Two more players set to follow Rice


Two more Hammers players are set to follow Declan Rice out of West Ham according to numerous reports. They are Gianluca Scamacca and Michail Antonio who want to depart for very different reasons.

Scamacca has failed to settle in England, so wishes to return to his native Italy. Roma and Inter Milan are believed to be interested but Juventus are also expected to join in.

Gianluca Scamacca and Michail Antonio are set to follow Declan Rice by departing West Ham this summer.

Two more players set to follow Rice out of the door.

Michail Antonio recently pointed out that Scamacca is not suited to David Moyes tactics. Whilst the observation was poorly timed it was accurate, which begs the question as to why he was purchased.

Antonio himself is perfectly adapted to the Moyes way of doing things but it’s believed the two don’t see eye to eye. West Ham’s converted forward did not hold back during a podcast last December. He let it be known that he was willing to leave East London with Wolves rumoured to be interested.

Whilst I can understand Scamaccas’s position, I find Antonio’s stance more difficult to fathom. Moyes turned the player from a substitute winger into a forward. It could be argued that the Scotsman is the most influential manager in Antonio’s career.

He’s pretty much has a free reign at leading the line for a Premier League team for well over two years. Factor in regular European football and as a result a trophy.

It’s difficult to envisage a situation where Antonio enjoys such faith at another club but I may be wrong.

Whatever the reasons why, it’s clear that David Moyes will have to reconstruct his forward line once again.

A loan deal for Scamacca is no good for West Ham. We’ll need funds to help purchase any replacements but I’d expect to make a loss.

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  • Clive says:

    Moyes actually wanted Darwin Nunez but as we know he went to Liverpool for 80 million. We then get 35 million Scamacca. We just can’t compete with the big boys financially but if Moyes had got his first choice signings last seasons we would have been nearer the top of the premier league it’s as simple as that for me. Watching the warm embrace between Moyes and Scamacca at the final whistle of the European final tells me it might not be all over for Scammaca. The rumours have rarely turned out to be correct in the past, especially all the nonsense this season just gone. All the talk of Moyes losing the changing room, players not getting on with each other etc turned out to be a complete fallacy. So I won’t be listening to any of these rumours of the disruptive kind just as I didn’t last year. I will just wait and see what happens.

  • johnham1 says:

    Is it only me that players like Haller, Scamacca and Ings suddenly under perform when they John West Ham. Surely when we spend 45m on Haller, 35m on Scamacca and 15m on Ings, close to 100m surely Moyes must have had a huge input. In my opinion if he didn’t he would have walked. I believe firmly without a shadow of a doubt that Moyes is the problem. His defensive style of play means that when any striker get the ball under Moyes they are basically isolated. Thars why everyone has been so frustrated that he plays with 2 or sometimes 3 defensive midfielders. We sold Halker for a 20m loss, now do we want to sell another proper striker for a loss when the cheaper option is to get rid of Moyes. And do you want to keep giving Moyes 30-40m to spend on strikers for them to be sold for half the price a year later. Enough us enough.

  • Hammeroo says:

    I agree with johnham1. It would seem that the only way Moyes could keep his job is by actually winning the Europa Conference trophy. And now that he has succeeded, and therefore got us into the Europa League next season, he has been allowed to see out his contract term. Of course there are still stories that he may still go to Celtic but Moyes himself has said he wants to stay at West Ham. So we have to get ready for more dithering, more scatterbrain approach to player transfers, more questionable player selection and more assigning players in unsuitable roles. Then there is the problem with ignoring our youth squad players. They really need to be given a chance of breaking into the first team. And are we going to continue to concede possession and sit back and defend until the second half of every game? It is not a style that many of us enjoy watching, despite it finally winning us a European trophy.

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