Poll: Your No 1 choice as West Ham manager

A new multi-choice poll is running on another Hammers independent website until April 17 allowing you to make various selections for the next manager.We congratulate www.westhamworld.co.uk on their innovative approach but we have narrowed down the field to known realistic contenders and want you to give us your number one choice from those named. We will pass the result onto David Sullivan and David Gold at close of voting at 9 am on April 20.

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I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

97 comments on “Poll: Your No 1 choice as West Ham manager

  1. 10 votes the Genius. I love this poll, but then I’ll have to do stats, stats and again stats… Loool

  2. 10 votes for … Ops (I’m not driving)

  3. I wanted to vote for Bubs but he isnt there.I think he could be a dark horse though 😉

  4. Why is Pellegrini not listed? If Bielsa is considered “realistic” then why isn’t he??

  5. why is the dinosaur listed & who voted for him?

    • Sams been on there for hours voting for himself – I think Karen Brady may have also had a vote.

  6. Apart from Bilic a pretty uninspiring list imo. And Bilic only gets my vote because of his connections with the club—and the fact he speaks English which neither Bielsa or Moyes does !!!

  7. Paddy power said if I was included Tyson the odd would be to short,
    Can’t believe BFS HAS118 votes Nolan Must be staying up late,
    Wetpantstil .com will be up all night trying to win this vote ,
    Pellegrini still has a job and after this week he will be safe for another thanks to BFS,
    Bielsa said he would speak English within 6 months if he got the job,Alfitano,Kouyate,Sakho all speak French that means we only need 8 more for a good team,
    Why no Rafa on list,
    BFS 4th out

    • Ahah… Yes bubs I thought the same thing: This will be a long night for Sam lovers and Nolan… Lol

  8. Don’t agree with the list overall but would still pick Moyes. He has proven conclusively that he can take a bunch of ‘middle of the road’ players and turn them into a tight knit team that punches above their weight. As we, like Everton do not have the bank balance of the likes of Chelsea, MU or MC and Sam has created a team that definitely punches well below it’s weight, Moyes is the perfect fit. Having said that I can’t think of any of the managers being touted who wouldn’t be a better fit than Sam

  9. I’d rather have Julen Lopetegui than anyone on that list. Bielsa is probably the best, likely candidate. Bilic is distancing himself for the 500th time. Howe won’t leave his beloved club upon promotion. Moyes won’t won’t to leave Spain after one season. I don’t think Di Matteo would leave, and I’m sure we can do better than him anyway.

  10. Picked Bielsa but only because there was no sign of my choice Frank De Boer. As I’ve said already great track record nationally and domestically,admittedly at a good club, but as I put earlier has a great pedigree and has had long standing connections to one of the greatest academies in the world.
    Don’t know if he’s available but it would be the perfect time to find out.
    As long as it’s someone who knows a ball can roll on the floor as well as go high through the air I don’t mind.
    Thank you for the stability Sam but please go now

  11. Voted for Bielsa because I really do not think Bilic is interested. Moyes is favourite though I would think. Watch out for BFS coming up on the rails he always keeps on the same tack even when under pressure, never changes course, always wears the same colours and never backs down even though he’s carrying a lot of extra weight !!

  12. How the feck has Samuel gone from a consistent 10 to12% yesterday to 17% today,lol,must be some form of sabotage.No one with half a functioning brain could want two more seasons of him.Must be the ‘we need stability until we get to the OS’ mob.Keep clicking for Sam boys & reap what you sow.SAMUEL ALLARDYCE FOR FIFA PRESIDENT!!!

  13. Fantastic idea, who thought of it?, oh yeah I remember now, me, would of liked to see an option for ‘Other’ to give more people a voting option
    Wenger for me

  14. Ronnie Delia of Celtic for me if theres an other option

  15. Ty, BFS is recovering lost ground now… First of all: STABILITY, remember… without him and his sophisticated tactics we’re lost. I didin’t notice Nolaninho on the the training camp today… maybe he’s tired after a long night of saving Sam’s job in front of his computer…


  16. Klop to Arsenal, Wenger to us, it’s happening

    • The Whetyourpantstilidie.com must have been up all night and voted more than once,
      Can’t believe BFS above Moyes ?
      Can’t believe BFS ABOVE Howe ?
      Matte this is going to mess up the stats do they get 2 for 1 in Biggin Hill ?
      Is Conkerpot hacking the system ?
      Or have we really misread the support for BFS .
      BFS KEEP LITTLE Kev safe and give us a chance

  17. Haha,love it.All yesterday the % for each was pretty much static.Come on this morning & Samasauraus has lept by 7%,lol,the Sam boys must have sat up through the night in their Allardyce onesies slamming the Samasaurus button.Will be some tired guys going to their workplaces today.Hope they dont forget their Sam flask & Samuel Mug with all the sleep deprivation they are enduring 😀

    • ahahahaahahah…. Sam Lovers have a liter of coffee in their Sam mug after their wild night… lol

  18. Haha,it really is very funny,lol,people must he making about 1k of different email accounts just to vote for Samuel,lol,love it,so funny.Onesie Boys good to bed,get some sleep 😀

  19. Oops,sorry,Matte,Bubs,we must remember this is a very serious issue,no fun or banter pls.We will lose any small bit of credibility we had remaining as C&H users if we dont address this issue with the utmost seriousness 😉

    • Sorry Rads. You’re right. I hope Sam will stay for 10 years: I love lang balls, I love young Nolan, I love ghosts – young players, I love sophisticated excuses, I love stability in relegation zone, I love brilliant subs, I love chewing gum, I love Sam’s empty trophy cabinet, I love boring football, I love who doesn’t dream.


  20. Ok Rads can’t believe he has 19% now he must have the whole squad voting,
    Is it 1 vote per person and what if you want to vote for more than 1 person ?
    And there should be a vote for another because lots of people fancy other people ie
    Laudrup,Di Canio,De Boar ect,that would be a true vote.
    BFS OUT ( looking like third ) can’t believe it bet he gets 22%

  21. Haha,you always get a few pr*cks in life screw a poll up,lol,it always happens,but this time it seems the whole of Rampton has turned on their lap tops at night while the nurses slept 😉

  22. Bahaha,Sam up to 18%.So through the night everyone else remained stationary or lost a % or two obviously.But Sam rises by 8%,ffs,some guys must have a sad life continually clicking on their geniuses name from multiple accounts,haha,sad b*stards.God bless Sam,we all love you 😉


    This is my election message.

    those who vote for him

  24. * ahahah don’t consider the words of my last line…

  25. Haha,well this is a vote across different websites i believe.So I guess there must be a ‘Sam For Primeminister wearing Onesies.com’ site we dont know about,lol 😉

  26. Over 20% told you Matte they are relentless I have just spent 2 hours over there playing,
    It’s just get interesting time to twist the knife
    Till predict 22%
    BFS OUT ( apparently that’s name called nag not a term of endearment)

  27. Appears that Sams vote have increased by about 400 while others has gone up by about 50 for the original leaders,moyes,bielsa,bilic.
    Strange what 12hrs can do when sad b*stads create fake accounts or multiple accounts,lol.Clearly dont have a life or too much time on their hands 😀

  28. Lol,i see Sam still has his oompa loompas in a little cupboard under his stairs pushing his button,lol,this is going to set records for the biggest rigged vote since Latvia won the Eurovision Song Contest.SAM FOR MAYOR OF LONDON!!!

  29. Ahagah… Horse Samuel is in third position… Come on Sam, come on!!! Loool

  30. This vote is losing all credibility now Rads.I really dont care who wins it,if it is Sam so be it,thats life.But yesterday the top guys in numerical terms were not alot less than they are today to all extent & purpose,while Sam has risen by about 400 or 500 in relation to everyone else who has gained about 50 to 100.Its a pity some people have to ruin what could have been an interesting poll just so they can say i told you so,people want Sam.Its f*cking stupid.Rant over.

  31. Chicken this a victory! When the poll will finish I’ll tell you the reason why I think so. 😉

  32. Not victory, Great victory!

  33. Polldaddy puts a cookie on your device/computer to prevent multiple votes or vote rigging.

    It is possible for people to vote on more than one device but it is more difficult to vote again on the same device without using software to delete the cookie each time. Polls are statistically accurate after 1,000 results so even if a small number people were double voting it would have little effect on the overall results

    • Tbh Sean to see such a difference between yesterdays standings & todays has no logic to it.The natural balance should have still been maintained throughout.One guy whoever it is doesnt suddenly gain about 400 votes to 100 compared to others today when yesterday it was almost the polar opposite.When biels & bilic where on about 27% he was on 10%.So is thurday Samday 😉

      • There are a lot of fans living overseas chicken,i voted in the states, but because of the time difference,it’s the middle of the night there!

        • Nah,i respect that point Molder but the climb in Sams votes today was too unrealsitic compared to yesterday.But now i understand why,lol 😉

  34. Ok Matte,i will wait for this hot news,lol.Btw,i use my sons account on here because i didnt set one up myself,i couldnt be bothered.But…i must remember always to change the names otherwise i might post a comment under his name & he will kill me!!haha.Still it is a shame though Matt that this poll which could have been an intresting sample of peoples views is being ruined by morons.

  35. Haha,come on oompa loompas keep pushing the Sam button.If Polldaddy puts cookies on your device i think someone is getting fat eating them so they can vote again 😀

  36. It is so easy to vote again & again it is unbelieveable,you do one thing on your comp,which im sure many know about & it counts your vote.If it you dont do this one thing it doesnt count your vote.A 5yr old could do it,haha.I just voted for everyone of them just to maintain balance.No wonder Sam has rocketed todah,one guy must be sat there doing it.I bet i could get Bielsa to 2000 votes in an hour if i wanted,but i wont 😉

  37. Lol,yeah i gotta ya Chicken.I couldnt work out how he had got so many votes but now i can see how someone can do it.Seans post gave me the clue,lol 😉

  38. So many votes today sorry Chicken,compared to the % votes across the board yesterday.To have gained so many today he didnt have yesterday made no logical sense,but now it makes a lot of sense,haha,An Allardyce Onesie boy is busy going back & forth,lol,sad git 😀

  39. So if I understand this correctly we are to believe 500 or more BFS fans live in a different time zone and can rig any vote in this country or a few die hard BFS fans are messing with there afternoon snacks so they can wet their pants,
    Well I suppose you get your rocks off how ever and when ever if your that determined, I have all ways wondered how 3 little letters could offend so many people so fast,
    As someone who has always carried a few pounds extras ( it’s my thiroids) because of my love of beer and junk food and when I stopped playing football became lazy,
    fat is just a mother word ( so don’t be offended) Sam Is his name and come on he is Big,
    What’s the problem

  40. Its easy to do Bubs,it explains why other peoples votes haved balanced out & gone up at a stable rate while he has gained so many votes.It is so easy to vote again & again its unbelievable.Just a shame someone has clearly decieded to do it.Each to their own i guess 😀

  41. Ahahah… Ehi mates, are you scared by these Sam’s lovers little tricks? I’m not. Don’t worry, they can bush the button all the night, but Sam’s bags are already on the boat. Destination: North pole. Lol

  42. Not worried about the percentage the fact that 80% of those that vote don’t want BFS even with the cheating is enough for me,
    20% of deluded people in one vote is about normal
    ,just think if a name like Wenger or Morinio had Been in there it would have been a massive snub to the Fat Man ( it just thyroids ) that’s sugar free gum.

    • yes Bubs, 20%! THE MAJORITY OF THE FANS… ahahah


  43. * SUMMER

  44. Thanks goodness you corrected that I thought you mention we had BFS the whole SAMmer
    There getting tied or the south hemisphere have gone to bed,do they understand the rules in the USA or do they think BFS has got the whole team Punting the ball over the touch down line ?
    BFS would have made a good linebacker only having to move about 5 yards every 3 mins then spending most of the time sitting on a bench chewing ( not gum )
    If Sean is correct the cookie bear should start to reduce wet pants .com vote and he will drop to 18%

    • ahahah… I love Nfl Bubs! I read you were a football player… Were you a sophisticated midfielder like Nolan or a graceful striker like Cole?

  45. No sorry nothing so romantic played Centre Half most of my time or right back,
    But that’s why I like watching gifted players and hated playing against them,
    Could not imagine marking a Valencia or Di Canio but would not minded Carroll,
    Would have loved to play against Costa nothing like someone who likes to dish out nasty late tackles or put in an elbow, but so easy to leave waiting for a stretcher ( normally cowards ) that’s why the Spanish hate him.
    Thanks for put me in the Nolan and Cole club,could do with there wages though,as the stats man how much a hour has Cole been on if you put money to playing time for the last 5 years ?

  46. we have the same taste about good players… Di Canio, Valencia, Morrison and like a lot Menez, but my favourite player now (sorry, I know he plays for Chelski) is Hazard, he’s a genius (not like Sam)


  47. Ehi Sam Lovers, wake up! You guru is losing ground… he needs you votes.


  48. Like Hazard to but like De Silva at Man city more I have been watching him for 11 years now and he has performed every time I have watched him,
    Valencia needs more freedom to reach fall potential and he will not get that under BFS,
    Zarate need the same you do not take your star players and handcuff them,
    I remember when Hoddle was told tackling back was more important than being creative,
    We never told Gaza to man mark,Messi,Bale,Ronaldo,Naymar,Hazard,Suarez,and many more are teams stars and given freedom to create,if we are going to bring in talent we must give them the freedom to create,if not you build teams of 11 that work together that’s BFS
    WAY and we want more we are looking for our next Brooking,Devonshire,Di Canio ect,
    If we want a Hazard Matte we have got to change our approach and as you know that’s

    • Totally agree bubs… Ravel is a great talent, he would be perfect in Downing’s position, but the Genius ruined him. I’m sure about that.


  49. Matte,Bubs,you should be happy Cookie Monster is back,lol,i noticed that all of a sudden Sams % was going up instead of steadily down as it has been all day.Anyway,in about twenty mins all the others combined picked up about 15 votes,Allardyce picked up about 40 in the same time,hahaha,Bielsa got 4 votes,Bilic 5 & Sam 40,hahaha.Then all of a sudden Sams votes stopped again,lol,We should buy some more cookies for him while we sleep tonight i think it could be a long night for him,Matte bring some high class Italian coffee pls 😉

  50. Lol,yeah i came on earlier & he was heading down to 19%,now back up again,but as you say,he has been falling all day with no where near the votes by number Bilic & Bielsa had been getting.This poll is easy to sabotage though as you know.Just a shame some idiot wants to screw it.I thought it would have been good to see a poll showing what people thought.Nevermind,thats life Chicken.

  51. Its a total farce mate,in the time bielsa picked up 14 votes & Bilic 20 Allardyce picked up 80+ in about 30mins.He picked up about a quarter of his votes all day in 30mins.Must be Baby Kev putting in a shift for him 😉

  52. Well i voted on it without even logging in,i forgot to log in to my boys account to cast my vote & my vote still went through.Probably some crafty Spud multi voting to make sure we keep Sam 😉

  53. Yes you are right Chicken,in this last hour Bielsa has picked up 20 votes,while Allardyce has picked up 201.Now bearing in mind just 2 or 3 hrs ago Bilesa was on 26% & Sam was on 19% it just show how sad some ba*tard is to make sure Sam is top.If Hugh sends this to Sullivan & Gold all it will prove is how somebody sat in front of his laptop manipulating the figures,lol,how f*cking pointless just to get what you want.I dont get it personally mate.

  54. Ffs,what a sad w*nker,lol,i dont really give a sh*t who wins this but who the hell has such a sad life they just sit there clicking Sam,lol,i didnt have a clue how to fiddle the voting so you can vote as many times as you want till my bros in law showed me.Seems some f*ckwit has nothing better to do than be a Sam disciple,lol 😀

  55. He must have stopped for a coffee,its stopped going up.Come on muppet,only another 42 votes & you will have him top you sad ******* 😉

  56. What did you expect from stat swats,they have finger on their vote button and there other down the front of there hippo onesies,
    Let’s hope their mums don’t creep in there little bedrooms and catch them,
    We must rise above this lads you must have been expected this the most important thing is
    75% of the fans don’t want BFS which to the people concerned the 2 Daves is more impotant put it this wat if your stadium held 100k people do you want 25k paying to watch or 75k ?plus the other 25k will come anyway because mum throws them out Saturday’s that’s when they get a vist ( from uncle willy)

  57. Haha,its funny Bubs,to think that some idiot is just sat there clicking on sam till he is top,lol,what a nutter 😉

  58. Bloody hell,he is on a mission.Might have Sam up to 1500 votes by midnight if he pulls his finger out,lol 😉

  59. Don’t worry lads. The poll has been closely monitored and is no longer valid. We know what’s happened. Forget it

  60. Yep ok Hugh,no worries.I thought there must be strange things going on 😉

  61. Oh dear,the Cookie Monster will be sad,he will have nothing to do through the night now.He will have to sit in his Allardyce Onesie bored 😉

  62. It’s not rocket science Rads lol. What an idiot

  63. Haha,yeah we all knew that it was being massaged shall i say.Trouble is its so easy to do Hugh,you only have to do one thing to vote as many times as you want,lol,well at least we gave wetpantswhenidie something to talk about,just for a change.They just dont know when to give it a rest,lol,:D

  64. What do you expect Chicken,they have to come here to read the articles,because theres naff all for them read on there.Bunch of Victor Meldrews.I told you many times,i never once heard a bad word about that site on here,but they just cant bleedin’ leave it alone.God only knows why the hell they need to mention this place all the time.Its crazy.

  65. Sorry i should quantify that chicken.Never once heard a bad word about them until recently on here when the guys here just got totally p*ssed off with it 😉

  66. Ahahah… This evening I went out with a girl, we were drinking, and I ask her ” Can I borrow your mobile? I have to check what’s happening on C&H” lol Anyway… 25% BFS??? Ehi BFS lovers, does your finger hurt?


  67. Haha,at least we were right about the Cookie Monster Matte,lol 😉

  68. Ahahah… Who is that poor man??? Lool

  69. It was too easy though multi vote with a little messing about on your computer.Now Cookie Monster must scheme during the night to beat the system again to get his man top 😉

  70. Ahagahah… What a Genius!!! Don’t worry stew, I’ve got my sophisticated computer, I’ll find him… Lol


  71. Matte you sly dog how was the date never mind the Cookie Monster ?
    She must be a winner if she gave you her phone without taking a deposit ,
    And Cookie Monster deposit is not what’s in your Onsie that called Hippo no no,
    ( or that’s what your mum calls it )

  72. Matte,im disappointed in you.How can taking a young lady out for a drink be more important than siting on a West Ham site discussing a new manager or who we should sign & sell in the summer.You have your priorities all wrong you p*ssy hunter,lol 😉

  73. Ahahah… Don’t worry Rads, the evening finished well… Then I showed her my stats-cabinet 😉 lol

  74. Never heard it called that before Matte,
    Word get lost in foreign dialect,
    I might try it in Spanish,
    Trouble is Mrs Bubs keep the stats cabinet closed these days

  75. Hahah,tell me about it Bubs,Mrs.Stingrays Stats Cabinet is a mystery to me these days.I dont even no where itmis anymore.Maybe Sam has his trophy in it,i wouldnt have a clue.The joys of marriage,lol,.Keep hunting the p*ssy Matte,but dont forget to load your gun first!! 😀

  76. Matte you couldnt send me over una bella donna could you,if thats how you say it,lol,my Italian is as bad as Sams knowledge of the beautiful game 😀

  77. agaahahaahh Ty, yes! Bella donna that’s right! Or if you prefer bella figa (pu..y) lol

  78. I knew it was something like that Matte.I was seeing a girl from italy for about 6months a few years ago.She was a uni student over here from Padua Uni on an exchange.She gave up trying to teach me any Italian though,she said she had more chance of teaching italian to a goldfish,haha.She was right though.Nice girl,lovely figa,sorry figure i ment 😀

  79. ahahah… yes Ty, generally Italian girls are beauty, but here in Milan are quite snobbish… girls of south Italy generally are beautiful and more colloquial. That girl of yesterday comes from south Italy… ahahah 😉 She is very nice… I suggest you Sicily… (conker found the paradise there, lol). 😉

  80. Don’t they shave in Italy Matte figa is the same in spain,
    Polls going well for true believers not holding my breath for next game feel sorry for the players,but at least they show team spirit sticking by BFS or they don’t want to end up like Rav and Zarate,
    Have a good weekend lads going for Eve refreshment Matte no figs tonight for me just beer

  81. Ahahahah… You are the number 1 bubs… You break me up…lool


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