West Ham takeover? Don’t hold your breath


West Ham takeover is no closer 

The recent developments in the Manchester United takeover saga have raised the possibility of the losing bidder redirecting their attention towards West Ham. Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s £1.4 billion offer for a 25 percent stake in Manchester United seems to be more appealing than the Qatari bid for full control of the club.

Consequently, there is a widespread speculation that the unsuccessful bidder may now seek ownership of another Premier League club, with West Ham being frequently mentioned. However, the situation is more complex than it appears.

West Ham-London Stadium_takeover

West Ham takeover twist: The Hammers are no closer to new ownership.

The Qatari group, led by Sheikh Jassim, withdrew their bid for Manchester United as they aimed for complete control. But their offer of approximately £5.5 billion fell short of the Glazers’ £6 billion asking price. Despite engaging in further and final negotiations in recent days, their 100 percent ownership offer was once again rejected, prompting them to abandon the nine-month-long endeavour.

Looking in from the outside, it would appear the Glazers are keen to retain control. This is a situation that I think may be mirrored at West Ham.

Takeover decision

Even if Sheikh Jassim were to turn his attention to West Ham, it seems unlikely that any of the current owners have a strong desire to sell the club. The Gold family’s shares are in a state of flux due to the unfortunate passing of David and Jacqueline Gold.

Majority shareholder David Sullivan appears content with running the club and is making decisions that suggest he is planning for the future. Co-owner Daniel Kretinsky’s intentions are less predictable, but he already has significant commitments elsewhere. The Czech is certainly not desperate for funds from a West Ham sale.

it remains uncertain whether the developments at Old Trafford will lead to a takeover of West Ham. However, it’s a fair assumption that the Qatari’s will want to purchase a Premier League football club. But with Liverpool and Spurs also ripe for takeover, West Ham could be witing a while.

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