Video: No nonsense Nobes first on scene

West Ham born and bred captain Mark Noble has shown there is more to being the leader than barking out orders to his fellow team mates.

The 28 year old Canning Town born captain picked up Carl Jenkinson on Saturday when the Arsenal loanee appeared to making a meal out a tackle and seemed ย intent on wasting a bit of time as the Irons hung on big time after taking a second half battering.

Nobes was having none of that and was the first one on the scene to immediately pulled Carl to his feet who miraculously found he could walk again.

Fair play to Mark Noble, he showed himself a guy who will only ever play in the true spirit and ClaretandHugh applauds him – the man is an inspiration to all captains and the game itself.

In sorting out what he clearly believed was a dodgy scenario, he will have sent a message to the squad in general that needs to be heard.


9 comments on “Video: No nonsense Nobes first on scene

  1. Now that’s Leadership are you watching Marinio if your player had done that then your Medic would not have come on,Hazard was a fault for facking an injury not her,
    This is now how real players should start acting,no more pretend injuries
    No more diving,No more pulling shirts No more spitting at players,
    There should be a board of ex players IE like Billy bonds,who look at every incident in every game and any cheating should start first with a months wage fine given to charity no appeal
    Second a club fine if action not taken against player and then game bans depending on the incident
    Let’s get our game back to a mans game with real gamemenship,and get rid of the baby’s
    And fairys that ruin our sport,
    Mark Noble I have changed my mind you our the perfect man to be our Captain

    • Well said Bubs. I thought the new contract they gave him was a mistake. But under Bilic, and with the new squad, he is a different player. He’s on fire this season and I’m happy to have been proved wrong. The guys is a credit to the club.

  2. Well said Bubs, (I like a man who is big enough to admit when he’s wrong good on you mate))
    Also well done Luke, a lot of my friends and family commented on that aspect of your leadership.
    Shame Lawrenson & Keown and friends didn’t bother to highlight it on MOD. Spent too long bemoaning the on Chelski & The Gooners handbags as usual. They didn’t point out some of the good things that go on, only the controversial !

  3. Also think Nobes was trying to get Ginge on quickly??

  4. Agree…think Jenks was about to be ordered off the pitch and they wanted the sub done in time to get organised.

    We did lotsbof time wasting on Saturday…Sakho is the biggest culprit. Should he though? Seems it’s the way of things these days.

    Let’s not paint Nobes to be whiter than white though. Nothing in this was about fairplay.

  5. Of course it was nothing to do with fair play,people just want to see it that way wearing their rose tinted claret & blue glasses.But Noble should be commended,not for this imaginary fair play but for his match awareness,understanding the situation.Knowing that if the ref told Jenks to go to the sidelines we were going down to ten till Ginge came on.Fair play my arse ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Total agree boys.I did chuckle a bit when i saw it had been turned into a ‘Noble picks up timewaster’ type scenario,lol.Nah,he was just assessing the situation & realized we neded Jenks up off his butt.Nothing to do with him stopping him from time wasting.The Fair Play story is far more romantic for Irons fans though so lets stick with it ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Even if he was just thinking about the problem,I still stand by my rant about the time consuming play acting and even worse the players trying to get others sent off just to gain an advantage,
    Like being an old romantic

  8. Totally agree with you about the time wasting crap bubs,spot on.I was just saying that i think this Noble situation was more about seeing the bigger picture in the match than being a good boy stopping someone time wasting.
    But its good to be a romantic Bubs,im sure Mrs.B is very pleased you are ๐Ÿ˜‰

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