Sam: “You never know how long you’ve got”


12110_ori_boleyn_ground_upton_park_Football clubs often behave as though it is guarding the secrets of the universe!

I sometimes wonder whether they are being advised by the nation’s intelligence services as they protect the names of possible signings or of course whether managers are coming or going!!!

At West Ham we know all this better than most. We have a political animal as  vice chairman, a co chairman who loves Twitter and a chief shareholder who when he decides to let rip, really lets rip.

Unfortunately however, the waters remain as muddied as ever for some on the question that has dominate minds for two seasons now…will Sam stay or go.

This morning in his press conference the job of reading between the lines became even more intense as he first explained that Ms Brady giving an interview did not put the speculation to rest as “I speak with Karren and David Sullivan  on a regular basis.”

Within the space of a few seconds however – whilst reaffirming his desire to take the club into the Olympic Stadium – it became clear that the big question had not been addressed.

Instead he said: “You never know in football how long your tenure is. There’s been 40 changes of manager this season, the average tenure in football in the Premier League is just two years and it’s getting harder for managers to keep their jobs.”

Let’s be honest with so much to plan for the summer and beyond one would have thought he might know a little more than that were he to remain.

I still believe the board should make a statement but there’s a sense of inevitability about the outcome of all this.

There is a list of managerial candidates and the club HAVE been talking to them through third parties.

Should they fail to get the one they want then there’s a lobby of opinion which believes they may turn back to the current boss.

His reaction to that would be very interesting I not I believe very positive.

Two desperate clubs – QPR and Burnley – on the horizon for a club that apparently is still in confusion over an important element of it’s own future.

Nothing much changes. It really is all very West Ham!

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • ssaunders says:

    I believe that if Sullivan and Gold wanted to keep Sam for another 3 years they would of told him already. I think they are waiting to see out his contract and say thank you and goodbye. Who they are looking to bring in is another question and i am sure that in this day and age if West ham United have got the replacement all ready to sign up we would of heard this through one grapevine or another!
    Muddy waters indeed!

  • Sarith says:

    interviewer: so sam do u see urself getting another contract at the end of the season?
    SA: i been trying my hardest to get sacked for the last few years
    interviewer: that would explain the terrible football and awful tactics.
    SA: i disagree west ham has played some lovely long balls and terrible passes.
    interviewer: what are ur plans if west ham let u go in the summer?
    SA: take a break spend some of that money i been getting paid for doing **** all.

  • mattefumi el loco says:

    Ahahah… Sarith, Thanks are due to Sam… Thanks to him I found a job as (former) stats-guru and you as interviewer… Lol


  • bubs says:

    They are very shrewd business men and are covering their backs they don’t want to give BFS the heave ho and find they don’t have a better replacement,what they don’t understand a part from a minority 13% we don’t care who we get as long as he goes,
    The marriage is over BFS pack your case you can have the kids and we don’t want maintenance you can keep the money ( even if you did not earn it ) and the car,empty your desk take your play book all one page,and take your talent to the championship where you are one of the best,

  • mattefumi el loco says:

    Ahhahaha.. Well said bubs… 😉

  • canchaz says:

    I notice Sam is holding forth on what is wrong with ‘his team’ yet again and it brought a question to mind. Has anyone ever heard Sam use the words “I got it wrong’..’I am to blame’..”I made a mistake”..in fact has anyone ever heard him use the word ‘I’ at all when referring to a loss or things going wrong?

  • Rads believes in Sams Vision for the future!! Sign him Up!! says:

    I rememeber once at Stoke he said ‘i got it wrong’.It was when we played only 1 up top in the first half & were 2-0 down.He then bought on the extra forward in the second half & ofc we scored twice & he took the plaudits for addressing the situation at half time.
    I do however doubt he would have admitted to being wrong if we had gone on to the lose the match.Then it would have been ‘the team’ or ‘we’.He certainly wouldnt have admitted to his cock-up in the first half if we had not gone on to draw the match.We all know Allardyce doesnt take personal responsibility for bad results,only the good results are down to his master tacticians mind 😉

  • Tony gore says:

    The trouble Sam has made “ie” we are going to Europe ,blah,blah etc.KEEP QUITE AND LET THE FOOTBALL DO THE TALKING!

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