Time to say goodbye?


Time to say goodbye?

The unsettled Gianluca Scamacca has been the subject of interest from his boyhood side Roma for weeks now, and he is doing very little to help quash the rumours.

A couple of weeks ago, he was reported to have said that it would be his “dream” to play under Roma boss Jose Mourinho and yesterday liked a photo of the fans that was posted on the club’s Twitter page, with the caption “Giallorossa is unique”.

I think it pretty obvious that he wants to move back to Italy, but he should perhaps show a bit more respect, as the Irons are still paying his £90,000 per week wages.

The uncertainty about his future and the fact that he is playing in our pre-season games risk unsettling the squad.

We have only three weeks or so until the new campaign starts, so perhaps we should just let him go?

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  • keith astley says:

    He also said that he’s happy at West Ham but that doesn’t get website clicks!

  • gebbyuk says:

    Would be complete madness to sell him after one season ! Especially at a loss… many players take time to settle to not only the premier but different countries, show him the faith !

  • Hammeroo says:

    It’s not much different to what Declan Rice was doing before joining Arsenal. And I agree with Simon Leyland when he suggested Scamacca should show more respect. I had also thought the same towards Declan. Maybe it ‘s the way with young people nowadays.

  • Saul says:

    He clearly isn’t happy playing the Moyes way. Neither, it seems, is Antonio. Neither was Haller. There are probably more. But surely that due diligence is undertaken before signing a player like Scamacca for that much money? If he’s homesick he needs to man up. If it’s Moyes’ tactical use of him i can understand his issue. He get’s paid pretty well though…

  • UptonBuddy says:

    The guy never stood a chance. A proven goal scorer in the past with good skills but not used to being up front on his own with nothing feeding him balls he can latch on to. So what does Moyes do – exactly what the player doesn’t respond to and then wondering why he hasn’t settled in as he would like.
    Afraid its another case of Moyes buying players and then trying to change them to meet his style of football instead of what they have proved in the the manner they have successfully played in the past and what he has paid good money for.
    It will no doubt happen again with any incoming players as I can’t see Moyes being flexible enough in his approach to use them in the best way rather than his way

  • Pav says:

    We are completely incapable of identifying/buying players that everyone (mainly Moyes) seems on board with this summer so the last thing we need right now is to sell another first team player. I still think if he get his head on right and he stays injury free he will have a good season.

  • johnham1 says:

    Another casing example why Moyes has to be sacked. Another player misused by Moyes, who will be sold for alot less than what we paid for him. We are falling apart all because the board have not done the right thing and sacked Moyes. I am not sure how many more coaching staff, how many more players need to leave before the penny drops with the owners. Surely the new DOF has to be backed with his signings not Moyes signings- if not he will walk. Why hire him if you are not going to back him irrespective of what Moyes wants This will be the ultimate vindication if we needed it to confirm that the club should have sacked Moyes.

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