Slav’s Lukaku gesture shows mark of the man

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There was a moment yesterday which gave another fabulous and piercing insight into the character of our manager Slaven Bilic.

The Irons had just pulled themselves back to 2-2 and as we entered the last minute of the game the Irons scourge called Romelu Lukaku was taken off to receive a well deserved reception from the locals.

BUT …it wasn’t just the Everton fans who wanted to show their appreciation of a player who is probably on his way to Bayern Munich in the summer.

Most opposition managers would have had far too much on their minds as their team pushed for the unlikeliest win in the world.

But not Mr Bilic! As Lukaku ran off, the Irons boss had an arm outstretched towards him and when the player went by without noticing the beaming smile of appreciation for his performance, Slav made after him.

I’m sure he would have given him a typical kiss and a cuddle had he received the opportunity but the striker quickly disappeared down the tunnel.

This was all happening at the peak of the astonishing comeback as the Irons poured forward and finally grabbed the winner. Most managers would have had much more selfish matters on their minds

Yet our manager wanted to give a personal ‘well done’ to a member of the opposition for whom he clearly has enormous respect. WHAT A MAN!

That is the mark of this bloke – every week the respect and admiration grows and grows. Just how lucky are we that all those other so big hitting bosses turned us down.

Super Slav – WE LOVE YOU!


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13 comments on “Slav’s Lukaku gesture shows mark of the man

  1. Just watched Slavs postmatch interview on the official website. He’s a pure class indeed. And he has great understanding of players mentality.

  2. He is surely the best manager we have had since good old Ron Greenwood . Mind you there will be a lot of green eyed clubs looking to tempt him away soon i reckon , give the man what he wants , whenever he wants it .

    • The Daves will do the right thing by him, I’m sure of that. Why would he want to go anywhere else, he is making history with our great club and who knows where it will end?

    • Sadly Ron was too nice, never had that killer instinct or will to push the owners. They are not traits you will see in Slav.

      • Spy Greenwood was so ahead of his time with his methods & idea’s, like with players from that era you cant compare them with today. Greenwood was in charge of our most successful period & had John Lyall as his right hand man until he took over.
        Football was different in so many ways back then, managers didnt go to the owners & ask for more money.
        In saying that i agree that Slav is our best manager since & we are have only just started on our fantastic voyage.

  3. If we can keep him here for the next 5 years or longer he can achieve all he ever wants in football management,
    Luluka will leave and probably Stone and Barkley that will be the end of this team,SHAME
    this year has proved to me that there is a furture for food ball,
    Slav, Howe, are the managers to take our football forward after the Europeans Woy needs to move over for Howe,
    Giggs needs to be given a chance at Man U
    Wally with a brolly,Hippo ,Wenger Garde and all the old school need to move over and all you owners out there need to take our sport to a new standard
    Long live King Slav

    • Lets not for get Pochettino. I know I know spuds and all that but he is going to be a huge influence in the future of the national side. We almost have all of the exciting young managers coming to the prem now. Slav, Klopp, Howe, Flores soon to be Guardiola and the rest will follow I think.Funny to think young Mourinho will be one of the older managers soon.

  4. Yes most of those ‘big’ managers are now unemployed or below us in the league.

  5. Class , sheer class .

  6. Speaking of blokes who have quality, and blokes who don’t. How about that fool Mirallas trying to suggest the referee doesn’t understand the way we want the game played because he booked him for diving. Here’s the news mate, cheats like you are the biggest problem the game currently has, would have been a straight red and 3 weeks out if the decision was mine. Jerk.

  7. And the manager for calling the ref decision odd,
    They say Kouyate handled the ball no different then Bisic at the other end,
    Glad we did not get Mirrallas now,but Kane did the same and he still could have got the ball
    But was so wide on the wing nothing would have come of it,he is captain and if that’s leading by example I don’t know,

  8. Mirallas is a very good player but with a short fuse. You could tell by the way he was behaving that he was over rpm-ing. Two more players got the same fate this weekend, Mata and Coquelin. Let’s not talk about Milner, because he tried to hurt the opponents both times. I think Mirallas is Just over anxious to make up lost time, and he is against the clock to prove he deserves a place on the Belgian squad going to the Euro, thus this uncontroled adrenaline rush. Plus, he is probably following instructions from Little Robertito, who also gave instructions to McCarthy to follow Payet everywhere and intimidate him as much as possible. There is a saying that time is an incorruptible judge, which puts things and people in their place. Time has shown us the true face of Robertito, a little man, and I am happy he didn’t become our manager when we were looking into the possibility of it.

    As for the complaints towards the ref, he actually forgot or did not see three penalties for West Ham, one on Emenike where Funes was pulling him so He could not get to the cross, another from the same Funes on Ogbonna (and that one was a RED as an extra), and Besic, who has his arm wide out stretched and that is undoubtedly a peno. Irony of it is that just after that, Noble delivered a magnificent cross for Antonio to head it home. So no, I don’t think Everton are entitled to complain about the refereeing. They should rather look at themselves and wonder how they could blow a two goal-lead.

  9. Mirrallas dived and I hate that more then anything in our game please Enner no more,
    The second tackle he was late foot up and went right through Cressie and no excuses most players were revved up on the pitch he just beat McCarthy to the punch,
    Kane dived there was no contact so a warning should have been the end of it,never a sending off but it did us a favour,

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