The secret list…


Be afraid, be very afraid !

There is a very secret list that is only known to a few people.

It is called the ‘Clubs who could well be in a relegation fight but don’t think they should be

Quite rightly, if you are on that list and it looks like that West Ham could quite easily be on it…. the dynamic of which puts a manager under pressure. Our Supremo was backed, just about, through the whole of last season but unless we start seeing some new signings. We are now about to find out just how much we’re going to miss Declan Rice.

We are due to play Chelsea, Brighton, Man City and Liverpool within the first six games alongside obvious banana skin games in the shape of Bournemouth away and an early journey to Kenilworth Road.

Six games and a possible 0 points?

I do hope that I am wrong.

The bookies share my misgivings, as Mr Moyes is the third favourite in the “sack race”, even though the season has not started yet !

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