Top pundit calls for Noble to be dropped

Leroy Rosenior has repeated his belief that Mark Noble’s day is done as a regular first teamer.

The former Hammer – and big pal of Claretandhugh – has made it clear in the past on this site that he reckons the captain can now longer expect automatic selection.

Mark Noble of West Ham United looks on during a Pre Season Friendly between Manchester City and West Ham United at the Laugardalsvollur stadium on August 4, 2017 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

And he has again declared that Noble’s continuing presence in the side raises a big question mark in his mnd and one that the manager needs to address.

Speaking to the Totally Football Show podcast he said the time has come to drop the midfielder adding:“No disrespect for Mark Noble, but they’ve bought all these players, and how is he still in the team?”

I love Mark Noble, and he’s West Ham through and through, but they’ve bought players of good quality and spent big money. He shouldn’t still be in the side.”


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32 comments on “Top pundit calls for Noble to be dropped

  1. He is one of those players that divides opinion, I don’t forget everything he has done for the club, stuck with us through thick and a lot of very thin times, he is a legend at the club just as much West Ham as Brooking and Bonzo but agree with Leroy we have much better players that make the team stronger on the field, he definitely has a place in the squad but he should be on the subs bench for most League games, captain in the early cup games maybe but if we want to win the cups we would need to limit his contributions even in the later rounds because the best sides know how to nullify his attributes.

  2. What game changing ability, for the better !! , does he have ?Much rather have Holland ( Cullen) breaking their neck to get on and prove something.

    Sorry , but it is time to go Noble … NOW COYI

  3. Not good enough for the bench , his contribution is not good enough , putting him on the bench does not make that problem any better !
    Let him go , he’s done , thank you mark but you need to take a back seat , maybe coaching the kids or something ,bilic needs to sit him down and tell him how it is , as if he doesn’t already know 😎

  4. Agree with Rosenior here. Noble has a role to play but it should be at best from the bench. A great servant, although the loyalty aspect wears a bit thin with me. He never had an opportunity to better himself elsewhere so the loyalty has never really been tested.

    For me i’d put Rice in ahead of Noble from the get go at the weekend. In 30 mins at Old Trafford he looked more comfortable on the ball than Noble, Obiang or Fernandes. Reminded me of Scott Parker.

    We need to find a route for some of these talented youngsters or we are not going to attract any, and the recent policy of picking up kids with potential from other academy’s will come to and end.

  5. which one should replace him? Zabaleta a defender, our new striker perhaps, Arnie the left winger? Or perhaps he meant that our nice new goalkeeper should replace him. I’m always for an obviously better player replacing anyone, but have a word……

    • Carvalho would be different, but he is
      doubtful now.

    • You need a kevin moment fishes ! He’s done mate , wakey wakey 😉

    • Calm down Fishy,have another coffee 😁

      • LOL no need for me . like I said anyone could replace anyone, but only in the same position methinks.

    • Carvalho or Rice for me Sleeps but as you say Carvalho is looking less likely and we haven’t seen how Rice deals with any difficult situations or loss of form yet but I would play him while he is in form to give him more confidence, he is good defensively and he is very quick can pass and dribble with ball, seems to tick most of the boxes, he has made a few mistakes already but then Noble makes many also.

      • I am inclined to agree , but as I’ve said Please put Rice in the back line. As you probably know 32 , new young CBs are blooded in defensive MF or full-back, to get them used to the pace of the Prem before trusting them at CB. I think Rice is an exception because he is that mature, so put him where we need him most. CB

  6. Leroy has just gone on the Noblettes hit list 😁
    Of course he has been a loyal servant no one better has ever wanted him as far as i recall.Press links to Newcastle & Palace when Pards was there thats about it from what i remember.But anyway he doesnt deserve the grief he gets imo even if his time is running out.If Poppodom had half the desire to play for us he might get off his arse sooner than he ever does 😃

  7. At UP he was good, outstanding during a season and half, but the move to OS has found him out. That missing pace he was never really blessed with is over exposed on the larger pitches, because of this lack of pace and greater distance to cover he rarely makes the tackles which were his trade mark at UP. Think its time Slav starts sees him as a bench player, who comes on for a specific job or see a game out, time for youth to be given its chance.

    Rice I would prefer to see in a back three but he can do Nobles job just as well if not better.

  8. Never good enough for England
    Never good enough last season when Kouyate and Obiang fit
    Only use now as a bargaining chip for a transfer of a championship player,
    Great club man but Mark don’t become another Nolan leave with grace and play for couple of years in a lower league then come back and work in the boot room for many years to come
    But he is not the only one
    Konte,Ginge and Reid are not good enough
    Ayew and Snodgrass are not good enough
    I read a site this morning that named their side against Southampton
    It was exactly the same as last Sunday
    Some people learn nothing
    I hope our owners and manager are learning,
    If we want top players like Cav from sporting we need to just pay up and find money elsewhere
    Stop messing about bring in 3 more players fast and sell the dead wood before we start fighting against relegation

  9. We aint going to be nowhere near relegation bubs.Behave yourself 😁😁
    So i thought Lanzini & Antonio were probably back for The Saints game so how the f*ck did they chose the same team as Sunday.Crystal Meth addicts i guess 😁

    • Pure opium more likely rads 😂 lanzini ? Bar codes ? Probably read it wrong , that opium is good stuff 😂😂

  10. I could name 9 bubs that I would let go and put in reserves 😎 but they would have to put the Thames barrier in flood mode first 😂😂

  11. But he bleeds claret and blue, we only ever win when he plays, he’s a local lad, it was down to the hernia that he was poor last year, no one can replace him as captain because he’s been loyal 😆😆 Just thought I’d throw all the excuses for him to play week in week out before someone else does even though his legs have gone 😆

  12. Ninja khan should do a piece about douglas bader 😂😂cruel I know, but fun ♿👅

  13. I was very impressed with Declan Rice when he came on on Sunday, he looked very composed and classy.

    Time looks to have caught up with Mark Noble, he looked lively in the first few minutes but faded badly, I know he’s had the hernia problem but I’ve also heard that he’s had a serious chronic injury for a long time – maybe he needs to get that sorted ( or maybe he’s not told Bilic about it!) – he’s definitely a shadow of his former self.

  14. As much as I appreciate Mark Noble for all of his years of great service to our club, it’s time for him to step down, and find another challenge elsewhere. When Scott Parker left in 2011 there was an opportunity for Mark to fill his role, but for me, he didn’t get there…..If Mark had, he would’ve been an England squad member by the time West Ham were back in the Prem.

  15. It was pretty obvious last Sunday that Mark Noble is past his best . Heck , even I could see that . Have always supported him . He is Legend status for most fans , always been there and always given it his all . Total respect for the Man that has given us his Loyalty and commitment . NOW however, I think it is time for him to hang up his First Team boots . Cup games against lesser / smaller clubs ok but , not the every day match day squad . It’s not as if he can be an impact sub either . Time for a reality check , Mark ; Sorry .

  16. Shame CU’s he has been so loyal and to me that’s a big thing but u are all right we need more now but I certainly wouldn’t want him out of the club totally loyalty goes both ways..as for cavhallio if we mess this up and dont get him it will be a massivre blow that could IMO have a bad effect on us ..not sure why they don’t just pay up CU’s he’s worth it and is Young so has got sell on value.. Ffs its a no brainer

  17. Wow , are you watching the possible transfers being bounced around . That Portuguese pair are very good ,, I’ve actually seen them play on various occasions because my job means traveling to Portugal often . Take in some football while I’m there when I can .
    That pairing would be a better option than Carvalho imo . They team up beautifully .
    There would be absolutely no need for the Noble question to ever raise its head again .

  18. Apparently, SUGO have met the asking price for Carvalho but the agent keeps upping the personal terms. As for Mark it’s unfortunately true that there are now more accomplished midfielders in the side but that’s not what captaincy is about is it. Mark at least is not as accident prone as Kouyate, Obiang, Reid. Would a newbie have the respect of the players? I only really see two alternative choices: Zabaleta and Hart, both for character shown on the field. It would be a poor thing for me though to give our highest honour to a newbie, especially a loanee. Tough call.

  19. I give Rice the chance above Noble in mid if not used for defense. If back 3 like Rice in there maybe Slot Zab over to CB bc doesn’t have the legs for Wingback.
    But Rice Quina midfield shouts.
    And I think we will get Carvalho a lot of Speculation right now but they are trying to get best price but Danilo has 60m release clause.
    Carvalho and Kouyate for me would be brilliant allowing Kouyate to go fwd.
    Have Reid(Zab) Rice Collins(Ogbonna) in back and send of Fonte on loan or permanent 😉

    • What about zab just in front of back 3 doing d / m ?
      For now anyway ! Clever with the ball as well ! Just a thought😁

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