Allardyce: “Brady words make no difference”

sam-allardyceKarren Brady’s intervention in the debate over Sam Allardyce’s future has made no difference to the manager himself.

Asked this morning in his press conference ahead of the QPR match whether her words put the speculation over his future to rest, he said: “It doesn’t make too much difference because I’m in constant contact with David Sullivan and Karren.

“People think we don’t communicate but that’s not the case. The focus for me is getting the team winning football matches again. Not winning has been a massive disappointment of late and it’s my responsibility to get us back to winning games.”

He hopes that the constant talk of him being on his way hasn’t affected the players addng when asked: “I would sincerely hope that it doesn’t. If it has I’m not really sure, you’d have to ask the players. I think dealing with the raised expectations has been a problem.

“We haven’t lived up to that expectation or coped with it as well as I thought we might. There are several reasons for that, reaching the level of football we played, injuries have played a part as well as fatigue for some of the players who have been playing in the Premier League for the first time.

“I think that is to be expected, and overall they have performed better than we expected. It’s been a great experience for them and hopefully they will learn from it and improve next season.

“The fact is, we wouldn’t be talking about that if we got the points we should’ve got. We should be on 50 points or more and we would be looking pretty good for a strong end to the season. We’ve put pressure on ourselves, we must accept that pressure and deliver.”


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14 comments on “Allardyce: “Brady words make no difference”

  1. Again the fat one blames everyone and everything but himself. Just for one can he do the right thing and say “Hay you know what, things have gone really wrong since Christmas and I have to should the blame for that, I am the manager after-all and the buck stops with me”

    Myabe just maybe some of us would have a little bit not respect for him. But he never will, will he. He really dose think he is the Bee’s Knee’s.

  2. “Shoulder” not should.

  3. We need to get SA on here for an exclusive interview

  4. Makes me laugh that he is still churning out this ’50pt’ line, he has spent more than a month using it now & we are still no closer to getting to it,lol,i should be crying but i just find it funny now 😉

  5. Sam the hero… now he says “it’s my responsibility to get us back to winning games”.
    He’ll marshal all his resources and funds towards saving the sinking ship… Except it’s already sunk…


  6. interviewer : sam with most west ham fans asking for u to be fired,can u explain why?
    SA: **** you that’s why i am the most sophisticated manager in the world my tactics are flawless
    interviewer : the system played on Sunday was reported 4-3-3 but in fact is was 4-5-1 what happen?
    SA: i played 4-3-3 with a mix of long balls and terrible passing it was a tactic to confuse them
    interviewer: would you say ur tactic worked most fans would disagree.?
    SA: it worked brilliantly, west ham lost it has been my secret mission to get them relegated with as much money i could fill my pockets with.

  7. Just seeing that face is enough to not read this article,but he makes you so angry you read it and then the same sext is still coming out of that silly mouth,
    Does he think we are that stupid like the 13% that swallow all the numbers he produces,
    He knows the likes of Wetpants .com will swallow thing like 50 points and get there calculators out what’s going to happen when he runs out of games and the computer says no,

  8. At Christmas we were cruising, we were virtually safe already and it wasn’t even 2015.
    I figured now we can really push and try to get intot the Europa League.
    We only need another ten points or so from 18 or 19 games to be mathematically safe, so we can realy push it now.
    What did I know ?

    Now it’s nearly bloody May and we are still not even mathematically safe. I suppose this is a glass half full half empty question. On the one hand it is testament for our brilliant first half of the season that we are unlikely to go down despite our almighty slump since Christmas.
    On the other hand a slump like that with our squad, even bearing in mind there were and are injuries, should not have happened the way it did.
    I get a strange feeling that Allardyce might just turn the corner and earn himself another contract if we finish the season with another two wins…

    • HH our decline since Xmas is horrific but BFS started all this away to Chelsea. The system that worked at the beginning of the season and the formation was dispensed before the so called injuries.Forget about having straight replacements in a system that worked eh Sam let’s just revert to type as glory boy has got over his ballerina injury and then that means captain no legs can play every week. He moans that we don’t have forwards because of injuries then sends one of to QPR because he wasn’t fit another because he was a bad lad and didn’t sign up with Mr Curtis and another who even after scoring goals for the Development team was sent away. But no worries we’ve got CC and we can play the same old way until Mr Carroll’s injury, wedding and honeymoon are out of the way, we can continue not winning as he’s Mr dependable and he’s the only one that can save us..Zola 51 points poor team loads of youngsters(sacked) BFS 3 seasons never above 50points wasted millions on players,destroyed youth system, got rid of creative skilful players, played players in wrong positions and done this all on 3 million a year… And people still want him to remain it’s beyond me, he has to go, not if but now

  9. Honestly Hamburg,if you didnt laugh you would cry about the way the season has panned out.I really am wondering if another two wins is possible.Tbh im struggling to find a good case to expect a win from a single match we have left.QPR,Burnley,Villa all fighting for their lives,Everton historically a nightmare game for us results wise.Newcastle away last game of the season,the sun cream will be well & truly slapped on the players.It is pathetic to see how far we have descended in four months & lets not forget,we are not the only team who has injuries,its not as if the rest of the Prem teams are playing with full squads week in week out & it is just poor little old us with the injuries.Nearly all the teams we have played since xmas have also probably had important players missing.The injury excuses can only be used to a point 😉

  10. But ofc i must remember not to lay any of the blame at Sams feet or i will be called a Sam Hater 😀

  11. Hamburg, that’s also my fear. It’s my nightmare, I don’t want to think it can happen.

    I’m not blind, people are not blind, and I really hope the owners are not blind and deaf: pulls are against him, his boring football is against him, the great majority of the fans is against him, his pathetic attitude is against him, young players are against him, the club’s future is against him, his contract that expires is against him, logic is against him, football is against him.

    I can only hope we’ll be delivered from his stupidity and his pathetic personality.

    If I was a fan in London and if the owners decide to renew Allardyce’s contract, I wouldn’t go to the stadium, I would not renew my season ticket, not against the players, but against BFS and above all against the owners and I would tell them “Well, you made me feel like an as*, now you’ll not have my money, I don’t want to pay for this crap again”. This my personal opinion.

    I hope for (football) just and respect towards people.


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