West Ham’s Kudus Release Clause Bombshell

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Mohammed Kudus reportedly has a release clause in his West Ham contract, according to Athletic journalist and insider David Ornstein, who spoke on a transfer update video earlier today.

The update occurred during a broader conversation about Lucas Paqueta’s potential transfer to Manchester City. However, it is the surprising news about Kudus that is likely to concern West Ham fans, given the player’s impact this season.

This information also conflicts with my own understanding of the situation; however, Claret & Hugh will seek clarification from the club and its top sources.

There is some nervousness surrounding Kudus’ assertion that he’d like to play in his favoured position of attacking midfield, which could ultimately see the attacker seeking a transfer away from East London.

Paqueta is believed to have a buyout clause allowing him to leave West Ham should a bid of £85M be received before the end of July. The Brazilian is currently under FA investigation.

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  • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

    Oh FFS Gonzo give it a rest . Kudus has already declared he’s here next season. Alvarez has done the same pacqueta is hinting the same as well . Stop listening to the anti WHUFC media machine. Kudas may well have a get out clause but it’s not kicking in this summer.

  • ricardo says:

    If it exists, that release clause should be no less than L150M. Kudus is West Ham’s key player, just as he was at Ajax a year ago. Kudus is one of the players the new team should be build around. Very talented in attack, he doesn’t shy away from fighting to regain the ball back from opposition (many times very successfully so). Also, does anyone remember his solo goal? That is the kind of player West Ham needs. If Paqueta leaves, Kudus can provide West Ham with an option as attacking midfielder.

    • John says:

      very good right up, kudus is here to stay for now. the so call experts in football should stay away from westham and leave our team alone thanks for listening

      • Shocksey says:

        Kudus is decent but don’t get carried away boys Bowen is the main man concistance every game kudus hot as and cold in Moyes we trust ⚒

    • John Harrison says:

      As you say, he battles for everything, usually with success, and is our best all-round player. That goal was probably the best I”ve seen live in 60 years of watching games. I also hope he’s our no.10 next season, and that Steidten has a lot of funds from the Paqueta sale to keep building around this great talent.

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    If there is a buy out clause it will extremely high but as has already been said he’s already stated he will be here next season so this is just pie in the sky another load of nonsense about our players and club this is going to keep happening until everyone knows who is going to be in charge next season

  • 75Hammer says:

    if you follow the media you might believe that the only people left at our club next season will be moyes , phillips and a packet of rich tea biscuits (subject to Sully splashing out which is 50/50 on the biccies).

    Paqueta is going nowhere until his betting charges are resolved , no one is going to risk £85 million on a player that might be banned half way throught the season.

    At the moment we can’t even be sure who the manager will be next season, lets try to be a little more positive , especially as the one actual piece of important news is that its going to be a lot harder for the “big six” to buy the league after the financial stability changes. Whenever a “small club” gets promoted the cap will go down , its going to be harder and harder to juice.

  • CareBare says:

    Kudus will be ours for one more season. He will continue to be an exceptional player – that is when Sullivan will sell him for 100 million.

  • Mark says:

    Kudus is our main main but I want to see him unleashed in the attacking areas rather than constantly defending in a team that averages 30% possession . Wasted talent.
    Fantastic player but our current manager and system we play is holding him back.

    • Hammeroo says:

      That’s Moyes for you. Very good at wasting the talent he acquires. Because of his failings several of our players are used out of the positions they are supposed to be in. How can any attacking or creative player be content with defending or stuck out on the left wing?

      • Paul says:

        Is that what klopp did with Salah and 150 goals later so honestly there is so much trip written on C&H and most it is so. Negative. Moyes cleverly has been inter changing positions the front 4 in games and it’s worlds as Pacqueta, Bowen, Antonio and Kudos usually about 20 mins in. It didn’t work everytime but it did against Freiburg, Brentford, wolves, Liverpool but it CH position where we have had the issues and Aguerd isn’t strong enough for premier league and Zouma is a cripple. Moyes was right Maguire this season like him of loath him would have got us 2-3 places higher up the league.

  • Mick says:

    Claret & Hugh was the best when Hugh was with us. Now, it’s sensationalism along the lines of HC. Balance please

  • Magnum says:

    Totally agree Mick, I guess Gonzo’s comments on here and HC are designed to get clicks but it is time he realised that positive dreams will get more readers than negative tripe!

  • Kevin waylen says:

    Sully and kretinsky need to dust off their wallets and give steinden some real money to reinforce the first team and squad.We will need about 10-12 players signed.And we need some real quality additions to convince kudus and paqueta that we re going places! Otherwise they will leave and we will become another crystal palace.

  • James roughan says:

    Moyes has totally ruined our clubs core identity , rripped the heart out of the squabs and cost us millions in transfer market

    • Brian says:

      Yeah our identity was we were about to yo-yo out the league again after pelllegrini disaster. I’ve been going to West Ham for nearly 60 year and to be honest we have never had 4 top ten finshes in all our history. Most of time football was dire and relied on loans or hasbins. I’ve never seen us have 2 decent seasons beifor another disaster loomed. So mate you live in some delusional world. Moyes is my West Ham hero he won me and my West Ham family more than anyone. He should be heralded regardless of what happens as end of the season. Club hung him out to dry by letting him go into his last year with no long term contract. He would have gone at end of the last year but sully would pay him his last year so he has been left to merely of media and moron trolls like you who feed this ridiculous narrative.

  • zicah says:


  • Cokin says:

    Now now boys everyone is entitled to an opinion, no matter how stupid or daft it maybe, so try not to make it personal, we are allowed freedom of speech still, only just admittedly. But just hope that the correct new signings are made and moyes let’s us go on the front foot attack is the best form of defence in football, i believe we are going places.

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