Hammers squadWest Ham’s players have been told its time to start playing for pride and money.

The club’s bigwigs are entirely unhappy with the current level of performance and are determined that the players understand their position over the final five games of the season.

Whilst remaining entirely tight lipped on the managerial situation it has emerged that both players and Sam Allardyce are on huge bonuses.

The players are thought to be on around £400,000 per league position whilst the manager has financial extras built into his deal.

And ClaretandHugh has learned that the the powerbrokers in the club have made it clear they expect a big change between now and the end of the season.

A souerce explained: “The performance against City was shambolic – we were so bad it was embarrassing and it’s just not good enough.

“They let the club down, the fans down but chiefly themselves. We  keep hearing they have gone on holiday but there are huge bonuses involved not to mention PRIDE.

“What else is there but pride, performance and cash – they have to show a major improvement this weekend and until the end of the season.”





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  1. bonuses for what? not turning up the rot as set in from management to the players do they really care about the fans imo no who in this team is a legend answers on a back of a postage stamp plz.give there money to the nurses at least they turn up & work for it

  2. Ah, so it was the players fault then, there’s me thinking it was the managers, how silly of me to think that the manager played players out of position or tactically got it wrong when the players clearly rebelled and did their own thing. What gets to me is players refusing to come on as subs in place of Nolan and Cole and youth team members not wanting to play for the first team, none of this is helping the manager achieve Champions League status, the players need to take a good look at themselves

  3. It’s the way they are set up to play – they sit too deep – it happened game after game, we go up and the immediately fall deep and invite the other team on to them.

    Having no attack doesn’t help – Carlton Cole is just not up to it – he hasn’t got the legs anymore and just can’t hold the ball up – shame but there you are!

    So, too deep, giving the ball away cheaply, no attack to speak of, desperate defending – all in all a shambles!

  4. At least Amalifitano & Nene a free from blame,they can never get on the pitch apart from brief cameos.Why bring them on when you have Nolan,Jarvis & 0’Brien,ffs 😉

  5. I suggest the owners this Solution: They should start taking the amount of each position lost in the League out of BFS’s salary.


  6. The best form of defence is attack ( not In BFS PLAY book)
    The manager set the team up and if they do not play to orders you sub them,
    As there was no emotional BFS then they must have been playing to his command,
    End of story you are the captain of your ship so you go down with it and hold your hand up,
    Wrong you blame the players,fatigue,to many games and injuries but he is blameless,

  7. The blame has to start at the top now.SUGO are now embarrassing themselves and treating the supporters very badly indeed.All-around is not capable of changing the results now, he has been on holiday since Dubai and is just not bothered.Either step up David’s or lose respect.

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