Former West Ham boss Harry Redknapp reckons as Sam Allardyce’s injury crisis recedes the team will get clear of trouble.

Here’s what he had to say at his Queens Park Rangers press conference ahead of the Championship match against Ipswich tomorrow.

He said: “Sam has just been so unlucky. You can’t lose your central defenders and your strikers – the team’s been decimated.

“I don’t know what he can do. I look at the team and it hasn’t been good enough because he’s lost or four or five of his best players. You take four or five players out of any team in the country and they’ll be nowhere near what they were.

“When everyone’s fit I think he’s got a team that would finish middle of the table. There’s no-one better than Sam around to get them out of the situation they’re in. He just needs a bit of luck now.

“He needs his centre-halves and Andy Carroll to get fit. If he gets them back, Sam’s your man – he’s excellent at his job.

“When Sam gets those players back I’m sure they’ll survive. It’s a great club with fantastic support and I think they’ve got good owners who love the club and have the right manager.”

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  • westside says:

    Old boys club

  • westside says:

    I am sure anyone who has actually followed and watched West Ham over the last couple of years would see the true story.
    Fed up with media and so called pundits saying how “unlucky Sam has been with injuries” , West Ham were already poor when the only injury was Andy Carroll, and we only had no striker because Sam wasted the cash on a winger.
    Still Sam has been” ravaged with injuries” we lost three CB but why did we only have three because Sam did not strengthen in that area.
    Yes we lost Downing for a bit but a winger pumping in balls to no one was not much of a loss, yes we lost Nolan due too two stupid red cards, but Nolan has been more than poor for sometime ( again no loss).
    With those injuries and suspensions aside I don’t think with a full team we would have done that much better this season.
    The game Sam plays is so obvious to everyone except a few, he has plan A ( defend then hit it long and maybe get goal or settle for a 0-0 ) don’t forget respect the point !
    Most games we are lucky to have 40% possession , when we do take the lead we sit so deep trying to defend it and eventually the opposition score.
    Sam has no plan B can’t play 4-4-2 will never use 2 strikers and never seems to want to win a game just be happy with a draw.
    His tactics, if you can call them that are so outdated even the old Wimbledon side wouldn’t use them.
    He will just not take the blame for any of this and the spin he has put on it has some in the media and even our owners believing him.
    If and it’s a big IF we do beat Cardiff he will try to take all the credit himself.
    He is one very arrogant individual who has out stayed his welcome in the “beautiful game” and if he thinks he is still a top manager that could manage Real Madrid or England then in his own worlds he is DELUDED.

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