Slav: “I’m grateful to God for this opportunity”

BilicSlaven Bilic has revealed that playing in the English Premier League has affected his entire lifestyle.

The West Ham boss – in a revealing interview with www.fourfourtwo.com – declared: “I’m very pleased to have played 
in the Premier League. It helped me not only in football terms, but also 
in other aspects of life.

“I spent my most important time there, and the experience had a huge impact on me as a player and a manager. 
I learned to work hard, how to be professional, how to approach everything with a bit of humour… 
it affected my management style, 
of course, but more importantly 
it helped me to form my lifestyle.

And as a Roman Catholic – like Jose Mourinho – he added: “
I’ll always be grateful to God for giving me such an opportunity.

“Every day you are improving, learning 
– in training, by watching games, 
by reading books or just by talking with your staff and players. You’re changing but also improving. Every single second, I try to change and improve.”


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21 comments on “Slav: “I’m grateful to God for this opportunity”

  1. He should be grateful to God,if G&S had renewed Gods contract then Slav wouldnt be manager now.Interesting read about Slav the man however.

  2. I don’t get the Mourinho link. Only 2 RC managers in the Premiership? What’s religion got to do with it anyway?

    • Nothing, really, could take that quote out, change the headline and have the same article…

    • What the **** does it really matter.Why dont you start up a ******* site,provide articles in your own time for no fee & then we will all tear the **** out of what you write Goa.Ffs,i really dont understand why people cant just read the ******* articles without trying to find some trivial reason to **** on it.

  3. This guy’s willingness to change and improve says a lot. It’s a pity the Hippo didn’t have the same attitude. He thought he knew it all already. Very happy we ended up with Slav.

  4. He was my first choice as manager, but he wouldn’t have been if I’d known he believed in a load of superstitious claptrap. Disappointed; I thought the bloke was supposed to be intelligent.

  5. Lol,where anywhere has he mentioned a superstition.Sometimes i wonder if i read a different article than some others.Maybe you consider religion as superstition.Either way it sounds like a daft comment.At least Slav said he learned to approach everything with a sense of humour.You could learn from that it appears after your foolish comment.

  6. Yeah i have always doubted his intelligence.I think it was when i saw he spoke four or five languages & had a Degree in Law,that really started the alarm bells ringing,lol 😀

    • I’ve lived in four different countries and learnt four languages, that’s more about survival than intelligence. And if you think having a law degree makes you intelligent you’ve obviously never had cause to deal with a solicitor!!

      • Yeah fine.I was actually only joking but take it how you want.Wow,this place is getting too serious these days.Have fun 😉

      • Well for someone who has lived in four countries you seem to have a pretty bigoted narrow minded view on things El D*ckhead.

        • I refer my honourable friend to his comment further up the page and suggest he disconnect his keyboard before he makes an even bigger arse of himself.

  7. Should have guessed it wouldnt be possible to go one day without someone coming here to write something contentious or want an arguement.The on running theme of the last week or so!!

  8. Im not religious,far from it but i think maybe you should be the one disconnecting your keyboard El if your attitude towards Slavs religious views are one of it being superstitious clap trap.One of the most ridiculous comments i have read in many a month!

  9. What a surprise,someone else wanting an arguement on here.Who will it be tomorrow.Wetpants must be using a rotation policy 😉

  10. I read what he said and thought what a blessing he must be to the 2 Daves and the club,
    Knows what to say, does not make big Mistakes and does not offend anybody,
    Then once again we get ONE fukcing idiot come on hear and start an argument,
    Why come on here you banker and act like a moron if you think you are intelligent and why pick holes in our new Boss if you are a fan,
    El Martillo you are probably a spud or some other sort of undesirable or get your act together
    Off to the bunker

  11. What the el is going on,I’d say hell but that’d be superstitious. The world is upside down multi linguists aren’t clever just survivors,lawyers are stupid and people of faith are superstitious and unintelligent. You learn something new every day,superstitious deity only knows what he thinks of Gandhi and Martin Luther-King.
    Ar$eholes aside I think it was a misprint and he was thanking Gold lol

  12. Lol,it is definately a new reason to attack a manager,because he is religious & it is superstitious claptrap.Im sure he isnt practicing voodoo is he,just a normal Roman Catholic like millions of others.No chickens heads & dolls with pins in them 😉

    • Tbh I don’t care if he’s a cross dressing satanist,just want and hope he does a good job. I know we’re in Elizabethan times but ER II not the first one maybe we should get the UP stake out just in case we need to burn him lol

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