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The great ticket rip off – the fans react

So called West Ham fans are auctioning tickets for the last two Boleyn games on ebay.

David Sullivan jnr has asked fans to explain what the club should do and meanwhile fans have been responding to this behaviour on ClaretandHugh. Here’s what they have to say.


O If you were lucky enough to have the last game under the lights with the Mancs you’ve been granted a wish from God. If you sell it you ain’t no fan it only cost you £50 it will be the best night in our whole history why would you not want to be there mugs COYI ⚒⚒ hope you get banned for life

O Saw tickets being sold on Ticketbis for the last game at the Boleyn prices starting at £500+ . Can’t believe genuine fans would try to sell their tickets to make money.
I can see why they would that one ticket will pay for next year’s season would I no

O Morally wrong…but we live in a capitalist, supply and demand society. They bought the ticket, so they can give it up if they want. Maybe quite a few people could be tempted for the right amount of cash…it is on the TV after all.
Not agreeing…just saying.

Can’t agree with any attempt to rip off your own fans

O I don’t get that this is a “rip-off”…don’t want them at that price? Don’t buy them then.

O  There are very very worthy people been supporting for years and years…one for whom a major appeal has been put out for a ticket. Meanwhile there are fans merely wanting to make a pile out of other fans and miss the most magical moment of all for dough. All opinions respected but for me that’s just WRONG.
O It wont take long for the Ticket Office to identify the seller, when they do he or she must have their OS Season Ticket revoked and sold to a real fan on the waiting list. I know he or she is young, look at the ticket , but this is disgraceful when all real fans are trying via the ballot to go see the last two games.

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One comment on “The great ticket rip off – the fans react

  1. I’m not saying it’s right but no one knows the circumstances they are in, like someone said it could be a way to pay for their season ticket next season. I personally would never sell mine for the last game. When I can’t make a game I just give my ticket to a friend for nothing anyway. However the moment I walk out of the station at Upton Park you hear touts shouting that they’re buying or selling tickets, if the club are going to make a big deal out of this surely they should do something about the touts that have been there all season? The police clearly don’t seem to care. And if you are to sell your ticket wouldn’t you rather get cash for it rather than credit on your ticket account?

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