Allardyce: Referee decisions cost us game

OffsideSam Allardyce claims we could have got something from last night’s game against Chelsea if it weren’t for match officials getting crucial decisions wrong.

“Some poor officiating on their offside goal, then maybe on another day we might have got a penalty for the Gary Cahill handball [from Nene’s late shot], we would have got something.” said Allardyce on WHUFC.com.

The image on the right  has been doing the rounds on social media which seems to clearly indicate that Sam is right and the match officials got it horribly wrong with Hazzard offside.

Last week during an ‘You Are The Ref’ event in central London Sam Allardyce called for a tennis style challenge system which would allow managers to challenge two referee decisions per match.




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15 comments on “Allardyce: Referee decisions cost us game

  1. obviously offside and the lino was dead in line. Just yet another case of richest clubs getting help. As if they need it

    • I don’t agree. It was definitely off side but the lino was at least 5 yards behind the play if not more.

  2. jsut to think that Lukaku was 1.5 metres offside against us at Goodison and was still allowed to score.

  3. I was thinking, but I don’t make any excuses, we had only one penalty in the first match against Spurs… I’ve never been good with numbers, but has it ever happened before?

    • I dont remember it
      2 years ago Sam got 5000 fine for moanin about bias of refs to big clubs. He was right but we got worse treatment in the 2 seasons since

  4. assistant referees & referees are scared to give these decisions because they dont want grief off of Mourinho,so benefit of the doubt always goes to his team.Same as when Funguson was at Utd 😉

  5. it is always bias for man u and chelsea but for us its against anyone even swansea lol

  6. Sorry to say it again but standing moaning while chewing gum does not do it,Ferguson was the best at it he talked officials and managers out of so many points Wenger must still have nightmares,Marinio is intelligent and has studied people like Ferguson and plays games every week with officials and managers,but I am afraid BFS is never going to get it,
    But I do agree with BFS what’s the point of all this modern technology if we don’t use it and with all the money in football it about time we had professional officials trained at a early age possible using young players that don’t make the big time,when I played we always said the officials are people that can’t play who love the game,the problem with that is half the problem they could not play the game weather it’s fittness or reading the game is the reason they should not be officials.( just my opinion)
    Another of the people who get dog abuse Hugh.

    • favoritism for the big rich clubs is more to do with the fact that 15 years ago thay threatend to leave the premiere to make their own league unless they got it all there own way. They have been well happy since. nobody in authority will want to upset them

  7. No that’s FIFA and the Belgium that takes bungs not the officials,
    Do the officials have to take a medical?
    Do the officials have eye tests ?
    I know people will say we don’t want to go down the same route as the egg throwers and American football because of the break in time but just look at last night Marinio used his sub over 8 mins to break up the game at the end,how long would it have taken to look at the offside with a 5th official ( no goal ) 2 penalty Noble steps up 1-0 ,3 ref looks at Costa elbow we play against 10 men for rest of game.

  8. sorry I simply cant believe that the linsman didnt see it he was dead in line thay cheated

  9. This is so straightforward to resolve these kinds of issues.

    Do what they do in Rugby…play the benefit of the doubt, and then when a goal is scored spend 15 seconds on the video review to confirm there is no reason to disallow it/that it should stand.

    For other key decisions (straight red, penalty claim) allow one challenge per team per game as per in Tennis, Hockey with video review on challenge. That way refs can be positive in their decision making rather than running scared of not making a positive decision because there is no way out.

    Don’t understand how the world game can be so behind the times on this.

  10. All the other big sports over here have some sort of review system,cricket,rugby,tennis.Football is still in the dark ages.They say it breaks up play but it would take no longer than it does to wait for a player to stop rolling round in agony when no one has even touched him & the trainer comes on & he has to walk off the pitch to come back on again.It doesnt have to be for everything,but a goal scored from an offside position could easily be contested with no real break in play.

  11. But we have shaving foam for the free kick positioning,so we shouldnt complain 😉

  12. But the idiot with the shaving foam still can’t walk 10 strides properly,
    What really bugs me is the taking of corners why can’t the ball be inside the D and that’s that,why does every one need to move it a inch further than the next are there legs getting weaker as the years go on,
    Same with free kicks why do they have to try and gain a metre every time if the have not got the strength to reach there target let someone else take it,
    And throw on,s why have they got to try and make 5 yards and then throw it straight to the other team ?
    And why can’t they keep 2 feet on the ground and throw from behind there head ?
    And why do they have to where gloves ( pansy )
    And why where cycling shorts ?
    And if you fine them 6 months wages when they dive will they do it ?
    And why is BFS are manager ?

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