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This guy raised the Irons bar to new levels


payet5Maybe a new category called ‘Image Maker of the Year’ should have been added to the Hammers awards last night.

And had it been done so then it would undoubtedly have meant that Dimi Payet would have collected six awards rather than five.

Obviously manager Slaven Bilic has been the most influential figure at Upton Park during this amazing season but given this was a players’ night Payet would have surely collected my suggested trophy.

For this will have been a nine of ten month campaign which has impacted far beyond the confines of the East London support base and has raised our image 100% across the nation.

The simple truth is that West Ham is now has become one of the most talked about clubs in the land and that by and large is down to Payet

His signing has taken this club to a different level – he has raised the bar to such an extent that we have become unrecognisable from the team that finished last season and those preceding it over the past 10 years or so.

Talk to anyone about the Irons outside of our own fans and the first name mentioned is his. We are no longer anonymous and discussed patronisingly as a club that may ‘one day’ get somewhere.

Fortune has not been hiding… our dreams are not fading and dying and for that we can thank Dimi and of course the brilliant manager Slaven Bilic.

The rest of the lads have been sensational during a stupendous season – now let’s just complete the job and qualify for Europe.

Thanks gaffer… thanks Dimi… thanks guys and thanks Davids!

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  • mattefumi27 says:

    Yes Hugh, he’s my favourite player (sorry Ravel… lol), he’s our light, the spark that starts the fire, the unpredictability. But he’s not only a wonderful player, he’s also a magnet for other class players who could be excited about playing with him. The same goes for Bilic, our true leader, a kind warrior who gave us our dignity back and the pleasure of dreaming big. But I want to thank all our fantastic players: Adrian, Cresswell, Antonio, Reid, Tomkins, Ginge, Noble, Kouyate, Sakho, Lanzini, Randolph, Ogbonna, Carroll (and his doctor… lol), JOB (I don’t why, but thank you… lol), Song, Valencia, Emankini (as bubs says), Oxford, Obiang, Moses and Byram. Everyone has contributed something, small or big, to bring us one of the most inspiring seasons of West Ham history. Proud of being a Hammer 😉

    • Billy the Hammer says:

      Well said Matte.Very impressive words coming from one of us illiterate,ignorant pigs from C&H 😉

      • mattefumi27 says:

        hahah… Ok, I admit that I read the whole dictionary in the night Billy… Now I’m an illiterate ingnorant pig with hipster glasses… loool 😀

        • Radai the Lama says:

          Lol,that’s great dedication Matte staying up all night.Congrats on this effort.I’m still amazed that after they have called us ignorant pigs,morons,Rabid dogs & illiterate that the Wetpants havnt worked out that is why we take the p*ss out of some of them.Maybe one day the penny will drop.What do they expect us to do,love them after calling the lads on here all those things?? Haha 🙂

          • mattefumi27 says:

            lol… I’m with you Rads and I’m happy to be a rabid dog… we’re the voice of the suburbs… lol 🙂

  • GW says:

    Controversy at the Wet Pants award ceremony last night though.. No outright winner of delusional made up manager of the year, no outright winner of most likely to sit behind a laptop and talk bolllocks throughout a match thread and the stats slide show set up decended into chaos when someone had the balls to question the 4 3 3 formation against the wishes of the powers to be.

    • mattefumi27 says:

      ahahh.., thanks GW, you’re our brave reporter who had the guts to stay until the end of the Wetpants Awards… It’s no small feat, congratulations… lol 😀

    • Radai the Lama says:

      Lol,youre a bad man GW.Didn’t you know it’s ok for them to call us all these things but we ain’t allowed to take the p*ss without them wondering why.Always amuses me when I read one of them say ‘C&H guys really don’t like this site do they’…errr no & I wonder why.Maybe being called ignorant pigs might be a reason..or perhaps being called illiterate or morons could be the reason.Oh yeah I’m going to love guys who call us that,let’s all have a group hug,haha 😀

      • GW says:

        I remember them well Rads the same ones that told us we were doomed when the slug left the club pukka pie in hand. The same ones that pop on here to post some crap then run back there to tell the powers that be what they’ve done so they can get invited to the annual pillow fight and rub each other down with a copy of BFS autobiography. May be a rabid dog but better having an opinion than being a lap dog waiting for a pat on the head by the powers that be and hoping to be told your a good boy.

  • One Eye Jack says:

    I wouldn’t lose sleep over them fellas,anyone who has that opinion of you clearly has a superiority complex or they wouldn’t have called fellow fans those derogatory terms.People like that are not worth giving the time of day too I have always found.

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