Shocking and shambolic but Moyes dodges the blame


David Moyes has admitted that today’s 5-2 defeat at Selhurst Park was the worst West Ham display under his management.

Speaking directly after the game, Moyes said, “Yes, that was the worst defeat under me but also by the team. I thought the team today was really poor.”

The Hammers’ gaffer continued, “We were without Jarrod and without a couple of the centre-backs, and it showed. I’d built it up for the players to be such a big game and how we had to perform really well. Today we were absolutely nowhere near anything at all.”

Socking and shambolic. Moyes admits to worst game under his management

When asked if the defending was shocking and shambolic, Moyes replied, “Yes indeed, I’d have used stronger words than that.”

So there it is again, the blame placed firmly upon the players with no culpability taken by the manager himself.

Of course, the players were tired and fatigued, but it was Moyes’ choice to play out a Premier League campaign with a smaller squad than West Ham began the season with.

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  • Chingford says:

    As a former Defender and Defence minded Manager, could He please explain his thinking when setting out the defence, and why only the Bottom Three clubs have more goals against

  • Ian says:

    has Moyes lost the trust OF his Players. ?
    Has his general disrespect. OF the. PLAYERS caught up with him.? ( incessantly blaming them, leaving them to rot on the bench , regularly giving 5 to 10 minutes substitution time ,
    throwing them on the scrap heap if they can’t adapt to fundamentally different demands, selling them at half price , so on and so on )
    I would be very interested if someone , with insider’s knowledge could throw some light on this . please.

  • Ian says:

    Please add my comment .thanks

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