Sam and Real Madrid!


Newsflash: We may get Rafa after all cos look who fancies the Real job.

Sorry – couldn’t resist it!


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14 comments on “Sam and Real Madrid!

  1. Matte your Bulls got out again,
    What ever he was on in 2010 how did we end up with him ?
    He actually looked older then has he had Botox ?
    Matte your his mate has he had plastic surgery and had he had his back waxed,

  2. Lol,yeah i think he deserves it.The Real fans would love his ‘tiki taka is b*llox’ philosphy.Send him,Slowlan,Carroll,Demel & O’Brien out there.Show the Real fans what proper football is all about 😉

  3. Just waiting on comments from TC,Sourmess,2 of the little pigs and Uncle Tom Cobley to support the genius’ wise words

  4. I would love to see him ****ing off the hierarchy and fanbase at a club like Real or Barcelona, or even better, Galatasaray or Fenerbahce.
    If he treated the fans and the club hiistory there with the same contempt he did at West Ham, he’d never need to buy any chewing gum in his life as he wouldn’t have any teeth left to chew his gum with.

  5. This is probably how we all feel


  6. Don’t know if I should laugh my head off or be sick in a bucket . . .

  7. ahahah… I love the Buffalo Sam in this picture,… he seems to be the master of a vessel who is showing his crew the way… but inside his brain there’s a mouse on a wheel… Poor man, he lives in a fantasy world… lol
    This poster should be on the walls of Madrid… A lot laughs 🙂

  8. I can see him now cupping his ear to the Santiago Bernabéu lol … he needs medicating

  9. Love BFS humility….such quality……

  10. The printers must be going mad on another site,
    So they can get another picture of there God to hang on there bedroom walls,
    I knocked out 100 copies for my out side loo,not for the wall

    • Haha I tried that before found it very rough and inflexible I changed to the Phil Brown prints seemed a lot more natural

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