Sullivan Abuse: The full disgraceful version

DSFull Transcript of the David Sullivan confrontation in the Car park on Saturday:

Fan voice 1: It’s not your fault, it’s not your fault.
Fan voice 2: Don’t talk to me, I’m a season-ticket holder.
Sullivan: Who else is going to take over?
Fan voice 2: I’m a season-ticket holder, don’t talk to me like that.
Why are you leaving early? Why are you f***ing leaving early?
Fan voice 3: Why are you f***ing off early?
Sullivan: Why are you?
Fan voice 2: Because I’ve got to travel back on the f***ing train, not a f***ing Rolls Royce or a f***ing plane. We’re fans.
Sullivan: Look, I’m a fan. I’ve never left early all season. That was the worst performance all season.
Fan voice 2: Can you give us something back though?
Fan voice 4: Does Karren Brady take it up the ……
Fan voice 2: Can we just forget it and instead of palming it all of can we have some answers?
Sullivan: I’ll shake your hand, shake your hand, shake your hand.
Fan voice 5: I’ve been a West Ham supporter for 40 f***ing years. Why aren’t you f***ing doing something?
Fan voice 2: Can we have some answers?
Fan voice 4: Does Karren Brady take it up the a***?
Fan voice 2: Can we have some answers please?
Sullivan: That’s not big and it’s not clever.
Fan voice 6: That’s not funny.
Fan voice 2: Can we have some answers? Proper answers, not on Twitter, not on Twitter.
Fan voice 7: Listen mate, we was up at four o’clock this morning…
Fan voice 8: Get Big Sam out!
Fan voice 9: Sam out!
Fan voice 7: We got caught in a crash on the motorway, someone died, someone died, and we got here 25 minutes gone, and we’re leaving 25 minutes to go. We’ve had it with him.
Sullivan: I’ve never left early.
Fan voice 7: We’ve had it with him.
Sullivan: All season it was the worst performance.
Fan voice 10: Fair play to you, fair play to you.
Fan voice 11: West Brom, they’re going down mate, get rid of that fat c***!
Fan voice 12: Fair play David!
Fan voice 13: Fair play!
Fan voice 14: You’re a c***!




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7 comments on “Sullivan Abuse: The full disgraceful version

  1. disgusting, plain and simple

  2. Totally uncalled for – I hope those involved are ashamed of themselves!

  3. It troubles me that these parasites and I have something in common in both being hammers. They certainly are not the voice of this club and thankfully are in the minority, just a shame these tossers get airtime online and in the papers.

    How about taking a step back and realising what BFS has done at the club in 4 years, where we are and who has funded that with their own money?! Yeah it was a **** performance and everyone is disappointed but that behaviour was just embarrassing.

    I could write an essay on this but I know I am right, as do my hammer pals who are on the same page and realistic souls such as I. Those helmets in the video need to wisen up. Educate yourself before larging it abusing DS and just simply confirming yourselves as the degenerates you are.

  4. Poor bloke

  5. I hope Sullivan thanked Allardyce this morning for having to endure the mob because of him.As disgraceful as it was ,and language aside, the sentiment remains that Allardyce is the root cause of the clubs evils.If Sullivan now offers Allardyce a new multi million pound deal in May ,he can expect more flak, most of which will be warranted.I hope Sullivan remembers Saturday in May.

  6. The behaviour of these guys is an absolute disgrace. Cowardly, pathetic and small. I have gone to away games for 30 to 40 years and there have been plenty of ups and downs but nothing to justify a foul verbal assault on a man who is of pensionable age and who has ploughed millions in to the club. I am no Sam fan and prefer a midfield without Nolan but I do not behave like scum and use gutter language to put over a point of view. Get a life pathetic people.

  7. what ****ers this bloke saved our club have they forgot this


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