Slav convinced next season will be better


slaven-bilic-west-ham-manager-press-conference_3364517Slaven Bilic was bitterly disappointed with this afternoon’s performance revealing that he expected a similar display to the one that put paid to Spurs’ Title hopes.

He said: “We were slower than on Friday night and they were quicker.

“We could have got the first goal and it would definitely have affected the game. We should definitely have equalised with that [Ayew] chance at the end of the first half, too, and then it maybe would have been different but it wasn’t good enough, especially in the second half.

“We had the first great chance with Sam Byram at the beginning of the game and we started well, but those moments were against us, to be fair. Before we conceded the third, we were asking for a penalty or at least for the referee to have stopped the game. To be fair, it then became very hard.

“But if you asked me about the performance, it was nowhere near the level we reached against Spurs.”

“We were missing a couple of really good players and that little bit of complacency that we wanted to avoid [slipped in],” he continued.

“We knew there was no place for that because it was such a big game, but it was probably there subconsciously.”

The manager though spoke  optimistically about how he and the Club will work over the summer to ensure a better season in 2017/18.

He said: “It was a very difficult one and a very long one. We had many, many obstacles but it showed today it was not about the stadium. The stadium needs time to adjust but we knew that before – we simply had too many injuries, not only today but throughout the season.

“We had eight operations this season, which was kind of weird, to be fair, and that’s why I would like to give credit to the players because it was very hard.

“We had a minimum goal and we achieved it and we’re going to benefit from this season long-term with the knowledge and experience because it was a very tough season.

“First, we have to adjust to the stadium. That period is not over, but it’s going to be better because we already had one season here.

“Then we have to find good players in a few positions that we need to improve the squad. We have a good squad, but we need to improve the quality in the positions that we really need and where we had to improvise this season. That’s all, really.”

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  • kevin says:

    Yeh , we definitely need a few new players and , maybe somebody in the office as well .

  • Travis says:

    I was listening to the radio on the way to the game.They were talking about the managers job at West Ham.They said it was a fantastic job if you can put up with the unrealistic expectations of the West Ham fans because they/we are known within football to be living in cloud cucko land most the time LMAO…

    • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

      lol maybe we just demand that our overpaid primadonnas puta shift in every match unlike the prawn sandwich brigade that benefit from 50% better decisions from ref’s every match 🙂

      • Travis says:

        Ha Ha well i didn’t say i agreed with their sentiments but it did make myself and buds in the motor laugh and look at each other and think ok maybe they have a slight point Lol
        Not that it would have made too much difference i imagine but how did the ref not see that handball.It was blatant having watched some highlights.Even Winjaldum looked at him guilty as sin.

    • Radai Lama..Paid up member of Slavs Chavs. says:

      Lol Travis,of course we are living in cloud cuckoo land.Its what keeps us sane supporting The Irons If you can be sane & live in cloud cuckoo land at the same time 😂
      **** today the season finished last week when we got to safety & did The Spuds 😁

  • Chedylan says:

    is it unrealistic to expect to not be thrashed at home by virtually every decent side in the division?

    is it living in cloud cuckooland to expect your team to at least fight for it on the pitch every game, instead of rolling over again and again?

    Are we all supposed to be really happy securing safety with 2 games in hand, in a 60,000 stadium.. with our wage bill?

    Whoever “they” are, is talking out of their backside

    • PopRobson says:

      Completely agree, I love this club but it’s not blind love…. some folk not just ‘they’ but even our own fans on here do seem satisfied, it’s ok to shrug your shoulders and say well that’s what it’s like following West Ham. Sorry not for me and even after 50 years I am still hoping that one day we can really compete, some folk must be so easily satisfied in life, celebrating not getting relegated is not enough for me. I read yesterday Noble saying that ‘Slav has done a brilliant job this season’…well let’s Google the word brilliant shall we….I make no excuses I have been going to watch this lot for 50 years I gave up my nice sunny Sunday to do so, I travel for a total of over four hours to do so, I spend god knows what in the course of a season to do so..all my own choice I appreciate but i think I at last deserve them to put in a shift, yesterday was embarrassing am getting loads of stick at work this morning, it’s difficult to come back at anyone because you know what we are sh*t this season and for me that’s not good enough.

  • master says:

    what makes him so convinced? I’d like to know because I certainly am not so optimistic.

    also, next season? how about concentrating on the job at hand, we have a game left which I think most fans want us to win and win convincingly. with some of the kids. and some good football.

  • Travis says:

    Look on the bright side you could all support Sunderland,Boro or Hull.Oh no thats right i forgot West Ham website users only do the four horsemen of the apocalypse stuff.
    Wow you are miserable *******s.

  • John Mc says:

    There is no established squad, maybe Reid, Antonio, Lanzini & not many more, so how can he say that? It is anyone’s guess as to who we can attract to sign, & new signings are a must. The owners need to get 66,000 capacity seating approved, as the size of the club then will attract the best. Imagine players boasting to one another (and they do!) about playing in the biggest club ground in The Capitol (sorry Spurs, Wembley is not a club ground) When Suarez signed for Barcelona, he knew he was going to a club with a 99,000 seater. It’s who we can attract that matters, and that isn’t just restricted to players either?

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