Steidten: I wanted control of West Ham


West Ham’s director of football, Tim Steidten, has provided a revealing insight into his experience at the club in a sensational interview with NWZ online. He candidly discussed his initial overambition at West Ham and how he, along with David Moyes and David Sullivan, has formed a close understanding.

He also hinted at his long-term commitment to the club, suggesting a project that could span four or five years.

Steidten’s comments particularly shed light on what this means for David Moyes’ future at the club.

“I am euphoric at every game and every training session because I feel that I am in the right place, in the right league,” Tim Steidten said.

“I wanted to have overall responsibility. I wanted to take control myself. It was a stark change for all three of us (Sullivan, Moyes, and himself).”

Incredible Steidten interview reveals West Ham future

Steidten: I wanted to have overall responsibility. I wanted to take control myself

“David Moyes – I think – noticed through my transfers that my work was important. Conversely, I learned an incredible amount from him when it comes to perspectives on football.”

“A squad restructuring is always a four-to-five-year project. I was at Werder for 18 years and could have probably worked there longer. But I also wanted to experience something different and never have to say to myself: I should have done that. But what I experience in England is particularly good for my development.”

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