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Steidten won’t get his man: Sullivan using agent in manager search

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Breaking news reports suggest that West Ham’s Director of Football, Tim Steidten, is not involved in recruiting David Moyes’ successor.

Instead, the initiative is believed to be led by Unique Sports Management CEO and football agent Will Salthouse, who is understood to be involved in the deal to bring Julen Lopetegui to East London.

Salthouse has long been regarded as one of Hammers chairman David Sullivan’s most trusted agents. These rumours also coincide with news from Sports Witness, which suggests that Steidten has been asked to halt player recruitment until the new manager is in place.

If these stories prove accurate, it would surely diminish the influence of the Hammers’ Director of Football at the club. As Talk Sport reported earlier today, Steidten and Sporting Director Mark Noble were believed to be pushing for the appointment of Ruben Amorim.

News of the agent led push for the appointment of Lopetegui will not go down well with Hammers fans who are already suspicious of the move.

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  • Dave says:

    If this is true, …..well, I just give up. The club is run by a team of jokers. Noble and TS must be thinking why are we here. And wouldn’t blame them for walking away. But then again why should they, just hang around and collect your wages coz Sully won’t pay them off………….

  • Pete says:

    If this is true the protests start now. Sully HAS to go!!! When will he learn he and his cronies know nothing about modern football. Dinosaurs the lot of them.

  • Mark says:

    Complete mess Sullivan looking for the
    Cheapest option

    • Peter says:

      One at a time people Moyes first then we can move on from this dreadful negative football

  • Kelvin wheeler says:

    Numbnuts is up to his old tricks again. He couldn’t run a **** up in a brewery. The ****s an idiot.

  • Ricko says:

    Just looking for cheapest option no ambition get them out of the club leave noble and sted and get new owners

  • Deathblow says:

    Are you sh*tting me?

    This is the most horrendous thing I’ve heard. Sullivan needs to go. This is 1900s football not 2024.

    EVERY club who has a director of football leaves them to work on the appointment of the new coach.

    Salthouse is a big a shady character only interested in every penny he can screw from the imbecile Sullivan. This surely surely spells the end for this club and Steidten.

    If this is true I will never buy another season ticket again until Sullivan is gone. The scab is an utter imbecile and is suffering from small-man syndrome at our expense.

    WE HATE YOU SULLIVAN and you are a maggot eating away every penny the fans pay. Get the f*ck out.
    Enjoy sitting in a bowl of tourists and plastics and banner saying Sullivan out. You will be hounded from every stadium. Not by me as I won’t be going while you are there. Hateful moron.

  • Frank Reed says:

    Story is so wrong it can’t be true

  • Micky Bond says:

    FFS whats Sully think he’s playing at. All this is doing is throwing the fans under the bus with the becarefull with what you wish for brigade. What a c##t.

  • Neil Down Under says:

    I really wish the club was run more professionally.
    As grateful as I am to Sullivan and the late David Gold for stepping in and likely saving the club after the Icelandic debacle, it has always been a bit “Carry On Up The Hammers”, since they took over with Sullivan as the Sid James character.
    Every transfer, every managerial whispering, leaked from the club somehow.
    Like an excited schoolboy with a secret he can’t keep.
    We’re linked with really exciting prospects, only for a circus show in the press, online, in the media to ensue. Something you rarely ever see from the top clubs around the world.
    No wonder we end up being turned down by many of these prospects.
    Discretion is non-existent at the club, which likely makes it near impossible for a manager and/or the director of football to do their jobs.
    Get the transfers and managerial appointments done behind the scenes. Wait until the right time to announce it.
    As keen as I am to see a new manager with an exciting style of football, the way this has been handled is completely disrespectful of David Moyse. Who let’s face it, has saved us from relegation, twice. Given European football 3 seasons in a row, and secured us some of our best premiership positions.
    Once again lack of class and professionalism from a club.
    Rant over.

  • Deathblow says:

    So, if Steidten has zero input on the appointment of the new coach, why has David Moyes banned him from anything to do with the squad and the training ground?
    All this stinks to high heavens and your mates Sullivan and Salthouse need to be investigated by the fraud squad and Inland Revenue, Something very dodgy and underhand is going on here.
    Or are you just peddling circus gossip and stirring it up for the benefit of Sullivan and his pet agent?

  • Don kit says:

    Sully penny pinching again it’s about time you sold up and get out of our club . Moyes has taken us as far as he could, now is time for a more progressive minded coach who will give us the supporters the type of football we have been longing for.

  • Ian says:

    Sully you tight arse git get a life sell up and do us all a favour,

  • Kevin waylen says:

    I agree that SULLIVAN and MOYES are like two peas in a pod.Thats why he wants the Spaniard as he’s the same as moyes.We are run like a circus it’s such a shame because the fans deserve so much more! Sullivan doesn’t care about the football club so he should sell up and move aside.The appointment he is making will set us back years as a club.We will end up in a relegation battle next season and our decent players will all leave.Why are you destroying our football club you moron? All the critics who have been saying be careful what you wish for will be smiling now because of Sullivans inadequacies! I hope the loyal fans at west ham vote with their feet and the stadium is empty when premier league matches are played there next season

  • BIG ERN says:

    Sullivan, Brady & Moyse have out stayed there welcomes at West Ham.
    All 3 of them should get out of the club instead of hanging around dragging us into a hole that us loyal supporters thought we were getting out of. Sullivan has always been a greedy little man hanging onto the pennies buying who he wants and no desire to see the club advance after all the promises made when we moved to that monstrousity of a stadium.

  • Trevor says:

    ……..all of our previous owners ruined the club. The Cearns family, Terence Brown, the idiots from Iceland, Gold and in particular Sullivan. Sullivan will claim they saved the club….. but in truth the club needs further saving now. The right choice of manager has to be made now if West Ham are to step up a notch, it isn’t Julen!

  • Teddybard says:

    Who would have believed it Moyes on the way and then

    Feckin Sullivan finds a way to **** off the DOR
    And NOBES

    what a total turd

  • Nicko says:

    Let’s not get our knickers in a knot just yet. There are so many rumours floating around that most are just clickbait. We will all know in 2-3 weeks. Then show your anger or delight. COYI

  • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

    Well said Nicko . Nobody especially the media know what’s going on behind the scenes. I suspect lopetegui is a smokescreen and let’s be honest. West ham United are the English medias favourite whipping boys . Tevez olympic stadium. The bowyer signing . And Kurt zoumas cat Incident . I even read so called journalists demanding a points deduction over that . Adil ray for starters. Calm down and let’s se what unfolds .

  • Rod Breyer says:

    I find it incredible that anyone believes what they read on these low grade blog sites, much less get worked up over it. When did this site last make an accurate prediction? Read them for a laugh, yes, but save your blood pressure for when you need it, muppets!

  • Kcockayne says:

    This situation seems to be a complete mess; but I suggest that the constant rumours & speculation in these columns are not helping matters. I would prefer to avoid all of the guesswork & “informed comment”, & wake up one morning with the whole thing done & dusted.

  • Hugh Jars says:

    Please, Sullivan, Brady……just do one. Tim Steiden won’t put up with there crap, on his bike. Looks like another kin boring season next year! ⚒️⚒️⚒️

  • Hugh Jasoll says:

    So the agent Salthouse led the managerial search and came up with his own client? Bullocks

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