PIC: Slav with his ‘enforcers’

EnforcersGodfather Slaven Bilic could at the very least be appearing in a scene from Green Street!

In fact he and his team of ‘enforcers’ – sorry backroom staff -are watching the West Ham squad at their at their Irish training camp.

These look very cool dudes -such a welcome change from our immediate past!

Pic courtesy www.kumb.com


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38 comments on “PIC: Slav with his ‘enforcers’

  1. Caption: omg they weren’t kidding about nolans pace….o.o

  2. Dont mess with Slav & his boys,you will end up vanishing one dark quiet night never to be seen again.Probably lucky Ravel has already gone.Has anyone seen him recently? 😀

  3. Haha before they speak they make sure no ones wearing a wire.
    Some good shots on KUMB of Slav,Sakho and Tonks meeting the Little Island Hammers

  4. Cracking picture and the polar opposite to Fat Sham and his motley crew, proper excited for the season and our future.

  5. Guy on the left with the grey hair looks like he is the one packing the heat,lol, Slavs terminator 😀

  6. He looks like he has just retired from the KGB,lol.Sorry mate,im only joking if you read this,i promise,honest 😀

  7. They are thinking where to stick a rocket or two!

  8. I just had a good look,that geezer looks mean as f@ck. You’ll be OK Rads he’s quite friendly really,he says he’ll take you out for a nice sushi supper lol
    The bloke next to him doing the Rigsby impression looks pretty tough too,I think shape up or ship out might be the order of the day.

  9. They are missing track suits and gold chains…

  10. Bilic and his enforcers aren’t carrying excess weight.Certainly don’t have the hippo look about them.What I have learnt working with Yugoslav’s is they are hard nuts.

  11. Lol,yeah they look like they take no ****.Guy on wetpants has just posted a link to a load of pics of him at the training camp in ireland.Really good pics.Of course none of the ignorant b*stards have said thanks to him for posting them or they look good.Far too busy talking in their little clique.Dont know why the poor guy bothered.Im sure if he was part of the tribe they would be w*nking over them! 😉

  12. Just took a butchers Stew.Geezer must have had a great time getting his pic taken with them.Good on him.Correct about the Experts though.Far too busy talking crap in their little tight circle to appreciate him posting them for them.Rude f*ckers.

  13. DublinIronsFan and his daughter in the background…

  14. Damn you Sting,i just had to venture on to wetpants after you mentioned these pics.About three months of no mental trauma looking at team selections,stats & formations & now i have been been put back to square one in my therapy after my last visit,lol.Spot on pics though,they must have had a right good time i should think.Great fun,fair play to them.Sorry lads couldnt thank him,it will be no surprise to know i dont have an account there so am unable to comment 😀

  15. Just typical ignorance by them Rads seems a decent bloke but is not part of the elusive ” Cake Crew” no doubt if he had posted a picture of a Jam sponge the comments would have gone through the roof with full statistical analysis of yeast content,sponge to cream ratio and depth of jam or if state aid had paid for the oven to be heated up.

  16. Great GW yesterday Drizzle Cake to Day Jam Sponge can’t wait to see the Claret and Hugh nude Calendar,
    Pic are great but same as Rad not been there since end of BFS not going again

  17. Sorry Bubs no time for the calender to busy reading Sunday Papers as I’m the new ITK of C+H..

    • Shhh don’t reveal the mystic powers lol

      • After confirmed reports from Les at the Dog and Duck and Mehmet at Sultans Kebab house coupled with inside info from the Star,Mirror and Sun, we are after someone who plays on the right,someone that plays on the left,someone that’s tall and another that’s not so tall. These sources also confirm that Nolan will be traded to an unknown club that play in a dark colour in a straight swap deal for a new kettle and pot noodle.Obviously I can not name my newspaper sources but all these deals will be concluded at some point in the near future round about 1 week,2 weeks,3 weeks maybe tomorrow ,the day after, week on Wednesday or next Saturday all I can say is that they are all footballers in different shapes and sizes with different hairstyles but we will be really happy…

  18. Slaven and his crew. Background of Payet’s deal.


  19. Bahaha,you bunch of nutters.Too early for cake,i have a minging hangover.Fancy a bacon sarnie though.Any tips on the best mushrooms to go with it.Should i go for those little button jobs or the big f*ck off monsters in them? All help or expert advice appreciated 😉

    • All depends about the statistics of your frying pan,size depth etc post on wet pants mate they can provide you with a full breakdown of hangover cures, mushrooms to use whether you should dip a croissant in your coffee etc

    • Chestnut mushrooms every time lol

      • Lol,too late,i had a Mars Bar instead.I went to the fountain of knowledge but could find no info on mushrooms.Maybe it is just an oversight by them.Perhaps i should let them know & they can address this problem at a later date with an article on mushrooms- Who would you buy Button or Chestnut? 😉

        • I can see it now guest post ” The journey of a mushroom from Asda shelf to the frying pan, how will it fit in to the fry up formation” 754 comments and statistical analysis and whether to use vegetable or olive oil

          • Lol,you lot are p*sstakers.As a reformed rabid dog i have nothing but admiration for the poor frustrated Subbuteo managers on there 😀

  20. Truffles on your bacon.Only way to go as a westender as one is.I was rather hoping my latest consignment of truffles had arrived from Italy by now but Matte didnt have time to take his truffle dog into the forests round Milan,think he took a figa into the forest with him instead 😀

  21. That’s a strange name for your toddger matte DOG ?
    So GW won’t do the C&H Calender so who our 12 Volunteers ?

  22. Now i know why Matte is always asking the girls if they want to stroke his Dog 😀

  23. Life is great,what a sunday morning.A pic of Slav & his heavies at work & an update from Mystic Bradley telling us stuff we all read this morning over our westender breakfasts in the papers.Think he is losing his disciples belief,he needs to pull something out of the bag quickly 😉

  24. Baz Bradders ain’t been the same since his red button packed in on his telly. His disciples are dwindling and he’s not even been invited to the ” Be careful what you wish for” meeting at Rolfes gaff on the 7th July.

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