Talk a Good Game


Myself and Geo attempt to find something interesting to talk about following our bore draw away to West Brom.

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  • jimbo says:

    Guys – Remember it was only a week ago that Geo said he would take the post as being man of the match if we could nick a win? This all stems from having a manager whose job is on the line every week. The fear of losing is outweighing everything else, hence we are going out with five at the back, two defensive midfielders who with the best will in the world lack the pace or guile to do a lot offensively, and a poacher out on the wing. Until we are clear of the bottom six, or we replace the manager, it isn’t going to change. And I’m not popping at Bilic here btw, as anyone in his position would be thinking the same – If we dont lose then I’m less likely to get sacked. where you are spot on gonzo is the lack of a plan or a philosophy. But again it’s tough for Bilic to play two up top at the moment as it means sacrificing the back five or one of the two defensive midfielders. The light on the horizon is Lanzini’s return when his hand will be forced. Either he drops Kouyate or goes to a flat back four. Either increases the risk of us conceding however. So I have some sympathy with the position Bilic finds himself in and can understand to a degree why we are set up not to concede currently. If we keep collecting points and pull away from the bottom, he will have the breathing space he needs to gamble, or alternatively we cut him loose. and that carries big risks. Just look at Palace and what they’ve done. So for now, maybe a few clean sheets and points in the bag is the best we can hope for. COYI

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