Season ticket renewals? Much depends on Moyes’ future

Season ticket renewals? It all depends on Moyes’ future

Like many others, I received my season ticket renewal email today. The invitation to renew states, “The renewal deadline for 2024/25 is at 5pm on Monday 3 June.”

At first glance, it all seems quite standard, but upon closer inspection, there’s more to consider. Setting aside potential price increases, it’s the date that has me more than a little concerned. Because on June 3rd, we’re unlikely to know whether David Moyes will be the manager next season, and that’s a significant factor in the decision-making process.

Another major consideration, of course, is European football, and by the end of May, at least we’ll know our fate in that regard. However, for many fans, committing to watching a season of domestic football at an increased price under David Moyes may lead them to decide not to renew.

Season ticket renewals? It all depends on Moyes' future

Season ticket renewals? It all depends on Moyes’ future

I can almost hear dear old Hughie in my head, complaining that Moyes’ defensive tactics are “un-West Ham” and that most of the time, the defensive strategy is tedious to watch. And Hugh’s opinion was shared by so many, which makes the decision to renew a difficult one.

Will Moyes be here next season?

Money is tight at the moment, and the cost of everything seems to be rising. Football should be enjoyable and offer a bit of escapism from the daily grind. A season ticket should be something to look forward to and get excited about, but it’s tough to watch West Ham sit back and defend against all teams, good and bad.

Of course, there are some highlights, like beating Arsenal and thrashing Freiburg 5-0. But we’re also susceptible to getting thrashed ourselves, and more than half of West Ham’s games are frankly boring.

I suppose for those for whom money is not a concern, renewing might be an easy decision. But for those whose monthly budgets are very tight, they may prefer to wait and see what’s on offer at the London Stadium next season before committing.


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2 comments on “Season ticket renewals? Much depends on Moyes’ future

  1. My senior season ticket renewal price in band 5 has gone up £20 to £195. Which over nineteen games works out at just over ten pounds a game.
    That is still incredible value and even though as you mentioned Gonzo we might not know if Moyes is staying i’m still going to renew.

  2. Last league game 19th May. Europa League final 22nd May (IF we get there). If Moyes is still there 2nd June he will be staying and I will definitely not be renewing. I think the chances of Moyes having some sort of epiphany with regard to playing style before next season are nil.

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