Sullivan fightback on new OS media attacks

DSWest Ham’s chairman, David Sullivan called up Talksport radio last night to defend the club after a day of West Ham bashing by the media yesterday over the publication of the Olympic Stadium agreement.

Sullivan told Andy Goldstein “We’ve saved the stadium, look what happened in Greece, it’s a wreck, look what happened in China, it’s a wreck, we’ve saved that magnificent stadium” questioned on why the tax payer is footing the bill for running costs Sullivan answered “The tax payer is paying nothing because the stadium operator will make a big fat profit actually”

Talking to co-host Jason Cundy Sullivan “We’ve done a great job for West Ham but we’ve done a great job for the nation, we’ve done a great job for the country, a great job for jobs in Newham, for people coming to Newham, for tourism, for business for Westfield, It’s a win/win deal for everyone and if you can’t see that you can’t see it but you must look at the overall deal”

Sullivan added ‘I think there is jealousy for West Ham. The deal we have done for our stadium mirrors the deal for the Etihad Stadium in Manchester. It is a similar deal, that’s what it was based on. We have fantastic communications links, it is good for the club and good for the area. Other clubs will say we don’t want it because it is not a perfect stadium. There was a lot of money building it for Olympics, conversion costs were more than it should have been as it wasn’t built to be converted. It is not a perfect stadium. Plusses and minuses for us and plusses and minuses for .’

Listen to full 16 minute interview here https://soundcloud.com/sean-whetstone/david-sullivan-on-talksport-discussing-os-agreement


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4 comments on “Sullivan fightback on new OS media attacks

  1. Middlesbrough, Wigan, Sheff United and Fulham joined together and attacked West Ham over the Tevez deal and all met their deserved fate. Charlton, Spurs and Orient are the ring leaders this time around. Lets hope they all have the same outcome. The gods are with West Ham – upset them at your peril.

  2. They are all jealous especially Barry hearn , two old men (no disrespect DS & DG ) and a very clever lady showed them how how to get the best deal for all, they were all offered a chance but decided not to , all I can say to Mr hearn is perhaps he should have consulted his dog.

  3. So what’s next ? are they going to raise yet another petition to see if they can have another go at throwing a spanner in the works ? Don’t think Man City had any of this sour griping but maybe that is what worries the anti’s,not the stadium deal but where it will take us to (;

  4. Ha! Ha! Ha!! Heard on talksport. What a w*nker. A bitter chance who tried everything to get his nose in the trough. Once realisation set in that it was a no go he started the attacks on us. F*cking hypocrite. Same as the spuds.

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