here are the reactions of Mr B & Tom


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3 comments on “Pellegrini: The Fans React

  1. Pellegrini is a very good choice and will produce attacking football at West Ham providing he us given adequate funds to develop the squad He might get Wilshere on a free.

    • Even though he did well injury-wise last season, you just KNOW as soon as he walks through the door at training he’ll pull something.
      But yeah I’d have him at West Ham, on a free (there are some decent freebies out there) AND sensible wages. Problem is there are a few other teams out there who’d probably pay a larger salary. We may find out how much of a hammer he really is.

  2. No to freebies no to over. Aged players give him the funds he needs and let him build a team that will get the job do coyi

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