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Vote of thanks to this guy!

WestHamOlympicStadium2303When ClaretandHugh emerged as a small blog a few years it’s intention was to provide inside information on transfers and  offer features with players old and new.

It wasn’t long before we hit News Now and our audience grew considerably. The comments that came our way weren’t and still aren’t always complementary. That’s the nature of the media…some love you, some hate you, some are indifferent.

What we have learned is that whilst transfer gossip is our meat and drink there’s an awful lot more than that required to succeed.

And the club’s move to the Olympic Stadium and all the issues that has thrown up have needed some very special attention.

So tonight as we stand 24 hours away from kicking off a new era in West Ham’s history, there’s somebody whom I’d like to thank for a lot of hard work in that area.

My associate editor Sean Whetstone has led the way with his regular OS stories, usually putting the national press firmly in the shade.

Along with that has come great stories on multifarious ticketing issues which have seen CandH regularly receiving messages and inquiries from fans.

Sean has been on the case and answered them all whilst always looking for more and more stories on the stadium  – even today when  I personally haven’t been too well I see a total of  five stories on the place from him.

So on behalf of the site and the fans I’d like to say a big thank you to him for a lot of hard work. A big thank you too to Hammers Chat for their great videos from the stadium and elsewhere.

We all look forward to continuing to serve the best fans in the country as we move into this new era.





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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

26 comments on “Vote of thanks to this guy!

  1. Absolute endorse what you say about Sean and a big thanks to you too Hugh. This has fast become THE trusted site for Hammer’s news and ‘inside’ information. Great job guys.

  2. Big thanks to the both of you

  3. Like to endorse what both Ray and Fish say thanx Guys keep it going.Love reading
    your articles..

  4. big thankyou to you all i come on here every day and am grateful for all the information you guys are giving us. hope you get well soon hugh
    top men all of you

  5. Indeed, great job Sean. Whilst transfers get all the glory and we all like to see a new signing arrive it’s the day to day stuff that really counts.

    Are the tickets available? What is the allocation? Are there coaches running to the next game? What time does the stadium open? Is my favourite player injured? What does a former player think of our last performance? Has a particular fixture been moved? Is a game being televised? . . . . .

    The above questions might not have the glamour of re-signing Carlos Tevez but it’s the sort of day to stuff that us fans need to know and what keeps us coming back.

    After all there are only so many times one can report that Carlos Bacca may or may not be signing.

  6. Yes,top stuff chaps.Thanks to BOTH of you.I have read this site almost from day one.Not always commented but always enjoyed the updates & news.There has been some cracking lads come,gone & still about on here.Its always been entertaining it is fair to say.I also learnt a new word Figas.I have Matte to thank for that lol

  7. Great site guys,massive thanks all round. You have in no small part rekindled my passion for the WEST HAM WAY. Lucky me I’ll be at the games tomorrow and Sunday!
    Claret membership just the job for a publican down in Dorset.
    COYI !!!!!!!

  8. Come on Hugh,youre only being nice to Sean tonight because you’re going to sack him in the morning.You know it haha 😀
    OK,only joking,well done gents.Oh & thanks for not banning me,yet 😀

    • There’s still time P45 lol, but in all honesty big thanks to Hugh and Sean for articles actually about the club not random articles designed to stroke there authors egos or to create mass debate about politics, cake or Brexit like elsewhere on the web.

      • Lol,you are on your last warning P45,you know that right.We had a vote last night.It was only me & GW but it was a landslide, one more strike & your out lmao

        • Come on lads,dont spoil the moment.Seans enjoying having his ar5e kissed.This is all about him,not me haha 😀

  9. Cheers for your time & effort fellas.Top site & who cares whether we can spell or not lol.I can’t wait for tomorrow night & the new season,keep the stories coming guys.

  10. Thanks indeed Sean , big part of me daily hammers diet , superb roling news site that deserves all the accolades .

  11. Aye,totally agree with the other gents.I havnt been using the site long but I now find it really useful to log in to to get a fast hit on the latest news.Thankyou for your efforts Sean/Hugh.

  12. Indeed agree with all the positive responses the way yourself Sean and the guys from hammers chat put the posts out keeps me hooked for sure, carry on with all the good work and thanks a lot for all your effort COYI!!!

  13. BIGG YESS YEESSS to Sean & ALL you lads.It’s not just the stories,but the sometimes ‘Hilarious’ banter around the stories,that does it for me.Some of the ‘spats’ i read on here, have left me(& other supporters on site) crackin-up for days.Well proud to be signed-up.

  14. ….ps-got blown out on a ticket to 2moro’s big game.So i’l be blasting it out on tv,at home almost next door to ‘ The PEN ‘.Jus gotta let the ‘Blue Lions’ TRULY HEAR THE ROAR OF 50K+ WHU SUPPORTERS AT THE O.S. ‘f*£kinBRILLIANT’!!!

  15. In Slav we trust with the team. However with Hugh & Sean we trust with the gossip.
    In this we trust. Compelling and informative. Keep it going guys.
    My first point of call.
    Thank you.

  16. Only just joined this site but been Reading it for last few years just agreeing what a good job you have done

  17. Don’t know if this is possible, but it would be nice to get ‘Like/Dislike’ buttons for comments; how about it guys?

  18. Although I’m Croatian,first site to visit in the morning is yours.That tells you all.Great work guys!

  19. Thanks from all expats ( if I may ) for keeping up to speed on our club,
    Thanks for bringing a great bunch of lads togeather to talk daily with plenty of banter and facts,
    To some like myself this site gives us somewhere to voice our opinions have a laugh get rid of frustration but most of all show surport for our club
    Well done Sean
    Well done Hugh

  20. Always go to C&H first for all the latest news on the hammers.

    Thank You

  21. As you know been reading your site for a few years now.Gone to another level boys,if ain’t on here its either not true,or not worth knowing,good stuff COYI

  22. Just like to say that Claret & Hugh have become my first port of call regarding anything West Ham. You guy’s are doing a great job and you can tell your heart is right behind it.
    Cant believe today has finally arrived! So looking forward to going along and enjoying the whole event.
    Going to the match tonight with my two Son’s and my brother in law who has come over from Tenerife especially. He took me to my first ever match at Upton Park. A boring 0 – 0 against Coventry in 1967. A great day and a great beginning. COYI

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