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Simone Zaza update

zazaAccording to Italian football site gianlucadimarzio.com Juventus have been offered Simone Zaza on loan to West Ham for £5.1m with a further £19m option to buy when the loan completes.

David Amoyal writes: “After the deal with Wolfsburg collapsed, Simone Zaza is waiting to find out where he’ll play next. West Ham is interested, there have been contacts in the last few hours for a loan deal featuring financial considerations based on number of games played. Juventus would however like to have the loan deal be set at €6 million and the option to buy at €22 million. West Ham will respond tomorrow, they’re also interested in Manchester City’s Bony. Napoli is also an option for Zaza but that is only in case Gabbiadini leaves. Zaza’s future will be decided soon.”

Yesterday we were told by our top source “We’d love a loan to have a look at him, but that’s not on offer from the Italians who have asked for £25 million.We can’t see him in those sort of terms particularly as the player wants personal terms of £100k a week so we are some way away.”

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29 comments on “Simone Zaza update

  1. His dad says yes his mum says to cold stay boy,his auntie says find a nice Italian girl and settle down,
    Bubs says to much money overrated and serves us right for sticking with Sicknote and stabbing Sakho in the back,
    Bony would be a better short term loan
    When Calleri and Sak are fit who ever is here will only play a bit part

    • Sometimes bubs you make alot of sense and sometimes the phrase ‘verbal diaroeah’ springs to mind as is the case when you talk about sakho being stabbed in the back?! ….stabbed in the back how? ..by getting picked out of ligue 2 and given a chance in the premier league? …by throwing his toys out the pram at a crucial point in our season? …then pretending to be injured? …then refusing to train and go on tour? …then pretending to be injured again? …by westham paying him 30k plus a week? ….enough said

      • Bit below the belt that ain’t it ! While making a verbal diaroeah remark like that yourself .no need for it ! Thumbs down !!!!

        • Anybody that thinks they are better than our club can F right off, as far as im concerned i dont want them here. Occasionally people have disagreements even fights but once the dust has settled you handle the situation like a man. He may come back into the fold but theres no excuse for his behaviour and as for the ‘bit below the belt’ comment you need to take a look in the mirror because the phrase ‘pot calling the kettle springs to mind’ boy

          • What about the phrase bolloxs between the ears ? Boy ,
            Since when you been the spokesman for the club and everybody else ,
            Nobody’s got the right for an opinion , only you .??
            The only people Ive ever give it to was giving it first , get it right before making a statement ,
            Telling someone they talk dioreah is insulting them , swerving it and comingback with more bolloxs shows a lack of respect , all you had to say was you disagree , not insult the man ? Boy.

  2. No thanks , gets a knock back from Wolfsburg then thinks he can come and rip us off ,
    No thanks dar links ?? Maybe sully Ann summers could use him to promote a new dildo range with a furry bit at the bottom ? Lol.
    Use the fish slap sketch Sean ? Using a 60 pound carp ?? Lol.

  3. Who’s the spag bog bloke from series B. They are talking about ! Anyone ?
    Ragu or rogue ?? Never heard of him , 2 – 3 mill .???

  4. Can you believe that there are west ham fans comparing calamari to that euro flop spud arry ( munk) Kane ?? Are they for fekin real ?? For one he hasn’t got a speech impediment , he doesn’t dive in the box ( well everywhere ) he doesn’t take corners , the only thing I can honestly think of is calamari ‘s miss at the death v cherries ???
    We are definitely attracting the wrong type of fans !! Spuds ??? Do they actually know what they are saying !!!! Ffs,?

  5. Just don’t let him take any penalties – what was that effort in the Euros all about??

  6. He was trying out for the azzuri rugby squad ? Lol.

  7. I think £5m loan to buy could be a good option, we paid the same last season for Moses if memory serves, if possible get the loan figure down to say £3m and that’s a whole lot better. He is definitely a try before you buy option but he has already scored at the OS so would be off to a good start.

  8. I thought he looked pretty good at the OS & have seen him a few times for Juve when he has looked good.I love the fans who have already judged him based on a runner up before a penalty lol

    • Don’t agree ? Its him being 3 rd choice at juve that puts many off ,
      The penalty thing is just taking the pith ?
      Plus he’s using us a lever for more dosh knowing we are supposedly short up front .
      Like bacca he had a chance to come but said no he wanted to stay and fight for his place ? Lol. Guess what , he got knocked out in the first round !!
      So can’t see why the penalty thing is an issue ???

      • When has he ever turned us down John.Have we even gone as far as to put an offer in.Btw Ogbonna was third or fourth choice at Juventus.It doesn’t make you a bad player because you cant get in one of the elite clubs like Juventus team.Just saying not being an anorak lol

        • When we first went for him , he said what was said above ? It was plastered everywhere ?? You don’t need to make an offer for an inquirey? Its because of the inquiry he gave the response ??
          As with ogbonna he couldn’t get in front of the regulars which says he couldn’t get a start so he left without telling us he wants to fight for his place ?? He wanted to come !
          Zaza has obviously been told he hasn’t a hope of starting , only a bit part which then put zaza on the path to get daddy to put it out that he’s interested to come now ?? His stats are crap , everyone of them is weak ?? He’s crap ?
          A bit in depth Ricky but its how its come out my gob mate !!
          Probably talking bullS#1t anyway haha.

    • Yeah I thought he looked good at the OS also Tone, I watched some of his clips from Sassuolo also and he definitely has the potential to be a real star, in honesty probably we will lose Callieri at the end of the season and we cannot be sure that he will be a success. Sakho is one the club want to offload, Valencia looks devoid of confidence, AC is always injured Ayew for me isn’t a striker even if he can fill the role, I think the more options we have the better, Martinez scored a penalty and a good 2nd goal for the u23’s last night didn’t watch the match so can’t say much more than that but with him and Fletcher then the future is certainly looking bright. I am sure the club will find out if we are in Europe before confirming but I am hopeful if we can sign him.

      • He was only on for 15 mins and fresh as a daisy on a sweltering hot day ?
        In real terms 32 when he came on in the euros ( sub ) he was a dead parrot?
        You see something I don’t 32 ? Its all down to personal preference !

        • I think if you look at clips of him playing for former clubs he has good movement, he is also a decent finisher except on penalties perhaps 😉 I am just guessing like the rest of us but his movement in those minutes at the OS shows for me anyway if you look at how he got goal side then took his goal a player that can get in behind the defenders and cause a lot of problems for our opponents. He was constantly making good runs. Worst comes too worst on a loan to buy deal I would like to see what he could do for us, if it doesn’t work out send him back 🙂

  9. Bony on a loan would be good – loan to buy excellent ( No Goals no Rolls !! :))

  10. Fletcher and Martinez cost less then £2 million why pay £5 million to borrow him
    There are Freebies still out there that won’t cost that in wages
    Just to have a back up,
    You could probably buy Balotteli for that off Liverpoor,
    I know got the spelling wrong again but you know who I mean the mad Italian who can score goals and take pens,
    That should bring Matte back from his slumber he love this player

  11. Shame we can’t afford Adrien Silva . Great player , always liked him .
    I have reservations when it comes to Wilfried Bony , not too clever on the ball .
    Would prefer Simone Zaza , clever player with an eye for goal . Skillfull with the ball .
    A loan , is a loan , is a loan , So why not Zaza with an option to buy .

    • Probably because a bony is a proven goal scorer in prem and zaza ain’t plus bony will be off in jan and calleri and sakho with Carroll ,ish , fletcher , Martinez , that’s six strikers Kevin ,
      Some like me dont fancy him others do, can’t see the point in spending more money than is neccesary ? I think Bilic said that at a meeting yesterday , they are looking to bring someone in and sully is willing to put up the dosh ! I can’t see us paying 25 mill to sign zaza or paying a loan of 5 mill and 100 k a week ? ?
      Let Bilic get who he wants if any and see what happens

  12. Check out wet ham world zaza chart ! Says it all really IMO.
    Its under the west ham offered 24 mill striker??

  13. They forgot to mention he can’t take penalty’s either ???lol.

  14. Well , at the end of the day it’s all about who Bilic fancies ( and what the board are prepared to pay ) and whether they are suitable . As seems pretty obvious now we can’t depend on AC to perform on a reliable basis . Slaven probably has the most undesirable job in the Prem right now . What with injuries and prospective loan / buy deals being bantered about all over the media it’s a wonder we can actually put in a performance … That’s down to Slaven , and to be honest he is doing a great job of it . We can all fancy this player or that player because as fans we have a right to our opinions . But I say let the people who are paid to know about football do Thier jobs . Personally I don’t think we need to sign anybody else . It’s all knee jerking time . When the squad is fit ( not too long to wait ) we are a very dangerous outfit . Players will return from injury . The worry is , of course , that we upset or put the faces out of joint of a few established ( I say that with a wince ) players by signing on loan a load of players working Thier ticket .
    For example ; Antonio has been a diamond . Naturally he is feeling the attitude of the fans and is responding . The same goes for Kaouyate and Ogbonna . Even Valencia is putting in a strong shift . Collins , well that ginger pele is a Jem . Noble is doing a fantastic job as captain and his leadership is crucial during these tough weeks and those that we must face in the next month . Get Sakho back on track and together with Payet and Callini and Valencia we are strong again . If the idea is to sign another striker ( be it on loan or otherwise ) then in Slaven Bilic we must trust . And if it means Antonio playing out of position then so be it . He won’t be leaving West Ham because of a team option to play where Bilic says . Reckon Antonio is made of sterner stuff .
    A home win in the Europa League on Thursday will set us up nicely . Away to Man City will be a doddle. ( for us , that is ) . Somebody will upset City one day , so why can’t it be us ??
    You need only to look at Hull , heck , nobody expected them to be where they are .

  15. Nice post Kevin !
    Don’t agree with the lemon Higgins bloke ? Lol. The well known typing error correction ?
    Biggins .lol.

  16. Meds worn off again Kev you started so well then you lost us all when you brought Biggins into the plot,

  17. Hope matte and family are OK ,
    Bad news coming out of Italy this morning ?
    Not so nice pictures of collapsed buildings and stuff ?

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